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  1. There's literally zero reason for AoS team to gut Seraphon, however, they've already shown themselves to not be the brightest when it comes to gutting factions and models that people still want.
  2. 40k in all recent memory, doesn’t gut entire armies in favour of some “army soup”.
  3. That feel when GW still doesn’t understand what people want. Gutting almost, if not all classic Aelf factions and Dispossessed models, really goes to show the GW and the AoS are so out of touch with the fan base.
  4. I disagree heavily with this. All 12 of us Slaves players have been waiting for a Battletome since they started releasing them. Do you know what's really demoralizing? Time and time again, GW has continued to shaft us without any form of decent rules and our faction plays like a joke. I'm not saying that they shouldn't have shown off the new Orruk and Cities Battletomes. I'm saying that Slaves really really needs something to be even playable at this stage. You have to remember that so many armies got Version 1 Battletomes. Slaves and Ogre Kingdoms didn't. The only faction other I
  5. Haha............................ *cries inside* I mean, it would be fine if it was, but my god, throw Slaves something here.
  6. I definitely hope we get a reveal between now and early September. I'm weary of an announcement afterward as they gear up for the holiday season.
  7. Still waiting for that Slaves to Darkness Battletome. I find it hilarious that with all this Warcry excitement, they decided to go a different route with the reveals. I'm happy for those Battletome reveals, don't get me wrong, but I mean.............. Slaves could've used a Battletome reveal now too.
  8. FWIW, I thought $12 CAD was way too much for one model for a unit that you need 5 to complete. I see your point, however, when looking strictly at the financial situation, it makes zero sense for GW to tack on THAT much of an increase. What does it matter if it's been 5 years? Going off of inflation, something around 10% would be the number. Even with the economy in Britain, an increase of 67% is nuts.
  9. That's an odd thing to say. By that logic, no one is allowed to bring something up for discussion. Isn't discussion the whole purpose for a forum? A bump like this seems stupid. In this case, 60 dollars CAD was way too much to make one unit and now with the price increase, it's 100 dollars. Taking a quick glance over the "Online Exclusive", it's easy to notice a bump in a lot of prices that are larger than what the spreadsheet showed for in store items.
  10. Not relaying anything negative towards you, it's just that you put it succinctly, so I felt that your comment would be ideal to quote. I have an idea, how about GW stops botching all of their long term outlooks for a quick buck. Raising prices like this is absolutely ridiculous. They have done nothing to these models for them to earn a price increase.... NOTHING! Blame China, blame this, blame that, last year it was FW and their insane price increase because of REASONS. Sylvaneth is just lost in the shuffle, not to mention all of these other battletomes that are supposed to be releas
  11. It's funny because you would think the GW would have the resources and knowledge over all of these iterations to know that players will try and play the edge of any rule. Ah well.
  12. I find it absolutely hilarious that something like this made it into the GHB. It's amazing to me that we have to wait for FAQ on a rule that shouldn't have been even entered into the book in the first place. Clearly, no one on the dev team plays Skaven. I understand that it's impossible to not miss something, but, in this case, they only needed to have played 1 game to have the revelation that the rule is terrible.
  13. Great..................... That makes me super excited to upgrade 😕
  14. Haha, this is unfortunately very true... It's definitely disappointing, but yeah, you're right. They could always just make a unique model that has the exact same rules as an already existing unit. It would be cool just to see some form of model variety.
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