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  1. That’s exactly my list but except the battalion I chose another Allopex😉 But unfortunately I can’t test it yet
  2. I dislike the model so I will never play him
  3. Hey guys! After a few games with all three different tribes I will make a resume: 1. I love how short the Command phase and Movement phase are! The shooting though. 2. The full painted models look great on the table! Even my enemies are frightened in the first moments. But after every game they will not because: 3. Our damage output is mediocre at best. If someone or something debuffs is with -1 to hit its devastating. 4. Even with 35 wounds our Megas die really fast. There are so many hard hitting heroes or monsters out there which can kill one mega in one turn. Whats your experience with them and which armies you faced so far?
  4. Thank you! That’s exactly what I think. 1-2 Erratas every year (Generals Handbook and the other FAQs with point in/decrease) is too much/too fast. I can’t buy and paint an army within 1-2 month and play with them just 2-3 months until ne next point increases strikes me. Especially when a new op faction is released, than you can count the days GW will nerf them after the sales and you can’t play your list anymore.
  5. That’s right...but Fantasy never needed FAQs every year just because so many rules are not clear or interfere with another.
  6. That’s the point. I played against so many different players at a few local tournaments. The competitive players ALWAYS chose the new hyped and op factions. Every season a new army and the powerful one...just because they want to win. And guess how the armies looked like...grey in grey and poorly based. There were no work and no love in building and painting... just overhyped grey garbage. That’s sad because I liked to play games because I love painted armies fighting each other on beautiful maps. The competitive scene here ruins this game. If I want to push grey plastic soldiers than I play Risiko or st like that. And this is all made by the power creep circle made by GW. God forbids the new Slaanesh will go the same way again... In times of WFB we never ever chose our army because it’s op or fresh and hyped by rules. We chose them because of the fluff and background (which was so much better...look how beautiful the army books were) and especially because of the nice models. There were enough diversity and AoS has much more in terms of different factions. Even a balanced rule system would push the curiosity and sales because of diversity.
  7. So what are your experiences with house rules? It sounds like you know what you do. The idea was to prevent alpha strikes: Unit A is fast and moves to unit B for a good position for the charge. But Unit B moves and so can avoid a charge when the phase is coming😉 But as I said befor, we just try different things. Another idea was to change the shooting a bit like Oldhammer. Penalty for moving and shooting, no shooting when in close combat and so on. But again, I want to hear sth about alternative rules sb tried. Let us imagine just a little bit 😉
  8. The imbalance between armies we can’t change but my gaming group an me try to solve a few „bad“ or boring rules to make games more interesting. We ignore the double turn and try to use an alternating system. So wie want to try alternating shooting in the shooting phase so in every phase (moving and charging) like in the combat phase too. Did sb else try it and can tell the experience?
  9. Alpha strike could be avoided by better terrain rules. The current rules (+1 bravery, mortal wounds on 6s and so on) have zero impact. There are too many fast flying nuke bombs.
  10. I agree. Stacking buffs or debuffs can hit an army hard! To example my SoB...against armies with stacking -1 to hit with their normal 4+ can be devastating. And I don’t want to start with mortal wound spamming...
  11. Hello My friend play LRL and I love these models! Now I am a bit curious and maybe I start an army. My question is, will big blocks of Wardens more useful than more small units? And how you handle the fact that the long spears block a proper pile in (in my opinion)? Thanks a lot
  12. Yeah, the double turn mechanic makes games unfun which are balanced until the moment of the roll of. You can play as tactical as you want but this ONE roll will break your game. But this is not the worse...in AoS1 it was ok because there were no power houses like in AoS2. There were no rend-3 Mawcrusher with the option of an alpha strike (just one example). The double turn makes op units more op. My problem is just the big range of totally insane models/units. I mean, what the hell is the purpose of Gotrek. Will he makes the game more funny? The same with double Ironclad shooting lists...where is the fun? Player A looses the game in turn 2 without any chance to play his game and player B has maybe no match partners next time because no one wants to waste the time to play against op meta lists. In my city I must pack the army, walk an half hour to the place where we can play, prepare the table and the army just for playing maybe 20 minutes. I play Idoneth, Slaanesh, SoB and Ogors but not the meta lists but the units I like because of sculpting and beauty 😊 And that’s the point: it should be able to play all the units of an tome useful.
  13. Hey guys. I started with WFB 20 years ago and all the time I had fun with building models and terrain. Then came AoS and I was so excited about new rules and a new lore. I love to build models and love to paint and collect them. Damn, two good painted armies look so good on the battle field. When AoS started I liked the simple rules and the strongest things unites could do were -2 rend or rerolling saves. Most of these games ended very close in round 5 and it was funny for both sides. Now the most games ends in round 2 or 3 and just because of the double turn. Last month I played against lists with two Mawcrusher (fully buffed flying nightmares), Flamer spam or Nagash + Katakros stuff. I would like to play bigger units of infantry (like FEC Ghouls) but AoS became a game of small heavy hitting units. There a too many models which can burn whole units in one Phase so you must call the game in turn 2. I must say that I am sick of this game. Again, I like the models (new Slaanesh😍) and I like to collect the armies but the power creep goes on and on and on. Do you think too or do you know any possibility to stop this spiral? I mean its totaly worthless to buy a new army. After two or three other tomes and Handbooks your new army which is completed and painted is outdated and without chances against the new stuff.
  14. When we look at the weapon profiles of the Dread Pageant, its almost for shure that the new Slaangors will have the same profile 3/4/3/-2/2. So we get a hard hitting infantry! And the Blissbarb Archers with 2/4/4/-1/1 maybe with mortal wounds on 6s would be good (not op imo) range units.
  15. Why not Nagash in OBR is op, Flamers in Eternal Conflag are op, Mawcrusher is op,.... Thats GW and GW never made balanced rules. Useless discussion, mate.
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