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  1. Perhaps it's a line of Citadel Quick Shades?
  2. I found it interesting they referred to Dispossessed by name. Perhaps our update will see us renamed as we would be no longer dispossessed thanks to the work of Grungni? Dispossessed would then refer to the Duardin before they were reformed by Grungni.
  3. Interesting, I was wondering what possible mentions of Dispossessed there would be in the new Battletome. Hopefully we are getting set up for something good.
  4. I think I remember them being grouped together last survey.
  5. Knights Excelsior Stormcast Amy GW no longer sales the upgrade kit and most new models feature the Hammers of Sigmar symbol pauldron fused to their arms. People have suggested shaving the symbol and painting the Knights Excelsior sun and moon but I feel it would look bad.
  6. @JackStreicher I don’t think they ever said.
  7. Dispossessed not being released yet just means they have been working extra hard for the past 4 years to give Dispossessed a good update! 😄
  8. There's a small player base at the store I play at and so far it is two Chaos players, a Death player, and myself as the Order player. I'm a big stickler on lore appropriate events and I was wondering if lorewise, an Order/Death vs Chaos battle was possible. I know they teamed up before the great betrayal, but I am more interested in portraying current events. I play Dispossessed by the way. I don't think there is anything that says outright in the Dispossessed lore that they absolutely can not stand Death besides being in Order. They have a greater fixation on grudges against Chaos. I'd like to hear any suggestions or ideas on this matter. There's no mechanical reason why we can't play together, but my mind just wants a story to tie it together for immersion purposes.
  9. It also takes time for Stormcasts to be reforged and the queue for reforging is pretty long if there are many battles. From what I've read in the novels, I believe it's a one by one basis. One Stormcast get's reforged at a time. If I'm right, you could say that due to the recent battles across the realms and the fact that the sacrosanct chamber (the people who usually run the reforging, are out fighting now) the reforging process has gotten slower. I don't know the time span of your campaign in game, but you could just chalk it up to there not being enough time in the campaign for those that die to be reforged.
  10. Killing civilians over small missteps is usually the jurisdiction of the Knights Excelsior.
  11. Wow, GW explained away the forge with "It's magic".
  12. I was pretty sad the Duardin discussion on Warhammer TV was a rescheduled.
  13. I'd rather not see Warriors go. I'd hate for all the Warriors I've bought to be null. I actually like the look of them also.
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