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  1. TBH I would prefer all campaign books to NOT be applicable to matched play. It's better for game balance to keep narrative books to narrative play, lest we end up with way too much bloat.
  2. Personally I think you should always go with the army you like the look of the most.
  3. These loot boxes are $220 AUD each. I'm frankly astounded anyone would want to pay that much for a lucky dip of what is probably old stock that isn't selling well. I mean, most of us have a pile of shame already...
  4. Agreed. Total waste of money.
  5. This thread reminded me that I have my Khorne Bloodsecrator on a 40mm and my Bloodstoker on a 32mm. Turns out they are meant to be the other way around, i.e. to be correct I need to swap their bases around. Problem is I've already painted each model and glued them firmly to their bases. Snapping them off is going to be a big pain and might result in me damaging either the models, the paint jobs or the scenic bases. How big of an issue is this if I want to play some matched play games in the future? So far I've only been collecting and painting.
  6. Anyone able to explain what the destiny points system and hero customization is going to mean for matched play? Is it mostly an irrelevant narrative thing, or is it going to be a big rules change?
  7. Maybe new idoneth battle tome soon?
  8. I have Nagash and the start collecting skeleton horde box, which I built Arkhan from. I like the idea of running a mix of ghosts and skeletons together, I'm hoping there's a new LoN battle tome released in the future.
  9. Oof, last post May 17. Dead battletome?
  10. If you dropped the bloodletters & reavers for 3 x 5 flesh hounds you'd have some points spare for gore pilgrims.
  11. Ya but if you could take them as regular units without occupying the important leader slots then I think they'd be worth taking, as they are pretty cheap. I agree that their lacklustre abilities could also use some tweaking. The short 'wholly within' ranges in our book are really annoying for me. The StD release had one thing that I like and that's the chungus lord on Karkadrak. A proper mounted beatstick for Khorne mortals.
  12. Just had a thought, if the following heroes did not take up leader slots I think mortals would be a lot more fun to build lists for: -Skullgrinder -All flavours of deathbringers (aspiring & exalted) -Bloodstoker
  13. New sculpts for Gors, Bestigors and Ungors would be nice, to bring them in line with the quality of the beastgrave models.
  14. I've actually started playing Everquest on P99 on and off over the last year, but I'm not up to Velious content yet.
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