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  1. Could you have harbinger as general, although u would have the command ability problem I think. if one unit of blightkings went to 5, you would still have battle line and could bring in harbinger or lord of afflictions and make that general with witherstaff?
  2. Now that looks fun! And I have all the models except the Taurus spell. What would your list look like with glotking? Would he be general with witherstaff
  3. Hi, I have fallen in love with Nurgle models and I love painting. Only swapped to slannesh cause of the speed and the new models are amazing. I do have 30 plaguebearers (auto correct mucked it up) I have played demons with 30 plaguebearers as anvil and drones as hammer with blades spell:) and GUO as magic back up. Have also played blightkings a lot and played around with a list with bloab as he’s a cool model. Recently it’s all been blightkings, normally with lord of blights with battalion for the rend, although I’m beginning to think that’s not the best. Play-style wise I have tried aggressive a few times without much joy, recently it seems to be a bit more defensive, stacking buffs, summoning in to hold objectives to try and outlast the opponent. Not tried gloat yet as he’s such a point sync, been thinking about pestilential grove with bestigors as back up to blightkings but I’m unsure, hence the appeal for a mega Nurgle list from the experts. I love your warshrine list btw if I had one I would be trying that list.
  4. Hi, long time Nurgle player, moved to Slaanesh recently, love the models and the lore (running depraved drove) coming back to Nurgle! Need some help, struggling on list and a wining combination. Got a battle weekend coming up against my mates, they will be fielding the following armies: Fyreslayers Kharaden overlords Stormcast Skaven pestilence Not sure what the battlefield will be as it’s always random. I have the following as well as epitome etc.. don’t have a war shrine Hope you can help? 30 beastigors 30 ungors Bray shaman 30 plague bearers 40 marauders 20 blight kings 6 plague drones 1 beast of Nurgle 6 nurglings Gutrot spume Gnawmaul Great unclean one Glottking Bloab rotspawn Horticulous slimux Harbinger of decay Poxbringer Lord of blights Spoilpox Festus Lord of plagues Rot-bringer sorcerer
  5. Thank you for the guidance It helps a lot. fingers crossed I win
  6. Hi, new nurgle person here! Have always mainly painted and collected but now am playing Aos with friends. The match is for 2k (flexible, if it's a bit over) list against the following armies Stormcast / overlords and possibly clan pestilence. I have the following models that is going to likely limit army list, I was thinking blight cyst as I love blight King models. Hope you can help! Going to get some marauders but won't be in time for match. Sorry for long post! Glottkin Guo (forgeworld model with sword) can be flexible with weapons Bloab Harbringer of decay Beast of nurgle Gnarlmaw Horticulous Gutrot spume Spoilpox Poxbringer Lord of blights Lord of plagues Rotbringer sorcerer 30 plaguebearers 15 blight kings 3 bases of nurglings 6 plague drones
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