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  1. Yeah I figured. Gotta play what the majority play otherwise no games 4 u.
  2. So are there better systems that people play that can use GW models?
  3. You don't rate the mighty lord of khorne, the priests or the khorgoraths for damage?
  4. Saurus look like they belong in the flinstones cartoons. Very goofy heads and weirdly skinny bodies. Slann are finecast. Kroxigors look like they were designed 15 years ago, a very dated look. Skinks are okay but they could be better. Very static and lacking much detail.
  5. I can relate to a lot of what you're saying. My 'trick' to getting over it is to look at painting as an experience in itself. The more I paint, the more I experiment and learn different things. I'm still not a very good painter but every unit I complete teaches me something that can't just be taught from a video, although watching tutorials helps a lot too. Basically, look at painting like leveling up a skill in an RPG. The more you do it, the better you get, so you may as well get stuck in!
  6. super disappointing if all they get is a book and no new sculpts
  7. Hopefully new sculpts for saurus, skinks and kroxigors.
  8. Agreed. I want to like the Archaon model but Dorghar is so goofy, especially with the 3 heads.
  9. Kind of surprised that Vigilus is so well regarded. I read through Vigilus Defiant over the December break and have started Vigilus Ablaze. For me personally the books get pretty boring beyond the first 50 or so pages. Have not read any of the Psychic Awakening books so I can't compare to that. Considering the price of these book is like $70 AUD each I'd be expecting a bit more.
  10. Seraphon need a new book and desperately need new saurus and skink models. The saurus warriors and knights look SO BAD
  11. This is just a guess but I don't think there will be a wave 2 any time soon for KO, IDK, IJ, Slyvaneth etc. Reason being they still need to replace a lot of finecast and old model kits for Skaven, Seraphon etc. They are also still creating brand new armies like the pointy aelves. Finally, probably the biggest reason, is that GW obviously need to put 90% of their production capacity towards Primaris Space Marines at all times.
  12. After reading some of the recent 40k campaign books I can't help but think they tend to be overpriced for what they provide. Will be looking at Wrath with scepticism.
  13. I like your suggestions for new models, particularly for the Fyreslayers. But I don't think that the absence of overpriced dice is an issue lol. Scenery and endless spells (inventions?) would have been cool for KO I admit. But at the end of the day I don't really think of KO as neglected. The models that they do have are awesome and still very new. As long as the rules in their new battle tome are good then I don't really see the problem.
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