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  1. Hey everyone, someone I my gaming group is saying that the Slaves to Darkness and Everchosen book has leaked. I can't find anything. Is this true? Is there a leak?
  2. Right, 'cuz GW has never written themselves into a corner and then made a significant change to the narrative before...
  3. I'm really disappointed that the leader is another mortarch. I really wanted a Death faction that actually challenged Nagash in some way. Without any internal conflict Death will remain boring to me. ...but really I already have too much stuff so that's probably a good thing. I'll be happy to see new cool models accross the table from me though. That's always fun.
  4. I think IJ might get a Boss on pig, but yeah, new models for my savage orks isn't going to happen. Ahhh, well. Ill just take solice in the they they will probably remain better that Ironjawz.
  5. I'd bet heavy the release will be Git sized or bigger. The amount of marketing usually corresponds to the size of the release and there had been a lot of marketing. ...which kinda makes me sad for my Bonesplitterz. They've been completely silent since announcing tje book, so anything more than a single new model (besides terrain and endless spells) is unlikely.
  6. You never know, but I'd wonder why they have given the slaves to darkness keyword to a bunch of new models if they were going to drop the entire thing. They definitely get merged with Everchosen if/when they get a book. But I'd be very surprised if they don't get anything.
  7. I'm thinking the Sylvaneth delay might have pushed a Christmas release of Slaves into next year. ...stupid trees. Still getting in my way.
  8. Yeah, the switch away from Slaves after building them up seemed odd to me as well. I actually just up their cheap box since I've thought the modles were great and they seemed like they would get a update and merger with Everchosen soon. Re: Models I assume there is no information about which if any of their models might be discontinued. One would think stuff in their start collecting and special boxes would be safe. ...but with the great order cull I'm a little worried I've invested a bunch of money in models that may get discontinued.
  9. Hey Hivemind, I just heard a rumor over on FB that Tzeentch is getting a new battletome this fall and Slaves to Darkness/Everchosen has been pushed to next year. Does that match up with anything anyone else has heard?
  10. Yeah, I had my first game of Warcry yesterday and I really liked how quickly it moved. I'm not sure it's system of alternate activation and no saves would work very well in a large game, but I completely agree that it would be nice to reduce dice rolls. ...and I say this as Bonesplitterz player that often runs Kunnin' Rukk.
  11. I think the popularity of TK in total war may have changed that calculation.
  12. See, that is exactly why I dislike Death as a faction. Eveyone dancing on Nagash's strings is boring. Im hoping for some ancient and powerful force to rebell and challenge him. But if that's impossible I'll just continue not to play death. ...unless the new models are too awesome to resist. 😉
  13. You're probably right. I just really want a death faction that isn't under Nagash's bone thumb, so I'm likely making up off the wall theories. Ahhh, well. I'm still holding out hope for reborn Tomb Kings lead by Khatep.
  14. Sorry. Typo. Ment stele not stupa. Look up Egyptian stele. They look very similar to the roomor engine pic.
  15. I actually had the same thought like 5min ago. I know TK from Total War and it sure fits the lore in that game.
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