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  1. You gotta do conversions I guess and it looks like a pretty great kit for doing conversions. Tbh I think the only thing that's unsustainable about the kit is the price.
  2. Pretty much. In terms of balance, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them to be capable of having a meta where the lowest armies sit at 45% win rate and the top tier armies sit at 55% win rate. I mean compare any of the top tier factions to Beasts of Chaos. It's just too unfair to those who are invested in the bottom tier factions.
  3. It's sad if you're right, given how much play testing appears to have gone into 40k 9th edition. Give the illusion of trying to balance your game, only to deliberately engineer imbalance to sell the latest hotness. Kind of nefarious.
  4. You legend. Summed up everything I wanted to say on the topic and more. Thank you.
  5. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/22/metawatch-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-1-list-building-with-dan-street/ If AoS were a video game, no one would play it given the current imbalance. Can you imagine dota/league/sc2 having the following 'meta': This is just embarrassing on behalf of GW's rules writers.
  6. I just roll my eyes every time I read someone say something along the lines of "but golf is so much more expensive!". Yes, collecting antique Ferraris is also an expensive hobby, but that has absolutely nothing to do with whether Warhammer is overpriced.
  7. Well my friend, I would like to see GW charge less for the gargants so that you can buy one and enjoy it without having to save up for too long or go without too many of those coffees
  8. No, there must be a point where something is either fair value or overpriced. It might not be a specific point down to the exact dollar, but it's there nonetheless, because fundamentally 99.9% of us do not have infinite money. Your argument that you wouldn't pick up a gargant for $1 is irrelevant. Obviously I am considering fair value from the perspective of a hobbyist who wants one. What would your price ceiling have been for Teclis?
  9. Yeah, I could get a Bloodthirster for $170 or a Mega ripoff for $320. The disparity is absurd.
  10. Yes money is a means of purchasing things, but some things are more important than other things and one has to prioritise spending when one does not have infinite money. I'd like to hear what your priced out point would be, by the way. How expensive would the mega gargant have to be before you firmly said no to buying it?
  11. Global pandemic = absolute gold rush for GW.
  12. Sorry, but this falls into a) as it involves wasting a finite resource. Curious to know what the 'priced out' point is for some of the more die hard fanboys. Is it $1000 for one kit? $2000? $5000? There has to be a point, unless you're a billionaire.
  13. Wonder how they ****** the app up so badly when Battlescribe has worked just fine for free.
  14. Haha, I know you're joking but there really are some people who draw these sorts of comparisons with a straight face. *edit I saw someone on facebook say their trip up Mt Everest cost more than their Warhammer collection, therefore Warhammer is reasonably priced. He must have lost some brain capacity in the high altitude 😂
  15. Just saw the SoB price today. That's a huge nope from me. $320 AUD for a single kit is beyond absurd.
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