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  1. I mean Kraken-Eater, Gatebreaker and Warstomper perfectly match with Aleguzzler and I'm pretty sure that was named for AoS even though the kit was from WHFB so I don't really get where you're coming from here.
  2. So there's going to be another preview in 2 weeks or so huh, I hate that they're drip feeding us stuff but at least there is more. Hopefully they'll show us some gargant models next time.
  3. That was actually really disappointing not gonna lie, not even 1 model shown? Really GW?
  4. As much as I think these 40k animations are cool (although I'm a little iffy on the Angels of Death animation style) I'd really like to see some AoS animation from them.
  5. I'm so hyped! I really hope we see the Sons of Behemat and the rest of the Lumineth (if there are more) tonight. As a 40k player as well I'm also interested to see what they've got planned for that too.
  6. Everything I've seen of these new aelves I've loved and these cows and aelven hammerers (never thought I'd type that) have pretty much sold me on starting an army. Especially if this is only the beginning and they will be having all the other elements on release and even then I'd be ok if they went the stormcast route instead and staggered the release. The Sons of Behemat might be awesome but I'm pretty sure they'll have to wait, I've got beef to paint.
  7. I'm glad they're looking after their staff but man am I kicking myself for putting off going out and grabbing some boxes while I had the chance. Is there any word on whether or not they'll still be updating the community site? I'm chomping at the bit for the reveals they had planned for adeptacon.
  8. Looks like it's probably for Orks but hey I'm okay with being wrong if it's for some new AoS faction.
  9. Afaik they never really use forgeworld models in the images for the battletome or previews leading up to it.
  10. It would be the perfect army. Probably not the most effective but man would it be a fun time.
  11. This is definitely what I'm finding most appealing about it, It seems like Starborn or Coalesced armies are going to feel and play very differently from each other which is great especially if you don't have to go out and buy a whole bunch of new models to try something new. I'm in the same boat as you, the Coalesced are pretty appealing, especially as someone who likes the saurus models (although they are getting on and the knights don't look the best) but didn't think they were really worth taking before this tome. Now all we need is for saurus warriors and guard to be 2 wounds and I'll be happy.
  12. They'll probably reveal the rest of the Lumineth units and officially announce Sons of Behemat, if they actually have re-sculpted things for Seraphon as well they'll show it off there. On the 40k side of things I thinks it's a safe bet they reveal the new Ghazghkull Thraka model and probably have the models for the new AdMech units there for people to look at. Other than that I have no idea what they might have in store for us.
  13. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up (including my own) but that plant looks kind of jungley to me.
  14. I'm really surprised people are complaining about there being another Ironjawz warband considering we've pretty much known there was going to be one since the starter set for this season was released. Personally I think their sculpts look great, they'll look great alongside my Ironskullz Boys when I use them for Warcry too.
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