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  1. Hex Bases > Triangles > Square > Round Lumineth aren't overtooled and need the Hyshian Twinstones restored to their former efficacy (at a higher points value) Non-BoC Chaos is in fact Lawful Evil
  2. My most frequent opponents are Stormcast, Maggotkin, Orruk Warclans (Ironjawz), Kharadron Overlords, Blades of Khorne, Sons of Behemat, with occasional Seraphon and Gloomspite showing up. We have no Death players. Nor am I facing Archaon or Morathi. I take my wardens in units of 20, so they can at least fight back if they take a truly devastating charge. Their strike-back is usually enough to ensure the enemy's numbers are sufficiently reduced so that they can survive another round of combat. Protection of Hysh is absolutely essential, and it's one of the reasons I play Zaitrec so often. If it's absolutely essential (and it usually is), I might use the Shrine's re-roll cast to get the spell off with a Lord Regent or Cathallar who is bunkered in one of the Warden blobs. 4+ isn't great, but between All Out Defense, Mystic Shield and Aethyrquartz, we can do a lot to make sure that you're rolling 3+ on -2 rend attacks. You want to have Lifeswarm in the mix too. D3 Wardens returning per turn averages out to 20 over the course of a game (although this never happens).
  3. I'm not Stanning for GW, but I don't think the fact that there's a global pandemic should reasonably factor into consumer reactions to anti-consumerist behavior when it comes to luxury goods. Assault and battery is bad. Is assault and battery during a pandemic somehow worse? Should it be prosecuted differently? If GW wants to shoot themselves in the foot in the long run by raising barriers to entry, that's on them. Gatekeeping by the player community is bad, if the desire is to grow and sustain a healthy community. Gatekeeping by a company is amoral, and its efficacy can only be evaluated by performance.
  4. Unsympathetic, aloof Lumineth player here... Just play the Objectives and secure your Battle Tactics.
  5. Am I the only one who isn't irked by perceived anti-consumer behavior during a global pandemic when the company in question produces boutique luxury goods? Like, hiking the price of baby formula is one thing. Making warbarbies harder to access is another. Like, if you're weighing the purchase of a limited edition Boxed Game or a designer handbag versus making rent or medical bill payments....I don't know what to say to that.
  6. I just (2 months ago but who's counting) assembled 40 marauders with some simple head swaps to make the models bearable to look at. Despite the range of poses and arm options, they all ended up looking the same anyway (like ******). Assembling them was a lot of fun, though. I did a lot of small conversions here and there, and the experience of assembly without having to consult an instruction manual was therapeutic. As for removal of loadout options in the gear, I don't think it's that big of an issue. It certainly makes the game easier to balance, not that balance is something GW cares to actually achieve (it would hurt sales). I'm just learning to accept what comes my way, and to go with the flow. I think in practice models do have a shelf life and it's unreasonable to expect that a release or modeling option from decades ago ought to still be playable in the current format.
  7. I'm not playing remotely close to the highest level, so I'm having fun putting blobs of warriors and knights (with Varanguard) on the table. I agree with the general sentiment however. To be honest, now that Stormcast tower over Chaos Warriors, I get a strange underdog vibe in my gut--like the Chaos Warriors had to strike a bargain with the gods at the cost of their soul just to be able to stand up to the onslaught of the oppressive Sigmarites.
  8. Well I took this list against KO with Gotrek on Veins of Ghur and pulled out a solid victory. Took grasping armor, dropped the Doom Sigil, and switched out the warlord enhancement from a triumph to an Arcane Tome for the Chaos Lord. My initial worry was that I wouldn't be able to get enough board coverage, but two blobs of 20 warriors with two units of knights riding around seems good enough. Pretty happy with this list overall, hoping to get more games in.
  9. The 6 vs 3 coherency thing is pretty dependent on positioning and terrain, in my experience. On paper, it looks to be a hinderance, but in practice, ideal conditions rarely show up anyway. You don't happen to be in Ann Arbor, do you?
  10. It's 2000 on the dot. Dropping it does make sense then. I wasn't really thinking too hard. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. What is it about the sigil that I'm missing that makes people say it's bad? Is it the possibility it'll do nothing if the opponent gets a double turn? Are extra attacks just not that important for StD? I'm mainly a lumineth player, and people say the same about the nerfed twin stones. While they are no longer an auto include, I find it has a place in very specific lists.
  12. I mostly played Ravagers and Cabalists in 2nd ed. This list is very close to the precise selection of models I'm interested in putting on the table, but I'm unsure of its viability. Knights of the Empty Throne 2000 pts Hold the Line Ghur Warlord Battalion (Heroes and Knights) Hunters of the Heartlands (Chaos Warriors) 6x Varanguard: General, Wall of Cursed Iron, Amulet of Destiny, Tzeentch Chaos Lord on foot, Tzeentch Chaos Sorcerer on foot, Tzeentch, Mask of Darkness 20 Chaos Warriors: hw+shd, Tzeentch 20 Chaos Warriors: hw+shd, Tzeentch 5 Chaos Knights: lances, Tzeentch Chaos Warshrine, Tzeentch, Heal Eight-Fold Doom Sigil Triumphs: Inspired, Indomitable (Warlord) 149 Wounds
  13. Glad I plan on doing an Alarith army for PTG.
  14. Well, I had a long pause due to real life. Finally got my second unit of archers tabletop ready. Now to double up on everything! I'm just getting started y'all
  15. I was thinking of 'ard boys with orruk shields, but I forgot that was just another FNP save. Ah well, sorry for wasting thread space.
  16. Oh ******, wounds are allocated after saves? What about instances where there are units with mixed armaments/armor saves?
  17. I was just thinking about the interaction between the Sanctum of Anymtok and the Guardian ability this morning. The Sigil of Yngra states, "Subtract 1 from hit rolls and add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target this model......." Guardians states, "Roll a dice before you allocate a wound or mortal wound to a friendly Scinari model within 3" of any friendly units with this ability. On a 2+, you must allocate that wound or mortal wound to a friendly unit with this ability within 3' of that model, instead of to that model. My understanding is that the target of an attack whose wound or mortal wound which is allocated to a model with Guardian rather than the target of the attack remains the same. Essentially, an attack targeting E&E within the Sanctum which deals a wound or mortal wound which is then allocated to a model with Guardian would still be under the effects of the Sanctum's +1 to the save roll, since the target of the attack was never shifted to the Guardian. Is this correct? Was this the intention all along? Naturally, you can't use the guardian's aethyrquartz since they were never the target of the attack, either. Still, I'd take the 3+.
  18. My Lumineth Scinari scholars have pored over this question; and through deep contemplation, tribulation and eventual enlightenment, they have come to an objective, unbiased, completely reasonable and unquestionable conclusion: Yes.
  19. I think this sounds fun and I'm going to try the same.
  20. Sadly I haven't had time to keep the narrative campaign going, nor does anyone in my (4 person) meta have the attention span to match my enthusiasm for that aspect of the hobby. I'm just thrilled to play with the people that I'd want to play games with anyway (we're all avid hobbyists too). All my army's fluff and stuff is just headcanon now--less linear, unserialized, more amorphous. I just wanted to say that Emotional Transference is absolutely brutal against Brutes.
  21. I'm pretty happy with all the new war scrolls. I'll have endless combinations to try and perfect for the next year or two. If anything stood out as really strong, the army would get pretty boring pretty quick.
  22. Played a battle against Ironjawz. Total Conquest, 2000 points. I took Syar. Opponent gave me first turn, so I had to speed an archer unit to get them to bracket the Mawcrusha. If you follow the arrows, you can get the gist of what happened. Each picture is what the table looked like at the beginning of a player turn. The arrows indicate roughly where those models would go during that turn. I'll come back and edit with some of my key takeaways from this fight when I get to my laptop. I mostly wanted to see if this format could communicate anything about the battle.
  23. Yep, AoS is definitely where I turn to for unoriginal and uninspired model and army design...
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