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  1. Seems to be that spiteshields have given them a 3+ in the update instead of the mortal wounds, but that's not a terrible trade-off with large units becoming less common
  2. Also some minor adjustments rules wise. The banner bearer is intersting and we have some 3+ armour natively. We did lose bouncing mortals on 6s though, as well as a couple other decent rules.
  3. I'd expect, even if influencers had their copies, GW will have sent another email asking them to hold off on their content until just before the actual release. Even if the NDA's aren't in effect and the reviewers could legally post their reviews, it would likely strike them off GWs early pre-release list. While they are definitely scrapping the bottom of the barrel with these updates, I'm hoping they might preview some of the sludgeraker or sloggoth rules next.
  4. They need to at least update the FAQs to give us something. Since the release of 3.0 and the initial battletome teasers, we have had 40k orks, grey knight and thousand sons new codexs/models all revealed and released, as well as killteams reveal and release, all while drip feeding information about the upcoming AoS content. It's left a bad taste in the communities mouth and killed most of the hype surrounding these releases; while it can be grating to see so many people complaining on what is essentially the general chat thread of this forum, it is also a Windows into the general feelings of the community. People want GW be honest and open, don't stealth edit posts and hope no one notices, just be up front about it. People will be annoyed either way, but now they feel deceived as well as annoyed. Plus, at least in my meta, People want FAQs so that KO can be played properly again and acknowledgement that GW is aware of the Godhammer issue in competitive play. I feel the godhammer issue, lack of updated FAQs, deceptive marketing and overly drawn out release schedule are legitimate issues for the community to have and express.
  5. I have always hoped/assumed it would be hobgrotz riding gnashtooths armed with bows or slings; a lightish ranged skirmishing unit. It would also round out the clear Lord of the Rings influence that the kruleboyz have
  6. Or the troggoth hag, she fits the aesthetic and lore. Seems she is no longer available though
  7. Yeah, the trend does worry me as well. I'm getting 40k tyranid codex vibes, with the whole "jump through these hoops to get a weaker version of what other allegiances get for free" nature of the teased rules. Still, I'm hoping that they have just chosen poorly, extremely poorly, with what has been shown so far. I know I'm no longer planning to order the new models and battletome immediately however, and will now probably wait to see a couple battletome breakdowns first. I normally choose armies purely for aesthetic and lore reasons, but I would like my next army to actually stand up to some of newer battletomes while still being interesting to me.
  8. They said that the new app would be available before the new battetomes, so I'm waiting for that to be announced. The tomes will probably be up for preorder the same week the app goes live
  9. Gotta admit, as someone way more interested in the Kruleboyz than the Stormcast, I feel a small amount of salt reading the article. Kruleboyz: jump through these hoops for a small chance at getting another -1 to hit! We know it's only a small chance and that they don't properly stack, but now you have 3 whole ways to potentially give -1 to hit if you're lucky. I mean come on, these are the best teasers we have! Stormcast: want more mortals, here ya go, have a reroll for the damage while you're at it. How about tripling your ability to hold objectives? Sound good? Don't even roll for it mate, love ya. Exaggerated for effect obviously, but still. It was hard to get excited for the kruleboyz rules teaser, especially when 2 of the 4 kruleboyz rules shown were a second and third way to give -1 to hit. Alright, salt spent. hope we hear what the big beasties can do for kruleboyz soon, I already plan to get a sludgeraker regardless of the rules but I would like an idea of what it does beyond the streams hints, as an AoE poison buff would be massive for the kruleboys. Based on the images, what sized bases do you think the sludgeraker/sloggoth will be on? They look like 120x92mm to me, but I have seen people say they look smaller.
  10. My guesses would be: Musician- +1 to run and charge roles Banner- reroll bravery Champions- as seen in dominion, +1 attack and can use command abilities I find it's better to have boltboyz behind the gutrippaz, for a bundle of reasons. The boltboyz get a decent screen and the gutrippaz have a better chance of mitigating being charged if you unleash hell, additionally, the boltboyz are better at clearing out anything that the gutrippaz get in combat with. It also means if you keep a swampcalla near them then it has 2 good units to use its ability on, especially when the gutrippas get into combat and can't be given any poison/elixir. I have actually found the hobgrotz to be reasonable decent, especially in a group of 20. In my matches they have almost taken down Yndrasta while keeping her tied up almost all game, and they have the benefit of being completely underestimated. I've found if you run and shoot with them every turn while pushing up with the rest of your gutrippaz and boltboyz, then you opponent might just ignore them to focus on your more threatening orruk force; then you use the hobgrotz to take out their backline objective holders.
  11. The monstrous Arcanum (the 2020 version) and the legion of azgorh compendiums are no longer available to download from warhammer community. I figured the monstrous arcanum would be getting updated at some point given that it is still usable in competitive play, but I hope the legion of azgorh is at least being given a final update before we get officially put in the legends section.
  12. Boltboys are confirmed as conditional battleline in a Big Yellers allegiance
  13. At this stage, unless something changes with hobgrotz, Kruleboyz will only have two units: gutrippaz and boltboyz. That's a pretty terrible selection, I can't think of any other faction that's limited to only 2 units. It feels like there must be more coming, especially as the stream said that Kruleboyz were a horde style army. They are way to expensive to run as horde without major changes or more units to choose from. I'm honestly really confused by the kruleboyz right now, love the look of them and still plan to get a lot of them, but even the rules preview was disappointing. Of the few known abilities of the kruleboyz, 3 of them are just giving a -1 to hit which doesn't stack. I hope they give us a better idea of what to expect soon.
  14. My main issue with the skulbugz ability is that it doubles up on what the gutrippaz shields already do. It does make it far harder for the opponent to buff the unit though, as using a command point would still mean hitting at -1. Though I am concerned that 3 of our abilities so far seem to be a -1 to hit penalty and only in combat. For me personally, the look of the models and their playstyle is more important than their competitive ability. That being said, it would be nice to have an actually competitive army for once, because choosing base on liking the models and playstyle normally leaves me struggling in my local meta. So far the big yellers would be my preferred pick, but we only know 3 small parts of the battletome so we should at least try to stay open minded
  15. Big Yellers seem interesting, could just be how much I like the look of the crossbows and ballista though. This may be the build up to the release though, a week or two of this type of teaser content and then preorders. I'm hoping preorders next weekend, but I do worry this means that mounted hobgrotz were just a rumour.
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