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  1. Palaven

    Starting Seraphon

    I have a friend who is looking to get into the hobby and hes really taken to the ascetic of the Seraphon. I was thinking about getting him the battletome, but with the newest Ghbs is the battletome that relevant? Would like to hear some Seraphon player's opinions on the battletome and maybe what a good starting set may be?
  2. Okay great! I really like the look of the glaives. But, in regards to marks, I was thinking of doing Tzeentch allegiance for the save bonus....is that worth it without taking some extra Tzeentch wizards for the magic too?
  3. Hi all, I'm brand new to Age of Sigmar and I'm starting a StD army; I really enjoy the classic aesthetic of the army. I just wanted to get more experienced opinions on the viability Chaos Knights with glaives and also on which chariot build is more effective (gorebeast or original).
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