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  1. Well these point cuts are a breath of fresh air. Loondrinmaster loondrinmaster attack squad battalion. frigate-cannon frigate-cannon arkos x 10 arkos x 10 gunhauler- drill gunhauler- drill gunhauler- drill endrinriggers x6- shooting endrinriggers x6-shooting endrinriggers x3-shooting. 1990 points. Built to play objectives, doesn’t have many eggs in any one basket, decent amount of shooting, hopefully.
  2. So how do you play as eldritch council then? You arnt grand alliance order because you can’t take anything that doesn’t have eldritch council keyword without it being an ally. Your faction is eldritch council in this instance, not grand alliance order barak thyrng can be your faction if the whole army shares the keyword, plus your allies allotment
  3. In this case isn’t your faction barak thyrng? They all have the same keyword, barak thyrng. So how are they allies if they share the same keyword?
  4. They don’t look nice at all when it’s a dude laying next to his base. The magnet on the dude end wasn’t the problem, it’s keeping them from popping off the super smooth surface of the flight stand. I clipped mine to be a flat surface but it really needs a bit of green stuff to make a cap to hold the magnet to the flight stem.
  5. I too magnetize my endrinriggers to their flight stands. Drilled the magnet into the seat of their pants though I highly recommend green stuffing a cap around the magnet you stick to the flight stand. Mine didn’t hold up with just super glue.
  6. I’ve been finding out it’s a bit of a trap. Shooting armies that are super squishy might not do well jumping into ppls faces and daring your opponent to fail an initiative roll. I need to start laying back more, letting the enemy come to me. Flying high when the enemy does get there, hopefully weakened. Will be more betta dropping lanes by then too hopefully.
  7. You should be more concerned about the bound endless spell mechanic the lizzys have. Only they can move predatory endless spells. Yay for even less interaction in the magic phase!!!!............./sigh
  8. Yes sorry. Meant to say increases to hit on the attacks of the endrinmasters, thunderers gun butts and admirals own swings
  9. Hold my beer.. Egg basket of death Barak urbaz Loondrinmaster- grudgebearer admiral navigator-flarepistol endrinmaster endrinmaster riggers x 3 riggers x 3 riggers x 3 ironclad- skyhook, ebullient thunderers x 20, cannons, decksweepers, rifles Eggbasket comes down, navigator paints a target, thunderers pop aether gold to reroll wounds, ironclad charged using skyhook bonus, admiral increases endrinmasters attacks, gun butts and admirals swings +1 to hit, endrinriggers bubblewrap the ironclad. get the doubleturn, win.
  10. The lightning vortex from skaven, the suffocating gravetide from slaves to darkness, wildfire Taurus of beastmen, the stormcast everblaze comet. Emerald lifeswarm kinda.
  11. Im not sure what you mean. I meant using our ko in a tempest eye list. Would you like to compare the strengths and weaknesses between te-cos and ko?
  12. It’s hard to do any calculations right now other than seeing how good our ****** gets with a few tempest eye buffs 😃
  13. A unit of 3 gets a discount aye? Sorry didn’t realize, I’d only ever considered them in individual units. Not sure 3 in a unit is going to super effective. Their guns are so short range ive been considering them as disposable.
  14. The gyrocopters are 70 points each do not 3 for 180... 50$ a pop is pretty spendy but they are a must have if you are thinking about switching over to tempest eye (as I am) seeing as how they are good and cheap and you need 12 units in an army if you want 3 kharadron units im making the price more palatable by imagining how awesome my custom loondrinmaster is going to look made out of the spare gryobomber bits.
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