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  1. I was nearly going to buy Lumineth , but after the yaks im going to pass , to much conversions needed to make them resemble anything like what an elf would remotely look like, i may change my mind in 6 months once the conversions are youtube'd
  2. Shadow Warriors are no longer Swifthawks but now Shadowblades , GW haveth really lost the plot but that tends to be the Age of Sigmar way when it comes to fluff
  3. Looking at running this list, any suggestions ? , would like to find a cheaper order battle-line option to the Reavers so can afford to bump Swordmasters up to 30 in the unit Allegiance: Order - Mortal Realm: Ghur LEADERS Loremaster (140) - General - Command Trait : Inspiring Archmage (100) - Steed Anointed of Asuryan on Frostheart Phoenix (320) - Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm UNITS 20 x Swordmasters (280) 20 x Phoenix Guard (280) 30 x White Lions (300) 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 5 x Reavers (140) 10 x Sisters of the Watch (160)
  4. I would drop the Dragon Blades for 20 Phoenix Guard for the same price with Tyrion's command ability defender of Ulthuan all units in 24" do not need to take battleshock so they wont run and you dont have to buy an anointed or Caradryan Your command point will be used by Tyrion every turn so the SeaWarden wont get to use his to boost the Archers ,Bolt Thrower or Spearmen, i would consider 20 SwordMasters over the 30 archers, and 10 white lions will dish out more damage than the Bolt Thrower in the long run as the crew will get sniped by magic or missiles As your playing in the old world for end of times would use the old 2015 High Elves Warscrolls where all elves are highborn so your command abilities actually work correctly , it sounds like your going to have an awesome game and i do envy you as the old high elves really were the best for lore and abilities, have fun ! warhammer-aos-high-elves-en.-2015.pdf
  5. Sending missile troops unsupported is to doom them, if you realm wander 20 Eternal Guard first turn as bait trying to get closer to an opponents objectve they cant ignore you , give them first turn if you are lucky or planned well with battalion , in your first Hero phase cast Thorns from Sisters of the Thorn and you realm wander the EG in movement phase , does not count as movement from FAQ so they stay in Fortress mode so thorns his bouncing mortal wounds on a 5-6, if you get even luckier you get the double turn and Sisters of the Watch Realm Wander in behind the EG screen and shoot for joy, if not you hope 20 EG buffed can last at least 1 round of combat to be a viable screen for the Sisters to realm wander in behind you for missile support. I gave up realm wandering after several games and find can provide more damage output castling up with Prince and Battalion to get extra shooting in Hero phase, lacks mobility but have out damaged many armies but still loose (not as much though) on the scenario due to lack of mobility
  6. Shield of Thorns on Wardancers is nasty, with shadows coil they get +2 save , so punch back mortal wounds on 4+, pity they are not longer wanderers so come out of your allies allocation, 60 points for 5 is decent for what they do (8 move, 2 attacks 3+4+) , another downside is they cannot be regrowthed by spellweaver , im gong to try these next to 10 Eternal Guard for some added screening
  7. Greetings All, Im starting with DoK and have some questions on models, i have the following but planning more, So as you can can see i have a fair bit ahead of me in painting and assembly...more likely mods were i can 20 Witch Elves, assembled and painted with twin daggers (good deal second hand) 3 Boxes of Witch Elves - with the 30 WE was planning on dual blades but are the bucklers worth it as may drop in 10 with bucklers, or are Sisters of slaughter worth a look in ? , and can these be assembled with the standard witch heads as dont like the mask look 2 Boxes of Khineri - are Heartrenders or Life takers better? , or a bit of both as i could do 5 and 5 of each, again would be using witch heads as dont like the masks unless they cant be assembled as such Box of Doomfire warlocks - looking for alternative heads that look more elven Morathai - looking for alternate wings , something leathery as dont like the ones she comes with Im also planning on Melusai and prefer the blood stalkers witch heads/bodies over the blood sister masks, is it possible to assemble the Blood sisters glaives on the blood stalkers bodies and heads ? Cheers
  8. You can do this with oval shaped cav/monsters, charge in to .5" on the unit next to the Nomad Prince with Forget-me-knot, stay just out of 3" and when you pile in just turn the oval base 90 degrees and your just in range with a 2" reach with your Dragons bite/Lance/etc, does that sound legit/legal ? , when i get home will test this theory with models
  9. I think the forget-me-knot needs to be updated in GH2019 as its largely ineffective, currently any savvy opponent will charge your unit and stay outside of 3" so as to not trigger it, then they pile in 3" plus the 1"-2" weapon reach depending on what they use/riding and smack your little elf ar*se back to the the forest so goodby Nomad Prince and protective volley in the next hero phase...unless they get a double turn...grrr i hate double turn
  10. Yes i use as the Nomad Price i like yours and have inspired me to add some eagles to mine , it was also the first game where the eye thief worked on a minotour and gave it -1 to hit for the rest of the game Also here are some High Elf Runes for that horn
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