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  1. Hi all. I'm brand new to RPG gaming and have a couple of noob questions. 1. Can this be played on a small board, say 2' X 2'? 2. In a typical 2-3 hour session how far would the RPG advance? By this I mean how many maps / game boards would be required for each gaming session? Thanks in advance from a complete novice to RPGs. I've picked up the PDF and I'm impressed with the content in there. I've always loved narrative stories in my AoS campaigns and would love to bring my worlds across to an RPG setting.
  2. UPDATE! As we got the first battle wrong, more players were starting campaigns and my opponent lost his roster info we decided to start the campaign again. CAMPAIGN 1 I randomly determined the campaign to use and Cursed Metal it is. BATTLE 1 Roster: I randomly generated my roster and then chose which group to put them into. Dagger: Brunna the Chained - Drillmaster; Thavroc Forgestrider -Armator; Vakh Irongrip - Iron Legionary (Bolas). Hammer: Varsk the Defiler - Signifer; Brek Ironlink - Drillmaster; Sald Rageshield - Iron Legionary (Shield). Shield: Raigan Dreadhammer - Dominar; Grakko the Butcher - Prefector; Bhakim Hammercrest - Armator. Set-up Deployment: BAIT Victory: ASSASINATE Twist: DARK OMENS Twist (Climate): AZYRITE LIGHTNING STORM Twist (Psychology): EAGER FOR THE FIGHT Opponent: Dave - Cypher Lords I won the priority roll and chose the blue deployment. This meant my dagger started on the board while my shield came on in round 2 and the hammer in round 3. My opponents dagger started in the centre of the board and his shield in the lower left quadrant. The victory condition was to assassinate the defenders leader. I won the roll off and chose to be the attacker. This meant I had to kill the Cypher Lord leader before the end of round 4 to win, otherwise my opponent would win. Turn 1 Initiative roll Me: D1, D2, 2x singles > wild D5. Opponent: D4, 4x singles > wild D6. Initiative My opponent allowed me to go first. I wasn't expecting this and I wasted the activation by making Vakh (Legionary-Bolas) wait. Dave moved his leader from the lower left quadrant to the lower right, nearer to where his reinforcements would arrive. I moved Thavroc (dawrf) towards a Mirrorblade and decided to use a double to throw a bolas causing 1 damage. More moves of Cypher Lords towards the lower quadrant and I then repeated my previous activation with Brunna the Drillmaster, this time targeting the leader. This bolas caused 3 damage. My final activation was to move Vakh closer to the action. Brunna received 7 damage in the Cypher Lords remaining activations. Turn 2 Initiative roll Me: D1, D2, 2x singles > wild D6. Roll off > 5. Initiative Opponent: T3, D2, 1x single > wild Q6. Roll off > 4. Brunna charges towards the Thrallmaster and lands 6 damage before being taken down in revenge for the attack. The Thrallmaster is then teleported (can't remember what the ability is called) 6" towards the group of Cypher Lords in the lower right quadrant, hiding behind them in the hope of being protected. The newly arrived Armator, Bhakim, ducked beneath the scything swords of the Mirrorblades and Mindbounds to take a swing at the Thrallmaster, landing 4 damage. Needless to say he was now almost surrounded and unfortunately would pay for this in the next couple of activations. Thavroc moved to block the path of reinforcements coming in to protect their leader. The Prefector Grakko couldn't reach the Thrallmaster so attacked his minions instead causing minimal damage before being brought down in a hail of throwing stars and swords. Turn 3 Initiative roll Me: Q6, 1x single > wild 2x singles. Roll off > 6. Initiative Opponent: D2, D6, 2x singles > wild banked. Roll off > 3. I rolled 5 sixes in my initiative roll. At first it looks great but it was slightly annoying as I would have liked to make a double with my remaining single, but I really wanted the initiative so I used my wild dice to create a second single. Dave had 2 singles so if he decided to use his wild dice as a single he would keep the initiative. He decided to bank his wild dice, taking us to a roll off which I won with a 6 against a 3, initiative was mine! My hammer was entering at the opposite end of the board to where the action was and with my Dominar, Armator and Legionary Bolas (all who'd taken damage) up against the whole starter set of the Cypher Lords the odds seemed against me. Although I had two turns available to slay the Thrallmaster, I knew I didn't have enough wounds remaining to hold out against an entire warband for that long. Brek, the second Drillmaster, made a direct charge for the Thrallmaster from a massive 16" away. A double move which included 1" of extra movement from the Eager for the Fight twist card enabled her to move 12", then the quad ability Rampage was activated and the bonus move got her in range to carry out the bonus attack. She managed to cause 6 damage but this was just too little, the Thrallmaster was left with 1 wound! A retaliation attack from the Thrallmaster saw Brek pummelled into the floor in a bloody mess. The Desert Hammers leader, Raigan Dreadhammer, moved around a Mirrorblade he was engaged with, allowing him to be in range of the now fledgling Thrallmaster (thank Chaos for the move while engaged rule!). The Thrallmaster turned from his attack on the Drillmaster to see the Dominar raise his huge hammer into the air before crashing it down into the Cypher Lords commander. And with that the remaining Cypher Lords scattered into the winds of the Bloodwind Spoils. The Dominar roared in delight and immediately barked to his warband to sack the battlefield in search for the rare ores you're weapon-smiths require. Thoughts I have to admit I really enjoyed this game. I knew that winning the attacker/defender roll would be crucial as the Cypher Lords can move quickly and the Golems may not have being able to keep at them at bay to preserve the Dominar. As it was, I was the attacker, which meant with every activation possible I attacked the leader. Even when this led to models such as the Armator and Prefector being in positions that would see them be killed in a single turn, the aim was to whittle the Thrallmaster down constantly, including using all my ability doubles to throw bolas' when I could. I believe my opponent may have had more success by running the Thrallmaster and making the Golems chase him, as it was he almost surrounded him with the rest of the Cypher Lords, which cut down 4 of the Golems during the battle. His strategy was a sound one but unfortunately the Thrallmaster just couldn't soak the damage. Aftermath Glory points acquired: 7 Injury rolls: None Destiny levels: Thavroc Forgestrider - Armator (0 > 1) Lesser artefact search: Nothing but dust!
  3. Just spoken to my opponent about this and apologised for getting it wrong. Although he thought it was the same to so looks like we both need to read more carefully next time. The game should have been a draw we think. I need to write the second battle up but I've agreed to forego the 5GP I would earn in my next win.
  4. Thanks @Moldek. Love your idea, will steal that and incorporate that into the next one of that's ok.
  5. Hi all, hope this is the right place for this. I'm starting out on a Warcry campaign and will chronicle my Iron Golems story here. The only difference I'm applying is that my roster will be randomly chosen each game. I have two of each model with the exception of the Dominar, Perfector and Signifer of which I have one of each. The Desert Hammers are a faction of Iron Golems that spend their days hunting and overseeing the thralls that roam the deserts of Chamon. They are ruthless in their approach to capture the beasts of the realm and they will take down anyone who attempts to claim the beasts for themselves. This has earned them a fearsome reputation as hardened warriors. Desert Hammers warband roster Raigan Dreadhammer - Dominar Brunn the Chained - Drillmaster Brek Ironlink - Drillmaster Varsk the Defiler - Signifer Grakko the Butcher - Prefector Thavroc Forgestrider - Armator Bhakim Hammercrest - Armator Kos Gorehammer - Ogor Breacher Gruc Goremaw - Ogor Breacher Sald Rageshield - Iron Legionary (Shield) Yoth the Bloody - Iron Legionary (Shield) Thrisskull Twicehammer - Iron Legionary (Twin Hammers) Derrorn Rockcrest - Iron Legionary (Shield) Vakh Irongrip - Iron Legionary (Bolas) Kestrond the Reckless - Iron Legionary (Bolas)
  6. I'll keep in the mix. I like having variation in my warband. Generally my opponents tend to go for my Leader, Drillmaster etc and ignore the Armator, so I can normally sneak him in for a couple of decent attacks.
  7. I don't like to look at the cards as best or worse. Warcry is a refreshing change from AoS because you don't choose the battlefield layout and victory conditions, you have a real challenge every game. A good player will take what they get and plan their actions accordingly. Admittedly there has been a couple of games that you know you won't win by the end of round 2 or 3 but that's all part of the game for me.
  8. I wouldn't underestimate the Armator. In the 3 games I've played he's wiped out an enemy model each time. In the last game I played he killed two Untamed Beasts in one activation, dealing 9 and 13 wounds. I usually burn a double to give him 5 attacks, and with damage 1/4 those crits really do damage to the enemy.
  9. I've played a couple of games using these rules. Me and my mate decided to even make random tables for our collections and roll on those. So instead of always bringing on the best "Linebreaker" unit we had, we'd roll for a random one. Enjoyed all games we've had so far. Used a lot of models that I wouldn't normally stick in a game (I play Khorne). Only issue we've found is when getting towards the force points limit of you're both on 9, one of you could roll 1 point with of models and the other 6 points worth which can really make for an uphill battle for the underdog. That said, I prefer narrative play and the randomness of the open war generators is great. Much prefer this than matched play as I also like to tell my own story as I'm playing through games. Once we've got the Warcry buzz out of our system we plan to do a narrative campaign using the open war and narrative rules where my Khorne army attack a city stronghold Cities of Sigmar army). Plenty of scope for sieges, underground fighting, streets of war etc.
  10. Fellow blood followers! Do you have any tips on how to counter Tzaangor Enlightened on discs. In both games against these I've not been able to charge my Bloodcrushers in before they charge me first and kill them. My Skullgrinder has been charged and killed by them before he could do anything. And with 9 of them he wiped out 8 of 10 Blood Warriors and the other two fled in battleshock. I don't care if I lose my next game against him, I just want to destroy those Tzeentch disc annoyances! (I'd like to use other words but I'm going to keep this family friendly). To add, this is all in a Meeting Engagements campaign we're doing. So it's only 1,000 points.
  11. Aqshy, simply because I have a whole back story for my Khorne army set there. I created an area called the Brass Forges where my army is based. They plunder the area and build great towers of skulls to Khorne. I even came up with some Time of War rules too where the Brass Forges could potentially explode, dealing mortal wounds to nearby units.
  12. I think I'm going to have to sell my Shadespire and Nightvault stuff to fund Warcry!
  13. That's exactly what he keeps doing. I need to get done Skullreapers really. I do have the judgements, in the meeting engagements game I ran the skulls as in the past he'd used his magic to great effect against me. Needless to say, the skulls didn't actually do much but they did make him change his mind about casting any spells in the third battle round. Think I'll run with the axe next game.
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