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  1. Hey guys, My name is Chai Tzola, and I have been playing Warhammer competitively for a while. I usually go to events in the U.S and try my hardest to finish in the top 10. Now that I have introduced myself, I would like to talk to you guys about losing, and becoming a better player. We all have this moment in our games when you see the victory slip through your fingers. It can be a deployment error, realizing that taking the double turn was a mistake. whiffing a big dice roll, or even not putting enough models near an objective. You see your mistake during your opponent's turn, you hope the opponent doesn't notice, but you're at a tournament so he or she does and you're toast. Well, you're toast now, your army is crumbling, your general was out of position, you miss that charge and you start holding your head thinking where did it all fall apart? You're losing and there's no chance for you to come back into the rankings of the tournament. Tough cookie... The first time I got whacked like that was at Nova, I was playing a very good list and lost the game in the first five minutes. I won't bore you with the details, but trust me, there was no way for me to make it happen. That frustrated me, I stopped caring and didn't score my secondary objectives and took the L and that was it. Had I scored any of my secondaries I would have ended 3rd. To be fair at that point I wasn't a fun opponent, being a little mopey which isn't cool. Warhammer is a hobby and its mostly all just for fun. I know that for me it's a little more, I spend hours and hours of building and painting and then attempt to play the same army again and again to get a feel for it. Which leads you to be a bit sore when losing a game, that's something I changed after Nova for a few reasons. You don't learn anything from a win, and you don't make changes to your gameplay. When you lose however, you can question where it went wrong, and maybe even see how your army list isn't adequate. That will make you a better player and also a pleasant player to play with. I know this is pretty obvious to most of you, but it's a good reminder So to get the topic started, what's your favorite loss and what did you learn from it?
  2. Hey guys, I’m the DOK player that lost that game haha. i had never played a top player with seraphon, and my god is that army freaking strong. It was also Sam and I’s First time playing relocation orb which was funny. Sam played a very good game and picked up on everything I did wrong (mainly turn rolls). I thought you only scored 3 points if you held the objective twice in a row. So when turn two priority arrived and the objective came to my backfield I thought I should assert my dominance in board control. I dropped khinerais around the objective to stop teleports and went in for the kill on the evocators and ripperdactyls. when he got bottom of turn and rolled a 5 on his teleport I knew it was going to be game. By the time we finished turn 2 we had 45 minutes left and I knew I was toast. I certainly wish we could have gone to turn 5, but both of our movement phases took a long time. Simply because positioning was so important. The dice rolls were pretty fast even though we both were rerolling hits, wounds and saves. as for the objective on turn 1 on that picture it does look like it’s a bit off center and it would have made a pretty huge difference since he got the objective by 1 model. When you’re playing the game you don’t realize that. to get back on topic, seraphon is an absolute beast of an army. Being able to summon 20 skinks per turn is bananas. The bastiladon with full rerolls hits wounds and saves? Ignoring rend entirely! Saving mortals on a 4+ that’s absolutely amazing! In any case congrats to Sam and his run, it’s not an easy list to play.
  3. Hey guys I came in 7th at that event, I played a lot of fun opponents. While I’m a bit desapointed at my standing, I really wanted to come in a good spot since having won best order at adepticon last year. However Nagash just did what Nagash does, coming back from a zero really takes a lot. Kaleb Walters and I had to do some pretty inventive plays to come back in the top 10 respectively. I just wanted to chime in on the painting scores. I feel most people were taken by surprise by the toughness of the painting rubric. I myself with the army bellow scored very low. I kindly asked the judge to take another quick look to confirm their judgement. All of this to say, it’s hard to judge 85 armies during an hour lunch time. The paint judge might pick a model and then walk off. If you would like to place well in painting I really recommend you stay by your army, so you can lobby a bit for your own army. Overall it was a super fun event and I would like to thank the organizers for having the patience to deal with all us.
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