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  1. Love the new warband. Will be picking them up along with the untamed beasts for our future delving into Warcry.
  2. Would love to see some options for cavalry bases for those minimag trays.
  3. @Nighthaunt Noob Same. I have two Start Collecting and two halves of Looncurse. I think I know where i want to go with the Kurnoth, and have the dryads and such built. But Treelords and spites of various flavors are just in limbo.
  4. I wish they would just share the warscrolls for everything else since the books are delayed. I know it won't happen, but I would feel considerably more comfortable building new models if I knew what options were.
  5. If others purchase the contrast paint and are comfortable with it as a once and done solution, does it really matter? For some, the option to have a relatively quick painting process is enough. I can see it being beneficial for beginners and competitive players alike, as painted armies are often a requirement for tournament play. There are people in the hobby that already prefer a three color and it's done approach. Others commission their models to be painted. Some folks only focus on elites and send out battle lines for commission services. For some folks, painting is a chore and an added expense. While I am not one of them and enjoy improving on my own, having the option for speed is beneficial. Those that want to improve techniques after using contrast paints can and probably will do so. For others, just having colored models is enough. Different (brush) strokes for different folks.
  6. I really want them to buff screamers. They're my favorite models and I have far too many of them to never play them.
  7. Shame with the delay on the battletome. Everything I have with options has me waiting to build it.
  8. I would like to know if the Contrast primer is required to get these paints to work. If so, I've no need to try any of them.
  9. I've looked at trees for a while while considering a break from Chaos. Doubling down on this box with my SO to split. Now to just wait to see about a tome announcement and maybe hopeful changes to the terrain.
  10. New Warhammer Community update shows the rest of the model. Looks like the other rumor engine.
  11. I wouldn't expect AoS to go back to being a full on living game until all of the armies are updated and set with new tomes. It's hard to have a narrative when a good portion of the Grand Alliances have to just sit there and watch things happen. Once Forbidden Power has run its course, the next narrative will be more involved and proactive on account of every faction having up to date rules.
  12. Battalions, akin to how BoC function would be as close as I want to get with something along the lines of a themed mixed army in matched play. Another compromise might be something akin to Firestorm with the Great Cities, though I think these might work similarly to battalions, my familiarity is fleeting at best.
  13. Soup armies have made 40k fairly miserable. I don't want to see it in AoS.
  14. I just want an army that is all monsters. Beasts of Chaos doesn't do it for me. I want dragons without riders, werewolf fast attack, whatever, doesn't matter. Just give me a faction that's basically Ghur Gone Wild without the tax of having to have some kind of humanoid race element to it.
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