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  1. A totally new model range, same scope as the Deepkin launch. With Everchosen thrown in to soup it up a bit. Current slaves to darkness models are just old whfb. Very boring to look at IMO.
  2. For now. Can't have greywater fastness without cannons.
  3. For the cannon, yeah that's weird, but you can always use it as a "counts as" for a similar type of artillery. High Elves were part of WHFB, AoS is a separate game in a separate universe. Personally I am 10 x more excited by what they might do with the light elf faction from Hysh than seeing them try to keep an ancient model line fresh.
  4. Pretty sure the standard advice has always been 'don't buy an army that doesn't have a battle tome', not 'buy the models and then hope a battle tome comes out'. I am also a new player but it took me a whole 5 minutes to figure out I should not be buying the old model lines that aren't properly supported.
  5. To clarify, my gripe is that GW waited this long to squat old models that they did not plan on supporting through the life span of AoS. I've always viewed AoS as a separate game from WHFB and found the presence of many old but unsupported armies to be confusing and messy. This wave of squatting cleans up some but not all of that mess. It should have occurred 3-4 years ago though.
  6. Agreed. I am astounded by the amount of crying over this. If you want an army that's going to be supported in aos then make sure it has a battle tome - this has always been standard advice. My only gripe is that it has taken gw this long to finally cull these old models.
  7. They should have done this when AoS was released tbh. Stringing people with legacy armies along for 3-4 years before doing the squatting now is a bit unfair. So much for transparency I guess.
  8. I honestly think they are being squatted.
  9. Squatting the entire range and starting from scratch with Dark Oath would make it successful IMO.
  10. Who in their right mind buys 90 grimghast reapers? Who in their right mind buys 90 of any one particular model? Have zero sympathy for people who power game like this and then find their net list is no longer top tier. Not saying you're one of these people but I really dislike it when people spam one unit just because it happens to be good at a particular point in time.
  11. New rumour engine pic is the tail of a new Kroxigor sculpt. Change my mind.
  12. Get rid of them. No more Aelf problem. Tomb Kings and Bretts got the axe, why not Aelfs too?
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