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  1. Hey, has everyone seen the Hammerhall Herald? It's about the Sylvaneth. Could that be a hint that they finally going to make it to pre-order?
  2. Hi All, I'm on the fence about when to pick up some Orruks. Has anyone heard any rumors when Ironjawz will get a updated battletome? I kinda what to see where the army is going before I spend yet more money on AoS. Cheers!
  3. Yeah. I read it that way too. Have you managed to confirm that is the correct way to play it?
  4. It would be nice. To be honest, it's not the end of the world if they don't I can always play pure Skaven if they actually get a decent set of allegiance abilities in the new battletome. I'm really curious what they will do with the lore. The narrative around Skaven has always been one of their strongest points. I really hope they do a good job fleshing that out an firmly putting the Skaven in the Mortal Realms.
  5. Any leaks of what's in the battletome yet? I'm currently playing a Nurgle/pestilens army and I'm a little worried that my monks and verminlord will lose the Nurgle keyword.
  6. This. Skaven are currently sort of in a weird place where they are their own Chaos faction apart from all the other four and scheming to overthrow them, but also used as meatshields by Archaon. It really doesn't make a lot of sense and it creates the current the problem with Skaven in AoS is that they are scattered around in different clans that don't make any sense for the army or in the lore. Remember, the Skaven think they are the chosen species and everything else are literally "things" to be used for the Glory of the Horned rat (and obviously the benefit of the Skaven with enough power to use them). A single book that provided general allegiance abilities and made clanrats battleline for all Skaven clans/armies along with battleline if options depending on your general (e.g. stormvermin if general is a warlord) and a serries of sub-allegiance abilities, command traits and artifacts for each clan similar to the BoC book or the little I have seen of the Gitz book would work very well. Sure, it might narrow the diversity of the Skaven little, but it would make the combined armies that have always been the hallmark of the Skaven viable again.
  7. That seems unlikely. They have always been a horde and the stories set in the Realms generally portray them as a horde. I mean, Thanquol is apparently lurking around the Realms some place. I doubt they will entirely change the structure of Skaven. They wouldn't really be Skaven if there wasn't a chittering mass of rats on the board with a sprinkling of elite unites and war machines.
  8. Hey All, with all the discussion and guessing about what's coming in 2019 has anyone heard any rumors about a big Skaven release? Warhammer Weekly, Mortal Realms, etc. all suggested a Beasts of Chaos style book could show up at some point. However, a rumor has popped up on the Skaven Facebook page that GW has been leaking that a big Skaven release could show up in the spring. Has anyone on TGA heard anything about that? As someone just starting to build a Skaven army, it'd be nice to know if I should be saving my money.
  9. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!!!!! We need a year of Destruction! I wanna see many great WAAAGH!s rise up and smash Death's pretty plans, kick Chaos (particularly Khorn) in the nads, and give Order the worst purple-nerpel ever (maybe sack one of the major new cities). Then maybe form up into the greatest of WAAAGH!s and invade the realm of Chaos or whatever plane of existence the Skaven are hiding in. The rats could use more of a place in the narrative as well. A side campaign between the Moonclan and Skaven would be great. It could also be an opportunity to update the rats a bit as they focus on Destruction. Clan Eshin could really use some love. They could do a side release like they did with the newest chamber of stormboys and Nighthaunt.
  10. Hankster


    Oh look, it's Flesh Eater Courts army! Their Ghoul King must be very powerful since I'm sharing in their delusions of knightly honour.
  11. It looks like it would be a fun way of running an event. It would be nice to give some sort of bonus for having armies that can ally. ...but currently that would just ****** over destruction players so that'll have to wait until the year of destruction rolls around next year.
  12. We have a pretty regular game Saturday mornings/afternoons at FDB in Gatineau. None of our group has a table at their place. Swing by and join in some Saturday if you like.
  13. Hey! You play Flesh-Eaters? Their lore is just wonderful. Anyway, I'm in Ottawa as well and I'd love to try playing against the FEC.
  14. That's almost exactly the list I'm building too. I tend to drop the Weirdnob, though and either take more stabbers or Morboyz or ally in unit of Brutes. I really wish we got more Ally points. I have an Idol of Gork, but he usually sits on the shelf since the Warboss is so good with Morboyz and Stabbas.
  15. This is awesome! The madness of the Courts is their most intriguing quality. It's great to see this brought to life on the table.
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