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  1. Even for for most extensive of leaks, it's usually only about a few months of releases. It's pretty suspicious, relies on trends we already know, and vague enough that it covers a wide area. * New zombies and Saurus - We already saw the new zombies, and there's already speculation on new saurus because the Kroak art gives them new weapons/shields. * Updating existing factions - Duh? I mean that's what everyone has been predicting for a while. If recent releases for Lumineth, Hedonites, Soulblight, and Slaves to Darkness are any indicator GW is starting to move towards widening factio
  2. Mortek Guard are in 20, I don't see why normal skeletons wouldn't be.
  3. It looks like a mostly coherent box too! 20 Boyz, 3 Squighogs, 1 Squig-Nob, and Zoggrod. Very excited, I need to make space on my Ork shelf. Interesting note; Is Zoggrod a Painboss now? I know he started life as a Runt Herder, but he has a Klaw like the painboss and his Slugga has an 'Urty Syringe on his Slugga.
  4. I know how you feel from Virginia. I have a deep dislike of Elves, but by Gork I will start a deepkin army if they introduce more crabs. I have a degree in Marine Biology and love their cute little faces. I will give those knife ears a chance if I can have a crab battle. For old bay they make that rusty powder pigment for tanks and stuff. Apply that to the shell of the crab, add a few black specks for pepper, and you are most of the way there.
  5. You joke, but I am pretty sure the Boxed Game day is going to have teasers for the video game Necromunda: Hired Gun. Which is fair, since the gameplay reveals of it so far look great.
  6. Which is also why all the Newer FEC models are pretty popular. Having scraps of armor and rusting weapons like Duke Crackmarrow and the Ahborrant Ghoul King really sells the delusion. I like to look at Ludwig the Holy Blade/Accursed Blade from Bloodborne. Horrible, twisted, insane monster who doesn't realize it because he still has that small sliver of hope. He is reassured of his delusion because he still has his holy sword of office. Edit: My guiding moonlight...
  7. I love playing Bretonnia in Total War due to their mechanics, but I have to admit they are rather forgettable. While a lot of WHFB factions are derivative in some way, Bretonnia is (visually) one of the most generic factions GW has ever produced. You could ask a stranger on the street to draw a knight and you will get something really close to a Bretonnian. I don't get the hype for bringing them back as they were. If GW does knights again, I would like a cool twist on it. If I wanted generic knights I could check out other companies like Perry, Fireforge, MomMiniaturas, Westfalia, Warlord
  8. Ever since that one incident where they accidentally referred to Daughters of Khaine as "Umbraneth" and quickly changed it, I am convinced that Malerion won't be his own faction. If/when he shows up he will be combined with DoK as the Umbraneth, to mirror the Lumineth and their twin gods.
  9. Obviously mystery saturday is going to announce the discontinuation of Space Marines and announce a complete range refresh of the Aeldari and Beastmen. Anything less than that and I will yell at strangers online. 😄
  10. BL day is the day I care about the least, but it has some gems. It was the day they revealed that Ork Novel last year right? I will watch it with mild interest.
  11. That looks much better. I think the bottom and the top being two completely different color schemes on the official paint job really emphasized the disconnect between the two halves. This looks a lot more like a cohesive piece.
  12. I wasn't really interested in Gravelords until they revealed Grandma Vampire. I don't know if I will play Gravelords now, but I know I need that babushka vampire for DnD. Do you think she bakes dog treats for all the people she turns into wolves?
  13. Belladama has to be my favorite reveal. Babushka Vampire being the primogenitor of Radukar's bloodline is pretty cool. Also since vampires don't age someone saw this little old lady and thought "she would make a strong new vampiric bloodline." I imagine she was chosen for her ability to resist death for so long. Nagash showed up on her 100th birthday and rewarded her for her sheer tenacity.
  14. That feeling when a living God of Earthquakes is just as inspiring as a big smelly dankhold troggoth.
  15. What a huge chonker. He looks real cool, though I bet this means Gordrakk is going to get rocked at the start of this book. He isn't the kind of lad to share command of a Waaagh, as Skragrott knows. He doesn't really fit any part of Destruction's aesthetic. I love the narrative beat of a god who lost his children, but there's a severe lack of horses and well-crafted gear in destruction. Like I don't see my Gitz or Orruks marching behind this big Bronze Age beastie. I wonder if this is temporarily for everyone (like the fungoid shaman in Malign Portents before Gloomspite's reveal) or if he
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