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  1. Thank you very much for your interest and yours suggestions,i’ll wait till faq are posted,meanwhile i’ll not take an EotG for general in a thunder lizard!😄
  2. Thank you,i’d like to have another question to be more precise: if it goes like that than the command’s ability of the thunder lizard’s constellation “prime warbeast “,that gives +1 att to the general’s mount,only influences the crew?
  3. I’d like to know yours interpretation about the engine of the god’s warscroll,and the question is: who gets the bonus from artefacts/command traits? this is a model with no pg that “rides” it,but it is a hero and also a monster,and the only part of it which specifies that counts like mount for rule porpouse is the crew,so i was wondering how does artefacts/command traits works on it ?
  4. Yesterday i had a match with a friend of mine that put a doubt in my mind: model that flee from a battleshock test count for the pourpose of victory point ? i had my idea that they counted,but the rule said “it count as slain “,and often “count as “ don’t literally means that they are slain,so i need a clarification,thanks!
  5. Thank you very much,i come from old Warhammer fantasy,so i’ve this bad abitude of mine to mix new/old rules,and already red the AoS rulebook,but need someone to confirm,sorry and thanks for the trouble!😉
  6. Hi everyone, i’d like to have a explanation about the charge move,you don’t need to see an enemy unit to make a charge,you only need to be whitin 12”,is it correct? so you can declare a charge to enemy that aren’t in line of sight,but you can’t shoot’em or cast spells against them...is it really like this?
  7. !!!!!you mean wasn ‘t i hit by a lightning on the head but actually made the right assumption??!! i’m sorry for the untrusty reply but this would mean i haven ‘t understood my seraphon battletome for the past 2 years (and seeing the little bit of time that i can spend to play it’s very possible) and it would change drastically the way i see my army,so could you please reconfirm your reply or someone else confirm that? sorry for the disturbance,but you make me see the light thanks to your consideration,i thank you all.
  8. Hi everyone, a crazy thought crossed my mind about the interpretation of the rules. first of all i’d like to know if the command ability of the saurus scar-veteran on carnosaur works on himself and on the carnosaur. the rule said that a “saurus unit” get the bonus for every attacks of a model that strikes a 6+ to hit,and the saurus on carnosaur is a single model with a saurus included,does it count for a saurus unit because of that? if this is the case then i’d like to know if the same principle apply also for the ability of the alpha skink on stegadon to himself,and if yes if it also apply to every unit that includes skink. The rules said that a “skink unit” get the bonus,it is correct to consider a unit that includes skinks like a “skink unit”? i know it appear as a distortion of the rule,i only want to make it clear for myself. thank you all!
  9. thanks a lot @King Taloren you have been of great help!!
  10. thanks! and regarding the additional attack gained by the cold ones,is it cumulative or not?
  11. how does artifacts like Hydroxskin Cloak(relic of chamon),Thermalrider Cloak(relic of aqshy),Doppelganger Cloak(relic of ulgu),Sash of the Ten Paradises(relic of hysh) and Gryph-feather Charm(relic of ghur) works on heroes on mount? they're all artifact that modify the movement(apart one but the question is the same),so had they affect on the entire model or hadn't they affect at all?
  12. Hello,i'm a player of seraphon army and i hope to find an answer to a doubt regarding the command ability of the saurus scar-veteran on cold-one "savage charge". the question is: the command ability has effect on the nearby units/models in the hero phase when it's used (and then regarding the attack that earns the cold one it is cumulative if the ability is used multiple times),or it has effect in the phase that are affected by the ability (charge phase and combat phase)? My opinion is that the bonus to reroll charges and 1 to hit to the nearby units takes effect in the phase that are affected by it(charge and combat phase),cause it doesn't specifies time duration,and the bonus to make an additional attack to the cold ones' vicious bites of the nearby saurus knights models has effect in the hero phase cause it specifies time duration(until your next hero phase),and so it's cumulative if it's utilised multiple times.  I hope that you all can help me resolve this doubt. thanks
  13. I play seraphon army and i was a lizard's player in warhammer from 4th ed!
  14. i'm from florence now and i was a player of warhammer/40k when i lived in a nerby town(montecatini terme) until 8th ed./9th age. thanks for the welcome,i'll enjoy my time whit you!
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