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  1. Ironbreaker

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    I just want to say that mortal wounds are very unfun to play against when my army can't reliably generate any and have little protection against them.
  2. Ironbreaker

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    How about giving us the statues and giving us the ability to blow them up North Korea style and have them topple on top of our enemies that break through our lines.
  3. Ironbreaker

    The Rumour Thread

    "New magical powers" Wake me up when Dispossessed get updated.
  4. I normally use 12mm dice since they are easy to handle for large attacks, but when it's just a single attack they often feel underwhelming. Watching a 12mm D6 lightly roll all the way across the table before plinking off a terrain piece and rolling a 1 is pretty anti-climatic. I want something larger with more weight to it. Something to make the single or double rolls feel more impact. I was thinking of buying some 16mm for this. I want to know your opinions of people using multiple dice sizes for games. Is it unfair somehow or poor sportsmanship?
  5. I dealt with a bit of frustration last game I played. I was running Dispossessed against a Skaven army running the new battletome rules. Turn 1 the warpflamethrower took out my entire Warrior unit with 23 mortal wounds striking them. To add further injury, he then took out my now exposed Warden King with his Warp Lighting Cannon by dealing 6 mortal wounds. I know it's just a game of pushing around plastic men, but I was so darn angry after that. After a bit of pacing on my side of the table and clenching dice in my hand, I regained rational thought and decided it was better to continue the game than give up as a sore loser. I refocused that frustration I felt and focused on tactics and how best to salvage the game. I usually only get maybe one game a week so these are experiences I savor. There's also not a good amount of AoS players at the store so there's no reason to act like an ass and lose potential players. I actually managed to turn the game around and beat the Skaven player in the end. For me this was a valuable experience about frustration. It's best to try and keep a cool head and go with the punches. Even the most frustrating events can be turned around given effort. I'd suggest talking to your friends and seeing if they wouldn't mind trying to play a bit more casually if that's more your speed. I know the first game with the local Skaven player went pretty badly because he was playing super competitively and ended up creating a mortal wound gunline that he kept pulling back every time my Dispossessed would move up. Talked to him afterwards about how this is more of a hobby for me and that I enjoy seeing my miniatures on the table and watching epic clashes instead of WW1 no man's land style meat-grinder marches. Since then we've both had more fun and often recount the exploits of our generals on the battlefield and epic last stands.
  6. Ironbreaker

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    I like my Organ Gun and Gunmaster. I initially took it because I liked the look of it. It's got a potentially higher volume of fire than the cannon so that's a plus. I'm usually knocking out good numbers of models with each attack. It's a little wishy washy even with the Gunmaster. Some games I never have to reroll while others I still fail mostly even with the reroll. I also like that it has psychological warfare potential with the people I play at least. A few times I have been able to use their fear of getting into range of it to control the battlefield. I usually deploy it further back while keeping only part of the enemy army in range and constantly maneuver it to maintain this distance. Artillery is stupidly vulnerable to damage to the crew like mortal wounds and I would like to keep it functioning. Thankfully I don't have anyone at the store playing teleport heavy armies. I've never had much luck around taking a pickaxe. Units I wanted to use might be killed off or locked into combat, hero might get into combat, ect. There is also the delay that can make the pop-up location sometimes predictable. (I did however use it once to escape the battlefield with fragile units until a major threat was taken care of and brought them back in the exact same location they left.) My games usually follow the pattern of an enemy rush into my units, I beat them back while taking loses, and push up to capture objectives once they are defeated. Lately I have instead opted for taking a the pile driver gauntlets on the Warden King. Screening line of Warriors or other Duardin charge in for the attack and the Warden King moves in behind them. Start of combat the King hits the ground to make the Duardin harder to hit. Once the enemy is thinned out, Warden King charges in for the clean up if it is safe, if it isn't he will strike the ground again. I use this often against Khorne since he usually can't be shot from behind the line. I took tear drop the recent game just to try it out while keeping in mind the flamethrowers that often get me in the game. It could be used to mortal wound the flamethrower or maybe slow the Verminlord so more Drakes can target it. Potentially it could have even killed it if the Verminlord was whittled down from the Organ Gun and Drakes. I think if facing situations like these, tear drop is somewhat viable.
  7. Ironbreaker

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Ok, I will start off with our lists. I am not sure what the Skaven general took for items, but it does not exactly matter given how the game went. Allegiance: SkaventideVerminlord Warpseer (260)- General- Trait: Master of Magic 40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Spear1 x Warpfire Thrower (70)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)Total: 950 / 1000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 103 Here was my list. Allegiance: DispossessedWarden King (120)- General- Trait: Grudgebearer - Artefact: Teardrop of Grugni Runelord (100)Gunmaster (80)20 x Warriors (160)- Double-handed Duardin Axes & Shields10 x Ironbreakers (140)10 x Longbeards (100)- Great Axes & Shields10 x Irondrakes (180)Organ Gun (120)Total: 1000 / 1000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 69 The image is of how the game roughly began. We played the Total Commitment battleplan. So first round started with me actually having the first turn. I really wanted to get my Warriors and Warden King on that objective with the clan rats. My problem was the flamethrower in between. I devised a strategy with two fail safes. Plan A was to run the Warden King as close as I could to the flame thrower and throw the teardrop at it and hope to kill it. I tried that and never got into range. Plan B kicked in. Charge the Warriors into the Flamethrower to kill it and to get extra distance. I rolled the charge and needed to get an 8. I rolled a 7. Used a command ability to re-roll the charge and got 7 again. Warriors stayed put and I awaited the inevitable. I forgot to mention that on the other side of the board, Irondrakes lowered his Verminlord to 4 wounds. and his clanrats away from the objective started to flank the Ironbreakers and Drakes. Organ Gun failed to fire. In his turn, he used the flamethrower to kill the entire unit of warriors and then the lightning cannon blasted my general for 6 mortal wounds. This was when I really wanted to just quit because I saw no more hope. Still in a bit of shock and frustration, I watched as his Verminlord used his orb to kill 6 Irondrakes instantly crippling them and removing the double tap. The score was 2-2. My head started to get a little dizzy from the emotions I was feeling at the time. I know it's just a game, but to see devastation turn 1 sent my head spinning. I abandoned reason for a bit and went full assault Ironbreakers and charged his Verminlord the next turn while the 4 Irondrakes and Runelord stayed at the objective. They attacked and killed his General as revenge for their king. The Organ gun failed to fire again and the Longbeards moved back a bit while still holding the objective to keep out of range of the cannon. In the second Skaven turn, the flanking clan rats began their turn into the location of my objective. There is a wooden plank fence running along the section they are flanking so it slows down and advance they attempt. His war machines moved up but there out of range. The cannon had to move around terrain. The score was 4-4. Third turn saw me charge the back clan rats with my Ironbreakers in an attempt to claim that objective. They killed all of them and caused the objective to turn in my favor. Irondrakes fired at the flanking rats and killed a few. Organ gun managed to fire and too out a great deal of them. I forgot to mention but Runeelord has been forgefiring Drakes the whole game. Longbeards stepped back a half inch. In the Skaven turn. the side rats continued to flank and charged the Irondrakes and killed all but one. They now contested my original right objective. His warmachines attempted to move up and fire at the longbeards but were still out of range. The score was now 6-10. I was winning. My turn yet again (Kept winning roll offs) and I kept the Ironbreakers on the enemy objective. Irondrake killed a rat with a punch and was promptly poked to death, Runelord had charged the clan rats. Organ gun moved and was able to just barely hit the clan rats and took out a couple. Longbeards stayed still. Clanrats now contested my objective with the runelord and were safe from the organ gun. His war machines moved up once more to shoot the longbeards and the cannon managed to fire and killed the entire squad. I was now down to a single controlled objective with the Ironbreakers. Skaven attacked the Runelord and did no damage. Runelord hit back and killed a few. Battleshock failed and the skaven all fled. I held the objective once more. The score was 7-14. Seeing as there was no way to win, the Skaven player conceded the game to me and I won. Some of the details of the game maybe wrong as I am typing this from memory. Games like this are lessons in why you should always play the objective. It's still hard to believe I made a comeback after that.
  8. Ironbreaker

    The Rumour Thread

    Try Duardin riding giant clockwork birds native to the mountain ranges of Chamon. You have to take it to 200% for Age of Sigmar.
  9. Ironbreaker

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Well, I managed to beat the new Skaven book with Dispossessed first try. It was a hard battle with many rage inducing moments, but I managed to pull through. The new rules for Warpfire Throwers are brutal. We were playing Total Commitment so the deployment zones were closer and he got a blaze off on my Warriors. Managed to kill the entire 20 duardin squad in one blast turn one. To add further insult, he targeted my Warden King and killed him turn 1 with a Warplightning cannon. I was basically nearly crippled as it was a 1000 point game and I nearly conceded right there. Took some deep breaths, focused entirely on maximizing objective holding, and held out with pure Dispossessed determination and grit. Managed to salvage a victory much to my surprise.
  10. Ironbreaker

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Seen on the UK webpage.
  11. Ironbreaker

    The Rumour Thread

    Interesting development. It's worth noting that Glade Guard are not featured on the Aelf faction page on AoS website on the community page.
  12. I think Unforged has the best chance. Runelord might be too close to Runesmiter and Warden Kings seem a bit too important and regal to be without a mighty throng of Duardin behind him. Unforged would also cover the traditional "Berserker" class often seen in RPGs that the AoS RPG currently is lacking from the so far revealed archetypes.
  13. Ironbreaker

    Which scenario do you like best!?

    I like Starstike for the unpredictability and crazy landings that can happen. My one problem with it is that I play Dispossessed so I have the Disadvantage on most objective games. One of the memorable moments I had playing Starstrike was that when we set up the board, we had a large hill in the center. When we rolled to see what kind of terrain it was, it turned out to be deadly. It just so happens that was exactly where the center objective landed. The center objective battle was clan rats vs dispossessed warriors while each respective warlord watched just outside of the terrain range not daring to risk taking damage before a duel.
  14. I hope Dispossessed are playable.
  15. Ironbreaker

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    I hope Dispossessed are playable. I'd love to play a Runelord.