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  1. FWIW, I thought $12 CAD was way too much for one model for a unit that you need 5 to complete. I see your point, however, when looking strictly at the financial situation, it makes zero sense for GW to tack on THAT much of an increase. What does it matter if it's been 5 years? Going off of inflation, something around 10% would be the number. Even with the economy in Britain, an increase of 67% is nuts.
  2. That's an odd thing to say. By that logic, no one is allowed to bring something up for discussion. Isn't discussion the whole purpose for a forum? A bump like this seems stupid. In this case, 60 dollars CAD was way too much to make one unit and now with the price increase, it's 100 dollars. Taking a quick glance over the "Online Exclusive", it's easy to notice a bump in a lot of prices that are larger than what the spreadsheet showed for in store items.
  3. Not relaying anything negative towards you, it's just that you put it succinctly, so I felt that your comment would be ideal to quote. I have an idea, how about GW stops botching all of their long term outlooks for a quick buck. Raising prices like this is absolutely ridiculous. They have done nothing to these models for them to earn a price increase.... NOTHING! Blame China, blame this, blame that, last year it was FW and their insane price increase because of REASONS. Sylvaneth is just lost in the shuffle, not to mention all of these other battletomes that are supposed to be releasing this year. It's rather hilarious that this is just accepted by the Warhammer community. GW has a new factory coming, that should mean better pricing. Oh wait, it's heavily delayed, better raise the price of older models to gouge loyal players. We get rekt because GW just can't do what they say they're going to do and instead they insert an excuse that fits the bill because REASONS.
  4. It's funny because you would think the GW would have the resources and knowledge over all of these iterations to know that players will try and play the edge of any rule. Ah well.
  5. I find it absolutely hilarious that something like this made it into the GHB. It's amazing to me that we have to wait for FAQ on a rule that shouldn't have been even entered into the book in the first place. Clearly, no one on the dev team plays Skaven. I understand that it's impossible to not miss something, but, in this case, they only needed to have played 1 game to have the revelation that the rule is terrible.
  6. Great..................... That makes me super excited to upgrade 😕
  7. Haha, this is unfortunately very true... It's definitely disappointing, but yeah, you're right. They could always just make a unique model that has the exact same rules as an already existing unit. It would be cool just to see some form of model variety.
  8. Very good points made, however, my point still stands. GW has the ability to make literally any model they want for any army and they choose to make a Stormcast model. I understand that they want to have something with the "most appeal" for the Store Celebration, but I mean, come on GW. There's so many cool things that they could do for so many other armies. Yeah, I hear ya. I also have around 1500 points, if not more of Stormcast, and while they're neat, I'm just love seeing models for other armies that shake up the visuals of those armies. This is especially true for armies that don't have a huge assortment of models (looking at you Ironjawz). This would be really cool, in my opinion. I could see this doing really well, especially if GW really pushes the concept of the mercenaries.
  9. As interesting as the model looks, I was definitely hoping for another army to get a cool model. Does Stormcast really need yet another model? I also think the same with, yet another, Space Marine model. It's too bad they don't seem to care about other armies when it comes to special events these days.
  10. It's too bad that GW didn't just delay the book if needed. It's strange to me to buy a book that is supposed to be our tome for matched play and it's already almost 6 months out of date...............
  11. You're probably right, however, at least they are available.
  12. Until GW comes out and has a release date for them, it's all just talk. I'm want to see them actually release them. They still have lots to release, including models from the 1st edition box set, so, the wait and see approach doesn't seem to be doing GW any favors.
  13. I respect this opinion. The issue stems from that fact that I want everyone to be able to enjoy the hobby, and anything that impedes on that ability, especially when it comes to getting access to models that you need for said hobby, infuriates me. I also don't like this "sit here and wait" approach, when it's been shown that GW hasn't done what I and members of the community thought they would have done. We shouldn't have to do a conversion of a model to try and reproduce a model that GW has sold in box sets in the past. GW should make that model available to everyone. I agree with you completely. It seems that the community is under the ASSUMPTION that GW will do something and release the new box models separately at some point. I don't like sitting here and watching players not be able to get the models they want because they were held hostage to a box set months ago, and have no sign of being released as a separate unit anytime soon. Your last paragraph outlines exactly what I'm thinking right now. I just don't understand why members of the community accept this as the norm, and continue to defend GW's practices regarding this. Very good points. I think you are right that members of the community who have been around the GW block are happy that they aren't as "rough around the edges" as they once were, however, we are living in an age where any normal company would be able to get the metrics to back up their production and distribution systems to handle the demand.
  14. The issue is that right now, we're just putting faith in the fact that GW WILL do something, instead of them showing us that they have. It's incredibly frustrating to sit here and watch people just accept things as they are. I'm upset and disappointed as it seems that people are willing to just accept GW and the way they operate, instead of trying to offer reasoning or discontent as to why they need to change their view on the playerbase.
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