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  1. The main reason for Kairos - he know all spells from warscrolls of any caster wholly withing 18. So Manticore can stop unit from moving and Kairos can cast mortal wound spam from his warscroll. He also can cast reroll to hit to wound and -1 to wound, knowing spells of other casters. It allows move flexability around the board. Also his own spell will set a chaos spawn right into the unit not allow him to charge next turn if he will survive. I am thinking about dropping a command point and take Rupture to get another wall enemy will not be able to pass. But many times I was needed
  2. Too much endless spells only for 4 casters. That is the main problem of the list. You are not a Cities of Sigmar and will never reach the same effect with such amount of them Thanks, you are right. Yet against Nagash or Destruction with 4+ to casting or Cities of Sigmar we have a lot of problems. But I was able to hold and take more objectives from 100 morteks.
  3. I found one of a few ways to play Slaves to Darkness competatively, not putting them in Nurgle. Thanks to Poland. I won against 100 morteks with this and could win against Nagash, if I do everything right.
  4. Fiends are weakest point for me, cost too much for what they do. And I probably need another exalted chariot, I am not going to go for seeker chariot batalion, rather playing classic supreme sibarites
  5. Thanks. I am painting Khorne, except daemons, in Everchosen style
  6. So after a few months of testing I found the only way to play khorne competatively. Scarbrand Unfettered fury: artefact that allow you to fight first on 4+ Wrath of Khorne Insensate rage: General with command trait and artefact of reapers of vengence 30xbloodreavers Bloodsecrator Slaughterpriest: blood sacriface Wrath axe So you have one command point in the pocket for 50 points. One for batallion. One at the start of your turn. Blood sacrifice will allow you to convert some blood points in command points during first turns. That allow you to sta
  7. I would like to see your and opponents list He was at bad state, in many things he became better, I agree. Main problems remain through Oh, yeah, of course, this is the best advice^^ In 40k people suggest to go for Imperial Guard. Yeah, this is the solving of the problem for now... it would be interesting to see math behind this statement me too, you don't^^ I still not see anything here suggested against opponents I listed before. As for me, I can provide 4-5 lists I would take for tournament and I can tell why they are will not work in 60-70 p
  8. Why? I love discussions and wanted to find things in the book. But I prefer to operate with details, calculating and discussing tactics, not just undetailed strategy like take this and you somehow will win. No, lets just go through my list, why not? This is just a mind game, is that bad? I say that raptors of Stormcast is a threat, we can't handle. Tell me your ways how you can handle it, suggest units, army building, how you are going to act. Will you go first? Second? What are going to do with objectives at the same time? Because this is really easy to say - you just don't
  9. Will you be able to charge first or reach raptors, jumping accross the field? I could not even with charging after advance Only tyrants of blood can kill 30 berzerkers with 4+ fnp and rerollable save. But shooting and opponent's charges mostly kill thirster, who are not tanky at all From who? Scarbrand? He is alone. Letters? Ok, with unmodified 6's you kill somewhat 10-15 chainrasps. They kill letters, who are not fearless not with no problem. Opponent wiil strike you first and just kill. End of the story Do you have any choice when to strike? Allow enemy to se
  10. Well, here is the list we cannot stand a chance: Stormcast: Raptors or Dracots Fyreslayers with deepstriking blobs (especially shooty ones) Death: Ghouls - just no chances with two activations per unit Destruction: Ironjaws with stacking Waagh and Gutbusters with mamonts Nighthaunts - their saves will eat half of the damage Skaven - 160 plaguemonks, not enough units to kill them all. Kharadrons Here we can don something with Tyrants of Blood only Death: with Nagash or not, Zombi dragon and blobs of skeletons Sylvanets: kill strongest units
  11. So, I played a lot of games with Khorne and with all depression I have, I need to say, that after Skaven Battletome, it was a real downgrade from GW. Why do I think battle tome of Khorne suck and probably we will rarely see this faction at top-3 of tournaments? Lets start with our allegiance trait. Blood points are still discarding . Still DISCARDING. And this is in the meta, where we have blobs of models, you need to struggle through a lot just ot get these points. But when you are really desperate and you need to fight again in the hero phase for example, you will lost everythi
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