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  1. Price increases all around I guess. It affects my hobby spending, but not as much as it should. Mostly I just need a bubble to vent about the changes. I find myself mostly frustrated that Tzaangor are getting hit twice in a row. When I started the Enlightened were 35; they're probably going to be 45-50 starting in June; same with the regular ones; which I always need to grab more. I can't even begin to justify the tree revenants; they're already ridiculous in comparison to the rest of the army.
  2. Beasts of Chaos called. They want their cow back.
  3. What a fantastic project to see from start to finish. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Reminds me of the Chaos Warshrine more than anything.
  5. My local shop used to use one of these. Seemed to work pretty well; would love to hear the results of yours. In a smaller, unrelated update, I just completed six of my screamers with a lackluster paint job, but I can't bring myself to care. Remind me in the future never to pick up metal models again. Things are horrible.
  6. You still have to follow the unit guidelines. You can only have 2 Mutants/Greatblades per 5 Tzaangor, so even with the spell you cannot exceed that number for the unit.
  7. I'm not competitive and will likely never show up in anything more than a local tournament, but Hosts Arcanum are presently my favorite. They allow me to fill in my battle line options easily enough and bring in a nice blob of Tzaangors or Skyshoal Coven for less. I'm presently 2-0 in the few games I've played against Mawtribes.
  8. This month I would like to finish and base the last if my Tzaangor unit. 9 models left. I also aim to complete 24 screamers, and build a Fateskimmer.
  9. Breaking in my new airbrush on about...24 screamers. I don't have a problem, I can stop collecting them any time I want.
  10. All of this hullabaloo immediately after the new book comes out just makes me glad I have no investment in either Horrors or Flamers. Not looking forward to seeing the aftermath. Still discouraging though.
  11. Shadow Elves are supposedly Malerion's future race for Ulgu. They've been described as draconic/gargoylesque, but otherwise there's no word on an official army at this time.
  12. Good to know that the ads were intentional. When I poked my head in this morning I thought I'd picked up a virus. Subscribed in the interim as I spend way too much time here to not contribute.
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