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  1. I am spending way too much time on a Warcry warband knowing that it won't take off in my area. Specialist games other than Blood Bowl are never played here. I am using Bloodbowl Goblins with Boingrot heads to make some Grot Foot Knights. All armed with Stabbas except one with a spear that will have a flowing banner coming off it to be the banner bearer, and one with a gong. Those are in case I use them for real AoS. It's actually a real pain sanding down the pyramid shapes that connect the helmet to the Bounder, and some of the Blood Bowl Goblins don't take shields very well. Also i don't know how I will paint them after I am done. Iron armor and black and purple cloth to match the rest of my army?
  2. In the Old World Orcs and Goblins were a fungus just like 40k, at least they were in the book Skarsnik. The titular ‘hero’ came from a mushroom patch beneath Karak Eight Peaks. I assume the same is still true for AoS. It would also explain the symbiotic linkage between Caves, Grots, Mushrooms, and Squigs. until something says otherwise, I like to assume the Greenskin races are still mushroom people. It one of the defining features of Warhammer greenskins versus other fantasy Orcs and Goblinoids.
  3. You could always stick a goblet of some sort on the ground near him. Or have his bat friend carry it.
  4. The problem with Fyreslayers (and other early AoS armies like Ironjawz) is that they don’t have a lot of variety. When compared to newer faction armies like Idoneth, Beastmen, and Gloomspite, there isn’t much choice in models. You have Vulkites, Hearthguard Berzerkers, and Hearthguard fire-pike guys. Everything else is a hero. Not everyone wants to have 2000 points of similarly posed naked Dwarfs, and they are really expensive for an army. 60$ for a naked horde unit is too much. If they had some more units for options; Demi-Magmadroth Cavalry, Flame Cannons, etc., I think they would be more popular. I think it’s a big shame they didn’t combine it with the Dispossessed as two halfs of the same Battletome, like they did with Skaven. Dispossessed covered traditional holds dedicated to Grungni, with Fyreslayers and their lodges covering the worship of Grimnir. It would help both factions by giving more variety in unit options.
  5. It kind of makes sense that they would ally with humans over other Duardin. When the Age of Chaos happened, the Dispossessed are the ones who stayed true to tradition and stayed in their Karaks. Kharadron Overlords abandoned their traditions and gods to escape to the sky. They progressed remarkably fast when Longbeards normally shun new inventions. It’s like KO are the opposite of traditional WHFB Dwarfs. Dispossessed probably begrudge them for their cowardice in fleeing their ancestral homes and abandoning their gods. As for Fyreslayers, they probably get along a bit better than KO. They are traditional, venerate Grimnir, and didn’t flee when Chaos arrived. However they are mercenaries who have allied themselves with bitter enemies like Chaos before, so I imagine there is some tension there.
  6. Depends on the shroom, some are symbiotic, some are parasitic, and some are decomposers. Fungi are a really versatile kingdom of organisms, and could lend themselves very well for some creative terrain. A giant corpse overgrown with decomposing Fungi, a fairy ring of poisonous shrooms with a little shrine in the middle, farms cultivating edible mushrooms, mushroom potion stills, mushroom forests, etc. Heck, there are some sentient mushrooms in the new kits, so you could have a symbiotic relationship of a plant and biting mushshrooms around it that feed on vermin and protect the plant.
  7. You can always find some of the old metal Night Goblin Netters to match with your metal Gitmob.
  8. So he is a perfect Troggboss. A little shorter, but about the same.
  9. Yeah, I was expecting Gitmob and Greenskinz were going to leave. Apart from the SC box from the first round of AoS SC boxes, they were never promoted or touched. Heck, the only bit of lore I can remember containing 'Greenskinz' was a single story from Malign Portents that had a tribe of Greenskinz bullying a tribe of Gobbos. It will be odd to have no baseline Greenskins now though; We have various Grots, Beefy Savage Orruks, and even Beefier armored Orruks. No normal lads to compare the bigger and tougher Bonesplittaz and Ironjawz to. I hope the Boar Riders and basic Boyz get rolled into Ironjawz so Ironjawz gets some more options, those boars had a good sculpt.. On the other hand, I think Dispossessed and Gutbusters have a good chance to stick around because they have been rebased recently, unlike Gitmob and Greenskinz. They also regularly appear in the lore and the Hammerhal Herald.
  10. Same, I am going for a mixed contingent. Grots, Squig Cavalry, and a few Troggs. No spiders because I don’t want to spread my army too thin between the sub-factions. That Dankhold model is beautiful, I just finished building him and he seems great for morale. does anyone have an idea of what to use a spare Fanatic for? I had 6 old plastic ones, but now that squads are size 5 I have one loner. Save him for a rainy day?
  11. Wait, Troggoths are only battleline if your general is a Dankhold Troggboss. At the same time, Skragrott can only get bonus command points and use his command ability if he is the general. Otherwise he is just a good and expensive wizard. Wouldn't it be better just to take 2 madcap/fungoid shamans in his place if he isn't the general? You are paying all those points for his command ability and free CPs.
  12. He is a fair bit bigger. Squig Hoppers are on 32mm bases while according to the FAQ the Giant Cave Squig Loonboss is on a 50mm. Hoppers ride normal Squigs, loonbosses ride Giant Squigs.
  13. How tall is the Dankhold Troggboss? I have a Throgg that I know isn't big enough, so I want to do a big decorative base to make up the height and width.
  14. Hey lads, remember that Gitmob shaman that was rebranded to Madcap? He has sold out, and is now listed as "No Longer Available," unlike all the other sold out Gloomspite models who are listed as "Temporarily Out of Stock." He is with Gork and Mork now, rest in piece topknot shaman...
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