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  1. I’m sure you guys will criticize me, but the books are very special to me. I went so long without a rulebook. When I got my first army book last year with Adeptus Custodes in 40k, it felt so magical to flip through the pages and take in all the fantastic art. I won’t be able to do that with this book as it will be all mixed and also Stormcasts.
  2. I don’t want to cover of my army book to be humans and Stormcast
  3. That’s what I am holding out slim hope for since this book includes so much from other armies like KO and Stormcast. Stormcast inclusion was what really broke it for me.
  4. Look how many books Imperium has in 40k. Why should the Fantasy good guys be any different?
  5. This, I want a Karak. I don't want a multicultural city. I want a throng of duardin with shield and axes standing before the gates to their stronghold. The only aelves nearby should be looking at our glorious beards longingly while rubbing his boyish chin.
  6. I'm putting money on them pasting the GHB Dispossessed rules into the book and calling done.
  7. Nope, that would require more books. That would risk profits, better to just cram them all in the same book because **** you.
  8. I’m thinking of quiting Sigmar now. I want a book of MY DUDES, full of lore about MY DUDES, and art of MY DUDES. What I hate most is that this book is at the end of the day basically just GA: Order 2.0
  9. Very disappointed, I don’t want humans and aelves.
  10. I doubt Freeguild will change too much if they are upgraded. This is their general appearance in Black Library. Still poofy but a bit scaled back and armored.
  11. I won my first Meeting Engagements game against Gloomspite Gits. I was about to lose the game final turn but I managed to charge my Knight Incantor into the blob of grots holding the objective and basically suicide bombed them by shattering all three spirit flasks. Managed to kill the majority of them (and sadly my last 3 Irondrakes) with it. The Knight Incantor and Runelord cleaned up the blob some more and it fell to battleshock. He only had the shaman left on the objective so I won by having one more model on the objective than him. It was a glorious ending even if it felt a bit dirty.
  12. Ironjaws, no tactics needed beyond running at the enemy and wracking them with an ax. So easy an Orruk can play them.
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