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  1. Does anyone have a guess as to when this big announcement might be occurring?
  2. Not to unnecessarily rustle anybody’s jimmies, but dispossessed warscroll links from the Geedubs site are giving 404 errors. Could it mean something?
  3. Funnily enough I asked myself that one, maybe they’ve thrown an extra sprue in there but with no extra bases? (I’m not sure how the sprues are laid out for them so I’m not sure how many ‘free’ sghouls that would net you)
  4. Bit of an odd one: there are two different products on the site for FEC. One is Crypt Ghast Courtier for £29 - 20 models The other is Crypt Ghouls for £25 - 20 models The only difference seems to be that the Crypt Ghast Courtier entry says about the box being packed with extras. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
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