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  1. New rumour engine pic is the tail of a new Kroxigor sculpt. Change my mind.
  2. Get rid of them. No more Aelf problem. Tomb Kings and Bretts got the axe, why not Aelfs too?
  3. Yeah the 'Everchosen' army is in such an awkward space. I hope they soup them into a Slaves To Darkness book.
  4. Asked for: 1. Don't bring back Tomb Kings 2. Don't bring back Bretonia
  5. This is a perfect example of why 40k is so broken at the moment. The problem was never Blood Angels by themselves. The problem was Blood Angels + Imperial Knight + Imperial Guard in a very specific combination. Cherry picking the most powerful units from each codex so that you'd have no weakness in your list. So what do GW do? Nerf Blood Angels and to a lesser extent nerf Imperial Knights. Now both armies when played by themselves are even worse despite never being good to begin with. It's ****** design. I'm getting off-topic though and I respect that the OP is not trying to suggest a 40k style of soup for AoS.
  6. One of the reasons I prefer AoS over 40k is that 'soup' is rampant in 40k while the current AoS rule set restricts it in a competitive context. I define soup as the mixing of multiple armies for competitive advantage. I note that the OP's proposal is coming from the view of solving the problem of a lack of model variety for certain factions. I'd prefer GW to release more models and better rules for those factions, rather than introduce a more fluid ally system that could lead to the problem of 'soup' as we see in 40k.
  7. You're a glass half full kinda guy, huh. We don't take kindly to your kind 'round these parts.
  8. Looks like they are still stuck on Stormcast vs Nighthaunt & Nagash with Forbidden Power.
  9. Kharadron as well, right? Plus Witch Elves got turned into Monster Girls: the faction. I guess I just don't see the relevance for High Elves or Dark Elves once we have the Hysh and Ulgu Aelf factions. In my mind those are the AoS versions and will be thematic replacements to redundant 'old world' lines.
  10. Or maybe they'll be included like a legacy index to the new light and shadow aelf armies? Different ways to do it I suppose. I personally don't like how AoS is still 'stuck' to WHFB with a lot of legacy armies that don't make sense, at least aesthetically, with the new setting. I thought the whole point of AoS was to break away from WHFB and reinvent as much as possible. We see this with how interesting and different the new armies are.
  11. I just don't see them peddling the same sculpts for Aelves forever. I definitely see them overhauling the Aelves with brand new sculpts with Hysh and Ulgu themes. But the exact same High Elf and Dark Elf stuff? I just don't see it. I don't think that's good for the game long-term either. But hey, if that's literally what's going to happen then it's good news for people who currently own those models.
  12. Edit: double posted. Admin please delete?
  13. 'Aelves' (High Elf, Dark Elf) and 'Wanderers' - high chance of being squatted. 'Disposessed' - medium chance of being squatted. 'Free People' - low chance of being squatted, but high chance of overhaul. 2019 seems to be the year of the 2.0 battle tome. If any armies still don't have books by 1 Jan 2020 then I reckon they're getting the choppa.
  14. I mean it's simple economics at the end of the day, right? Supply vs Demand. I would like to know their profit margins and their own analyses of price elasticity demand but to know such things would require being part of their internal management. We can only speculate. At the end of the day I suspect there are a substantial amount of cashed up 20 something and 30 something year olds who don't care how much the models cost. Those kids who grew up with white dwarf in the 80's and 90's, the typical nerds, who now make big money in IT, finance, or any other field where being nerdy helps you earn big. Edit: I'm basically describing 'whales' in the last paragraph. I bet there are a lot of whales who like the models GW and FW make.
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