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  1. Murder Pancake

    Create Your Own Faction (why not)

    I just want an army that is all monsters. Beasts of Chaos doesn't do it for me. I want dragons without riders, werewolf fast attack, whatever, doesn't matter. Just give me a faction that's basically Ghur Gone Wild without the tax of having to have some kind of humanoid race element to it.
  2. Murder Pancake

    The Rumour Thread

    I mostly want to know more bout the beasts. Looks like new plastic furies, or at least models that I will absolutely use as plastic furies.
  3. Murder Pancake

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Played in my first tournament (it was a doubles tournament) setting yesterday and took 2nd place with my partner. I have to admit that I've been very leery about playing DoT at lower points values and am surprised it went as well as it did. With the game being small and objective based and only having minimum Enlightened, I brought the Ogroid instead of the Tzaangor Shaman to use his spell in the hope of spawning Brimstone Horrors. I used the screamers to screen him from the front and followed up with the enlightened behind. Thermalrider Cloak was quite nice in that regard. I used the Chaos Warriors for Arcane Sacrifice targets since they have the 5-6 up save vs. Mortal Wounds.
  4. Murder Pancake

    Your favorite unit model kit

    Screamers of Tzeentch are my absolute favorite unit models; they're followed by all of the various flavors of Tzaangor.
  5. Murder Pancake

    The Rumour Thread

    It would be fantastic if these images have some merit as to specific armies getting updated. Though I think I must have initially misinterpreted as each grand alliance getting a new "Grand Alliance" Battletome.
  6. Murder Pancake

    If I won the lottery I would....

    Let's see, there's so many things here that i'd like to do. First thing's first: Sort out the fundamental necessities of my life first; quit my job, pay off debts, buy a house, replace my car, finally get married, etc. Ensure that I have enough saved that I can live comfortably via interest or other means, then assist friends and family in a similar fashion. Go back to school; get that art degree that I wanted but couldn't afford. Pick up a trade in the interim. Hobby related? Provide prize support to local venues Maybe procure a building outside of my home to use for large table space, storage options, paint stations etc for friends. Travel to various events around the world to see the hobby in places outside of my hometown. Learn to play 7th Edition so that I can finally justify buying Mecanicum models from Forgeworld, since they're probably never getting their 8th edition rules Fail to learn 7th Edition rules and buy them anyway, because they look awesome Finally paint my three Bloodthirsters and two Lords of Change. With my new art degree it should be less terrifying, right?
  7. Murder Pancake

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I really just want to be able to buy artifacts. 50+artifact+battalion benefit is all baked together currently, and the only army that I've been able to even attempt bringing more than one battalion with was Nighthaunt. It was suboptimal at best.
  8. Murder Pancake

    New Years (Hobby) Resolutions?

    I was pulled back into the hobby after a roughly twelve year absence, so i have no prior resolutions. Being overly ambitious and picking up far too much has resulted in an extensive collection of unpainted plastic that I desperately need to work through before looking at new models again. I have everything I need to play the armies I want at the moment, so hopefully the allure of new plastic stays at bay. Pledge: 100 dollar budget per monthfor picking up necessities for finishing an army; mostly paint, basing materials, magnets, maybe endless spells if absolutely necessary. I might reward myself if I reach various milestones, but I'll figure those out elsewhere in more detail. Expand my GW paint collection. I actually quite like them now, even if I wish they were in dripper bottles, and my old Vallejo game colors seem to be separating after being inert for several years. I have that obnoxious, overarching goal of finishing all of my unpainted models, but I am not going to hold my breath on this one just yet. I can however, focus on a large chunk of my collection and finish my Tzeentch. I play DoT/Thousand Sons, and already have plans and parts for working my way back into Beasts of Chaos (where my interest in Warhammer started way back when). Finishing these models would take out a large chunk of the workload I have made for myself. Outside of everything Tzaangor flavored; I have almost 3k points of Nighthaunt if I count all of my multiple characters from the starter sets, about 1500 points of Khorne Daemons, and a good 1500 points of Admech received for the holidays. There's a lot to go through. There's a lot to paint. I'm (hopefully) going to be busy.
  9. Murder Pancake

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    This month: To Build: -Herald on Disc of Tzeentch* To paint: -20 Tzaangor -9 Tzaangor Enlightened, on Foot *Maybe get this guy painted. I only need him for this month's escalation
  10. Murder Pancake

    The Great TGA Christmas Thread!

    My girlfriend was kind enough to present me with a Lord of Change, and I had the good fortune from a gift exchange at our local Warhammer store receive a second one as well. Other gifts included the Admech battleforce, two boxes of Chaos Warriors, a Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot, an Ironstrider Ballistarius, the Beasts of Chaos Endless Spells, and the GW paint storage box. I think I will be spending all of 2019 painting. I don't even want to look at the backlog of models.
  11. Murder Pancake

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    So, between my SO and our local Warhammer store doing a secret gift exchange sort of thing, I have suddenly found myself in the possession of two LOC. GW hosed the thing with the point cost though, and I am unsure if it's worth it to use one to build Kairos, keep two plain LOCs, or see if it's possible to exchange one to finish off an army. Is it at all possible to magnetize Kairos? Has anyone tried?
  12. Murder Pancake

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    Really hoping they release one for BOC.
  13. Murder Pancake

    The Rumour Thread

    I would quite happily play an army of nothing but carnivorous mushrooms and squigs. Why isn't this a thing yet?
  14. Murder Pancake

    What are your pet peeves at the gaming table?

    Counting wounds up instead of down irritates me. I won't do it, and it doesn't make sense to do it, but other people seem to insist that's how it works.
  15. Murder Pancake

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Excellent; thank you.