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  1. There are some bonkers abilities for the allies too, such that it makes me question how carefully they were written. The Darkoath Chieftan ability lets you add the Value to the Damage of each hit and crit for a DOUBLE. As he has 5 attacks, if you've got a double 6 (not a particularly difficult bar to pass) you can potentially do 55 points of damage on a single attack, and probably pretty reliably do 24.
  2. Well they mentioned this in the GMG review but yes. The Ally page doesn't actually mention Grand Alliances at all, although the groupings are very obviously by AoS Grand Alliance. The Vanguard symbol is absent, as it is from the Monster allegiances as well, where the grand alliance names are mentioned but only in reference to the Monsters, not the Warbands.
  3. The Grand alliances section tells you what Runemarks can take what. No Vanguard icon is present.
  4. The Stormcast Runemark in the Allies section is for Warrior Chambers, not Vanguard Stormcast. So RAW they can't include any allies.
  5. The Vanguard can't take a single model from the book.
  6. Your Leader must be a model with the Leader runemark, and you can only have one. Other than that there are no model limitations.
  7. Rolling to hit then rolling to wound ultimately isn't differentiation. The save component isn't substantively different to having higher/lower T. It's just more die rolling to arrive at the same destination. The differentiation makes itself known in the abilities and the varying stats.
  8. Well, that's super weird - maybe because mounts are limited by movement in ways they don't want the Akhelians to be?
  9. The Idoneth models will almost certainly have mount runemarks.
  10. ReubenM

    Sylvaneth as allies

    You can take one as an Ally but it won't benefit from the Tides of Death abilities, which is kind of a big deal.
  11. ReubenM

    Sylvaneth as allies

    Unfortunately the Ancient can't be part of the Battallion.
  12. ReubenM

    Sylvaneth as allies

    I haven't tried it, because Sylvaneth without access to Woods seem pretty mopey.
  13. ReubenM

    Sylvaneth as allies

    Thanks! Super annoying that I can't take it in the Idoneth Battalion designed for Sylvaneth allies.
  14. Is there any way to add or field Sylvaneth Woods when taking Sylvaneth as allies in an order force? Asking for my Idoneth.
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