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  1. Hi! I wanted to pull out a great old list of Khorne cavalry 2 Drops Allegiance: Khorne - Slaughterhost: Flayed (Host of Chaos) Leaders Bloodsecrator (120) - General - Command Trait: Vessel of Butchery - Banner of Khorne (Artefact): Banner of Rage Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (160) - Artefact: The Slaughterhelm Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh Battleline 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Reaver Blades 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Reaver Blades 5 x Blood Warriors (100) - Goreaxes 6 x Mighty Skullcrushers (32
  2. And after your tests what did you deduce? Do PD generate quickly? Which list turns best?
  3. Hi! Has anyone ever tried creating lists based on PD generation? I can't really imagine what it might look like. Already I think it will be in Godseeker. One or two KOS + two or three Blissbarb seekers units ... I find it hard to make a slaanesh list.
  4. I was thinking more about trying to get a grey sir in for the Feeding frenzy prayer! the problem is that it must be general and therefore I lose the reroll of the failed prayers on my plague furnace ...
  5. A little thing like that??? 3 drops I don't know for the second artefact. Allegiance: SkaventideLeadersPlague Priest on Plague Furnace (200)- General- Command Trait: Master of Rot and Ruin- Artefact: Liber BubonicusPlague Priest on Plague Furnace (200)Verminlord Corruptor (280)Battleline40 x Plague Monks (280)- Woe-stave40 x Plague Monks (280)- Woe-stave40 x Plague Monks (280)- Woe-stave10 x Plague Monks (80)- Foetid Blades10 x Plague Monks (80)- Foetid Blades10 x Plague Monks (80)- Foetid BladesBattalionsCongregation of Filth (160)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsUmbral Spellporta
  6. Hi guys! Where are the pestilens vermins in this meta? Are they playable ?
  7. Hi, For me, the biggest interest of 40 marauders is that they will keep their bonus for longer (+1 hit at leat 10, makes 1 at least 20) +1 to hit = MW on 5+ with Blade of putrefaction.
  8. Hi! i have a friendly game saturday night. I wanted to try playing Archaon in tzeentch. I hesitate between two list: this one with the spell portal which combines very well with the spell of Kairos: Allegiance: Tzeentch- Change Coven: Guild of SummonersLeadersChaos Sorcerer Lord (110)- General- Command Trait: Prophet of the Ostensible- Artefact: Brimstone Familiar- Lore of Fate: Glimpse the FutureArchaon the Everchosen (800)- Lore of Fate: Infusion ArcanumKairos Fateweaver (400)- Lore of Change: Bolt of TzeentchBattleline10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (220)10 x Pink Horrors of
  9. Hello, with the new costs changes the thricefold is again highlighted Munificent Wanderers can make Plaguebearers even more resistant and allow to put mortal wounds What do you think? 4 drops Allegiance: Nurgle - Host of Chaos: Munificent Wanderers Leaders Great Unclean One (320) - General - Plague Flail & Massive Bilesword - Command Trait: Pestilent Breath Great Unclean One (320) - Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell - Artefact: Tome of a Thousand Poxes Rotigus (320) Battleline 30 x Plaguebearers (300) 30 x Plaguebearers (
  10. https://ageofsigmar.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/06/AoS_Rules-ENG.pdf page 8
  11. Before the reroll was for the failed dices. now it's all the throw that must be reroll when the triumph is used. much less interesting
  12. Hi! what do you think of the new rules of triumph (reroll of all the hits and no longer just failures, no more immunity to bravery ...) it's a big nerf of our aethergold ...
  13. Hello, Someone looked at a Syll'Esskan Host list to play hard? I left my slaanesh aside for a while but I would like to bring them out.
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