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  1. I think the death shreaker should be on the smaller base, but agree with you about the magma and the other messurments :).
  2. I have to rebase all my heroes, my death shreikers, and skullcracker I have a tournament in January too . The skullcracker I can live with but the heroes on 25mm will only have room for basic bases the dreadquake is mental the model is 200mm long ?
  3. I'd get rid of the dragon for second iron daemon an swap a unit of fire glavesforbsb,
  4. (I use a converted hell cannon as a dreadquake) I'm in the process of converting an iorn daemon. I've taken the guns off, used chaos chariot spikes on the wheels and I'm going to add a ork 40k deff rolla upgrade from the battle waggon to the front aswell.
  5. I use stone trolls painted to look like flames, it works
  6. Sorry can't get rid of that 🤔 Hear is my dreadquake to go with my big hat/forgeworld army
  7. You'd have it on a 105×90 the roller if glued right would move up or down aswell I can't take credit for this (But will happily steal it) I found it berried on chaos dwarf . com
  8. Looks very wild wild West but I do like it I can't really tell how talking is ? It's an expensive conversion. I was thinking of using this
  9. That's exactly why I want to see it what did you use to make the legs?
  10. Thank you, I'm thinking of converting a skull cracker and getting another Magma. Also looking to get anouther 10 blunderbuss and another 10 axe men to make it 30. Do you guys use slaves to darkness I've got 20 goblins and 10 black orcs thinking of using them as warriors and marouders
  11. (Edit i wish i had thought of that, again a thousand apologies) I'm starting to think I need more feet on the ground. These are the models I have what do you guys think would be the best build at 2k and what do you guys think I need to get. I'm still re basing some models I have 2 extra bulls I use the old big hats and use the forge world models for the newer units that don't have old models.
  12. I'm going to stop posting I'm sorry that's 3 times now I've tried and made a mistake. I ment daemon smith.
  13. Sorry that's ment to be a daemon prince or could just drop all together
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