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  1. That's awesome!! I agree though, that you can't have enough squigs, might need to get some more of those, haha. Good luck in your painting endeavors! Don't worry, the Everqueen will be there when the time is right.
  2. That's fantastic! I picked up Looncurse for the squigs as well, although, I think I will need to get a few more. I have some grots and a few other units around, but I still need to figure out what I want so that I can reach that 2k point army. I wouldn't mind playing a 1k game just to figure out the maneuverability of the squigs and what they can accomplish before I make a larger model purchase.
  3. I agree with everyone else in the thread. Ask before you go, that's the safest option. I have read some local tournament organizers waffling about the idea of a FW ban due to the price hike in quite a few areas of the world, so it would depend on what the organizers say and if they are against FW's current standing on products.
  4. I agree with both of you guys. I'm super skeptical of the benefit of this new paint line and I think it's purely marketing. I would love to see some side by sides and see if there is any benefit between the standard paint method with individual pots and this new combined method of the contrast paint. It's also confusing as to why they would want to highlight when they should be promoting the benefit of the contrast paints.
  5. I'm excited for the other games that GW comes up with, Warcry being one of them. What I don't want to happen is for GW to lose sight on why we're all here; waiting for news on AoS. They keep combining other games in the AoS universe into their AoS "announcement slot". Ideally, they had another time when they could release this type of news, so that AoS players who are focused just on larger AoS battles could have something to look forward to at these events. I'm definitely biased in this regards though as I sit here eagerly awaiting some Slaves to Darkness news like a fiend, haha.
  6. I have no issue with having more tools in the arsenal, and speaking for myself, painting is an area where I need all the help I can get. I am more worried that it's being hyped up as the "end all be all" for painting instead of just being advertised as another tool for the tool belt.
  7. This was my thinking towards a possible new book for Nurgle
  8. For Chaos, I couldn't see it being Skaven, as they just got a new battletome earlier this year. I could see it being Tzeentch or Nurgle, but I'm really really hoping it's Slaves to Darkness//Darkoath. I think Seraphon and Stormcast are going to get new tomes for Order/Ironjaws is my pick for Destruction/Soulblight would be awesome for Death.
  9. I agree with this, I would be completely let down if this was the big AoS timeslot reveal for an event I was at. Also, thanks for the STD support. How else are we going to POUND the table with our STDs? What!?!? You don't like conquering others with your STDs?
  10. We can never give up the hope that one day GW will see the darkness and give us the tome we deserve.
  11. I'm very skeptical about this. We've been using the normal method of painting for quite some time and with practice, can achieve a well defined look and "feel" to the model. I'm unsure if this is the next step in painting technology, or if it's just marketing.
  12. I definitely agree. Having options is always the best for tabletop and I would love to see GW support more modes for those gaming groups that don't necessarily want to play Matched all the time.
  13. I can't even believe this. It's one thing for GW to do a limited "Pre-Order" or "Pre-Sale" or whatever they are doing on their store, but for them to not even ship out an order that they accepted, it's absolutely ridiculous. I would definitely keep looking around online and see if you can get one shipped out this week from elsewhere. Sorry that you've had to deal with GW's incompetence first hand and being told on "release day" that you aren't getting it is absolutely crushing.
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