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  1. That sounds great, I have been a fan of lizards, seraphon now, for several years, I know that every Seraphon player should have a slann as soon as financially possible so I think I will start with that, I am considering picking up the Start Collecting box before that though. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Howdy there folks, I am starting up a Seraphon army with some old bits I have sitting around from awhile ago. Before I go and buy a whole bunch of new reptilian friends I wanted to get some advice from you experienced folks. I do have a few caveats, I have about 30 Saurus Warriors, a Skink Starpriest, a Saurus Oldblood, and 12 Saurus Guard, (I bought the old Lizardmen Regiment back in fantasy but converted the Saurus Knights out of it as Ork Bikers ). Also I happen to have an Engine of the Gods. What I am looking for is a fun list that focuses on that incredible infantry with big dinosaurs as support. I do not want to run a slann and spam summoning, it is an interesting and exciting way to play, my main Sigmar army is Legions of Nagash. While I do not mind being infantry focused similar to LoN I would like something that is new and refreshing to play when I decide I do not want to be an arguably overpowered skeleton. Thanks for reading my little novel.
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