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  1. Yea if GW does not release a FAQ soon I can't bring my Ironjawz to any of the November events I am currently signed up for, as there are only a couple of week to a cut off date on FAQ release, and with the pace and lack of communication going at at GW right now, I am very very worried... (All events require FAQd tomes around here)
  2. As they delayed this batrep a week... could it mean this sunday is the day?... nooo no no... hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
  3. This makes sense, as the mean-un is meant to help clear out screens. With Mega bossy the 2 MKs can get a bunch of Gruntas to follow them and just create absolute havoc in the enemy's lines right from the start. If anything gets nuked by impact hits or combat, the gruntas will just continue in, to tie stuff up. It does rely on knowing exactly when and how to engage, outside of Waaagh the gruntas got trouble getting through tougher units with high saves, as they do not hit nearly as hard for the points as Brutes do, nor do they have the efficient staying power of ardboyz, so this is very much a finesse list. Positioning of the chanters will also be critical if going for a big engage, in order to have any steam the following turn.
  4. And Stormcast that literally only has 1 noteable allegiance ability (except blowing up when they die) is to teleport form the heavens, thats what they do! Is this some kind of fluff reasoning? If so I do not see how it is valid and how the lore does not support Stormcast to strike where needed, as that is exactly what they were intended to do by Sigmar himself. Outside the lore, there is no reason why they should not have such mobility. Ironjawz got great mobility army wide, not just as 1 trick, but overall so many cool options, yet Stormcast get TO blocked. I don't buy it, and it seems petty actually, "darn those kids and their sigmarines, they get new rules? that will not stand in my halls!", most stormcast players have seen the types I am sure or talked with them. Can only see this as being bias based on an assumption on how old 2.0 rules worked, typically. We can also thank GW for not releasing any FAQs in a timely manner, so we could finally put this discussion to bed one way or another at least and feel secure making/buying/painting up one competitive list or the other.
  5. Yea Nighthaunt for sure. Imagine if it is a hero nighthaunt on a monster ghost ship with an ethereal save. That would be a red carpet to the meta game for nighthaunt eh
  6. There should be room for both big and small events. Around here we got a community of around perhaps 50-60 regulars where a fair amount usually drops by the various events in the area. Helps put stuff up and pack it all down. Prices around 40 EUR for a weekend event. I think that is fair enough, all I am using as a player is a table and some terrain, heck I could bring my own folding table and terrain box, I am simply there for the amount of people. As a regular I like to go to events perhaps once every 2 months. If events were all like 100+ EUR events, I would not go to many and would overall lose some motivation and interest I think, but still do some. If all you had available was events at that price range, you effectively close off the wider tournament and event community for anyone but "working dads", which I consider myself, I can afford stuff like that now, but when I was a student in my teens and early twenties? No way. Everyone who has been a student knows it would be bonkers to fork out such cash to go to board game events, and I think this already niche community of plastic doll lovers would be poorer for it. We need new blood to have the game live and I think a bunch of TO's know that, and I adore them for their initiative and passion to make it happen and bring many kinds of people together that love a good scrap.
  7. It will probably be easy then and your list is going to work great. Hard to make a bad ironjawz list really. 3 Big hammer units makes some sense as your boss can mighty destroyer all of them. Slaves are only any good thanks to Archaon, everything else is rather weak and got no chance to stand up to a charging Mawkrusha or rend 2-3 brutes and so on. They lost all their reroll saves stuff and they have no ranged firepower, so will have to engage a far far stronger melee army. Aside from poor dice rolling there is not much reason the new ironjawz should lose to StD. If fighting for objectives and they use Marauders, you can always just send brutes after them with "you messin?" to completely nullify their numbers, although the number will be 0 rather quickly after melee with 10 brutes
  8. The 5 judicator player must be a great player, as I am absolutely sure many players would fail miserably with that list. I am especially puzzled how a thunderlizard lists managed to crumble to that, besides them not knowing anything about the new stormcast and had bunched up all the monsters, so the judicator bombardments hit everything at once x 5. Otherwise a knight judicator with -1 dmg has an average of about 2 dmg... that is 1000 pts doing 10 dmg per turn with the bows, and then some redeemer units and gryph hounds messing around. I would love to see exactly how that went down.
  9. I have a redeemed Stormcast code and the last few days everything is now locked again for them despite redeeming the code. I have tried to restart the phone and also uninstalled and reinstalled the app... just great
  10. Wouldn't surprise me at this point I can't even use my oldcast armylist made from the new book due to no FAQ in time for November events... jeez GW...
  11. I agree entirely with your statement and what I also believe is the intention. I believe the designer thought the wording was very tight when making the book, without really checking in depth how each command is actually worded, which raises all these questions. I also believe the intent is to allow AoA and AoD etc. for multiple units. There is no way GW will not address this in the FAQ... I hope
  12. It was an enjoyable talk, but I feel much of the most interesting tricks of the book related to a FAQ clearing up exactly how the Megaboss ability to command multiple units work. Redeploy on 3 units is mentioned, but can we be sure that is allowed? Redeploy triggers when an enemy unit moves within 9" of your unit, with redeploy you can then move that unit. How does that interact with the Megaboss ability, does only 1 unit need to "trigger" this event, and then you can redeploy 2 other units that did not have anyone end within 9"? All out defense happens when a unit is targeted by an attack from another unit, looking at this RAW would the megaboss be able to issue this to 2 other units not currently the target of attacks? Something tells me that might be the intent, as that is the most simple way to look at it. RAW it becomes very complicated though and requires a lot of detailed knowledge to use "correctly". It is a bit annoying with the 2 new books that such important abilities are so poorly implemented, the stormcast all hinges on translocation being FAQd or not (move after teleport) and Ironjawz really needs this cleared up, which commands can and can not be used in relation to the "trigger events" as that could limit the Megaboss to mostly just mighty destroyer 3 units, inspiring presence and not much else.
  13. For a fun path to glory campaign I might go for Breaka Boss on Mirebrute, it is rather cheap at 180 for what it does and looks awesome. Sludgeraker is the absolute best choice always, but might be less "friendly". The +1 MW effect from the sludgeraker is just such a crazy force multiplier no Kruleboyz list at 1k+ should be without it (if power/efficiency is of any concern of course).
  14. Looking into a competitive Archaon and Belakor tag team list. Points are tight obviously and trying to figure out mostly who should support them. In this one the sorcerer is benched in favor of a chaos lord with arcane tome, demon prince of khorne and warshrine. It results in less save stacking, but more offensive potential. Any thoughts? Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness- Damned Legion: Despoilers- Grand Strategy:- Triumphs:Archaon the Everchosen (830)*- Spell: Call to GloryBe'Lakor, the Dark Master (360)- Spell: Whispers of ChaosSlaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)*- General- Axe- Command Trait: Paragon of Ruin- Mark of Chaos: KhorneChaos Lord (120)*- Reaperblade & Daemonbound Steel- Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch- Spell: Mask of Darkness10 x Chaos Marauders (90)*- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: Khorne10 x Chaos Marauders (90)*- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: Khorne10 x Chaos Marauders (90)*- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: KhorneChaos Warshrine (185)*- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch- Prayer1: Universal Prayer Scripture: Heal*Battle RegimentTotal: 1975 / 2000Reinforced Units: 0 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 91Drops: 2
  15. I would consider them if they were baseline battleline and perhaps at 170 tops. Points are super tight in good stormcast lists. My main concern is they are not guaranteed to get that wound through. As is it would probably be best to get more judicators or raptors if you want more firepower, or get liberators or vindictors for boots on the ground. It is such a shame that Vanquishers and Vigilors are just about the worst, they look so cool. I was completely in disbelief when I saw the 2 attacks with dmg 1 for the vanquishers.
  16. Nice article but very weird ending with all these explanations and going over a new army to end on the note of leaving warhammer for a while. Guess the list is not all that fun As expected Kruleboyz needs to fish for MWs to do their thing, at least the list provided here seems to make good use of Gutrippaz. Also not taking a Sloggoth is probably a good call, Kruleboyz do not really need the +1 to hit. I still think the Boltboyz will crumble to some setups, bow snakes, sentinels etc will be able to teleport or outrange them, even with a 5+ ward from artifact, they will probably die and give the opponent little reason to engage the slow gutrippaz. The examples against ironjawz and gargants is really where this list wants to play though and I can see it working. Will be interested in seeing where they end up in the meta though, they got some of the tools present at the top, such as mortal wound spamming to not care about the ave stacking at all as well as ranged pressure. On the flip side they are very fragile and it seems they can quickly snowball one way or the other.
  17. Imagine an AoS themed anime with sort of the style and tone of the original Berserk anime, that would be so cool! Unfortunately GW seems to be working at a snails pace with like a 20 minute animation bit for AoS every 3-6 months, so while interesting, I fear there wont be much meat on the bone all in all. Not sure if a single episode of this will make me sub for that alone.
  18. Ermm... world situation makes it hard to stream... erm lorry drivers to deliver batteries... to ermm our studio lightbulbs... erm no that's not right... covid, yea covid.
  19. I am very much looking forward to see if the rumored Dawnbreaker crusades really have something new. If it is simply going to replace cities and just use the same models or they will add something more and new to it. I hope so, because every setting is just richer if you have the actual people present. Same with 40k, space marines are so watered down because everyone are super soldiers now, but if there were no imperial guard or cultist dudes, demigods would just be the new normal.
  20. If I had a Stormdrake guard for every time GW mentioned they were just around the corner...
  21. I do not think it is an ogor because of this rumour engine: The iconography looks very nighthaunt and this looks very much like the stem of a ship of some kind. I think we got ghost ships inbound.
  22. I hope everyone will have a good time and surely many are bringing what they own here, but mboy I do not see most of these Stormcast list doing well at all. I see rather good lists from other factions, which mixed assortments of dominion box stuff and some random stuff thrown in there will not manage Archaon lists and the like. This is hard to say right now, but for sure I expect most stormcast competitive lists to have a solid ranged unit, either 10-15 judicators or 6 raptors, they are some of the strongest ranged units out there, combined with shooting twice they can really put a dent into many lists, by taking out key targets efficiently. Take 6 raptors, if you play against STD archaon for example you could probably rather reliably take out a chaos sorc in the hero phase and then warshrine in the shooting phase, doing that removes 2 sources of +1 save, making Archaon embarrasingly vulnerable right off the bat. Basically anyone relying on some key pieces will be scared and will not dare to deploy in range of a double shot initially. We should not entirely discount what the book offers, even if some stuff got the short end of the stick. You can make an army with battleline dudes with 2+ saves and rend 2 attacks with 3" reach, who can do that? A bunch of other stuff as well, however I always seem to be 150-200 pts short for all the stuff I want to do As the first AoS 3.0 book it will be super hard to predict the future of this book right now, sure if everyone else improves, then it will be terrible, but if some of all the rules bloat and gimmicks are reigned in a bit, Stormcast will do well by simply having a lot of solid warscrolls.
  23. I played that a bit actually and I can say that this is due to several reasons. but one of the absolute main attractions of that list was the grasping plate artifact that allows a big unit of varanguard to engage and pile in within 6", that is still good, but far less reliable due to reposition. Also Varanguard damage output suffered a lot being only rend 1, which does not really cut it against the save stacking meta. I have seen it be played in 3.0 and it can still win, but it aged very poorly into AoS 3.0 and the emerging meta lists also completely wrecks them, as this big unwieldy unit needs to do just about all the work in the list and if they get tied up with a Morathi, Gotrek or Nagash etc it is quickly game over.
  24. So far in previous FAQs anything that is not just 1 dmg is "greater", so I entirely expect this to work like it did before, so it works against d3 and d6 damage as well as 2+. I am really eyeing this on a Stardrake instead of the amulet in a Hammers list, where a 6+ ward will often be present anyway. Put that thing into any unit with other than 1 dmg profiles and the anvil power goes sky high and will allow it to stand toe to toe with just about anything (nooo not Gotrek of course). I am not sure how much cycle will do in the long run, I could see it be fun for narrative path to glory style of play though, but other than that there is really not much you want to bodyguardm especially as it needs to footslog it across the table with the absolute worst paladins for the points. The result being a decently tanky unit that is slow, not really doing much else or being major threat to anyone. I might see some argument for using them in some setups, the wards not stacking with bodyguard rules thing just hurt them a lot.
  25. The competitive scene is a strange beast, as many state the top lists there are both a holy grail, while also being the largest problems. It is a paradox of new battletome releases, that they are "trash" if they can not provide lists that can be used to semi reliably go 5/5, at the same time those battletomes that do have that, are considered the biggest problems with the game and in addition it is also usually a very specific part of a tome. Top factions right now include (but not only) LRL, StD, Cities, DoK These are just examples of the top, but what these got in common is that they are extremely dependant on 1 model or gimmick. Try to find a top performing StD list without Archaon or Belakor these days, or cities being carried by Gotrek and Irondrakes. DoK would drop down a LOT without Morath. LRL got Teclis, yet they do have probably the most diverse and viable list for top end play of any book right now. These might be the top dogs now, yet I do not think that really comes from a place of "good design". There are so many posible lists in this game, unfortunately we have to factor in some very oppressive lists in order to consider a warscroll/book/list "good". It is quite a laundy list too, can your list reliably take down a mega gargant per turn? Can you deal with Gotrek or Archaon? Can you manage Nagash/Teclis/Kroak doing MW rains with +2-3 casts/auto 10s? Being able to manage all that sounds absurd, yet it is the reality of "top meta" play right now. My honest opinion is I think the 2 new AoS 3,0 books seem to be in a pretty good place. If GW was in the habit of doing sweeping updates it would be the perfect setting, if every faction got new tomes at the same time with this design and power level in mind. As is though, it will be hard to deal with the top dogs and I do not expect to do much more than 3/5 or at best 4/5 with my oldcast list, which I am forced to use in my next events due to releases dragon-on (fight me!).
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