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  1. But attacks are resolved before models are slain. The Khinerais ability triggers immediately after attacks are resolved but before a model is slain. The berzerlers ability triggers when a model is slain but before it's removed. So I still think the Khinerais ability triggers first. The berzerkers will still get to make their pile-in though, but might not be in range to attack.
  2. Oops. Yeah its the new Rally command ability that let's you resurrect models. From this article.
  3. This sounds absolutely crazy with Horrors. I'm convinced they'll make some changes to the Horrors warscroll, or something, to make this a bit more reasonable. What changes, if any, would you like to see? Or not see?
  4. Hello! I would argue that you retreat first, no matter whose turn it is. Wounds are allocated AFTER attacks have been resolved and then you remove slain models. Meaning you get to retreat before he gets to pile in.
  5. I wold say no. Q: Some abilities allow you to either pick, change or replace a dice roll with the roll of your choice. Does this happen before or after any re-rolls or modifiers? A: Unless noted otherwise in the ability, it happens before any re-rolls or modifiers are applied. From pg. 3 of the designers' commentary. Don't know if it's specified somewhere else but accordong to this I would say that you can't change the dice of a re-roll unfortunately.
  6. Yeeah he really is in need of an update. I'm using this Cypher Lords model as the basis for my conversion. I'll change the weapon to one of the spears from the Tzaangor Enlightened and use a shield from the acolytes somehow. Then maybe add some random tzeentchy stuff. And a disk of course 🙂
  7. I'm building a Pyrofane Cult list as well. Key heroes in my list is a shooty Lord of Change and a Fatemaster. Stick the relic on the Lord of Change for 2d6 shots that does d3 MW on a 6 to hit. Keep the Fatemaster nearby for re-rolls to hit with his command ability. Since you can choose to re-roll everything but the sixes he can potentially throw out a bucket of MWs. Especially combined with his spell casting.
  8. Hmm, yeah that's pretty weird. Not exactly super clear what they are referring to. But I would assume they don't mean new profiles.
  9. Page 3 in the "Pitched battle profiles 2019" says; "Only units that are included in this book, or has a later publication date, can be used in a Pitched Battle game...". To me it's clear that if it has a pitched battle profile, with points and all, and was released after GHB19, then it's good to go in pitched battles.
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