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  1. Yeah, I have seen it too. Unfortunate as we desperately need some adjustment and there is no real reason for us to be treated different from other armies. I have seen the argument that being a forgeworld army means we shouldn't expect regular updates, but as long as they are selling the LoA we should get the same treatment as all the other allegiances.
  2. Where did you see this? As a legion of azgorh player, I really hope the forgeworld models do get some adjustment.
  3. New rumour mill has vorgaroth going down 100 points. If true, that means at least one uncommon forgeworld model has been adjusted, could mean good things for us. The mourngul did get a point drop last year however, so still worth keeping lower expectations.
  4. Given we haven't seen any point adjustments for 2 years to date, I'm hoping they give us something this time. I have been emailing them asking for changes in the GHB at least 1-2 times a month since December and things have only gotten worse for us since then. It is hard even for some of the recent armies to keep up with the power creep, we have fallen way behind since the 2.0 release and we weren't especially strong back then either.
  5. You last points highlight something I have had to explain to people before, especially regarding k'daai: azgorh warscrolls are "what you see is what you get", we have very little buffing ability so each unit must pull its own weight. And yeah, I really want to run the execution herd, but units of 3 just don't hit hard enough and even before going up to units of 6 it is super points heavy. Do you have any experience running a maxed out size 12 unit? I like the bull centaurs, and they are a welcome break from running k'daai in every list, but it is hard to find out how other people use them effectively as most of the time I just hear that they aren't optimal.
  6. I have been trying bull centaurs for the first time over the last few weeks, just running 6 in a unit with a taur'ruk to have a change from the k'daai, and I am finding them to be pretty good honestly. Those who have tried it, does the execution herd pulls its weight? I'm thinking about running them 6-3-3 as the execution herd, but I don't want to waste the money on buying six more if they will just be a let down. I'm also sceptical about the hitting power of not having at least one unit of 6, even with the battalion buff.
  7. Pretty much all the details on them are in those 3 pictures. Like Gobbapalooza they can't be taken separately, but you get all 4 and the battalion for 240, which isn't too bad tbh. I'm converting my own version of them, as my local store has said they are fine for me to play them in all but official tournament game. Allows me to run a complete squig list with wizards, plus I think the mini-manglers are adorable
  8. It's from issue 452, which I believe came out in march
  9. What does everyone think about the squigapalooza battalion and units from the latest white dwarf? Aside from not being usable in pitched battle without permission, do you think they are worth the points.
  10. After having a discussion at my local gaming store, we approached the idea of LoA balance from a different perspective. Instead of point drops that would require the purchasing of new models and more models on the table, what do you think would need to change on some units for you to use them at their current point cost? Our main discussion was on Drazhoath, which we thought: Remove the +1 for casting in aqshy; it is too situational and does probably add to his unit cost sadly. Double the brazier and horns attacks; 2 brazier and 4 horns and teeth. Hellshard should 5+ reflect both ranged and melee damage, just not mortal wounds Drop spell cast by 1, to 7+; D6 mortals is not as rare as it used to be Lord of the black fortress wholly within 18", not 24"; he is mobile enough that proper placement can minimise this nerf, and the other buffs balance him out. Castellan: just make his command ability happen at the start of the combat phase, not hero phase. Dreadquake: wound on 2+, if unit suffers wounds it halves movement/run in its next movement phase. Didn't discuss others as they weren't played in any matches today
  11. Sadly, I wouldn't expect it too see an update anytime soon. Forgeworld is no longer in charge of updating the rules for their models, all the AoS updates are done directly by the GW AoS team and they do not seem to give forgeworld models and units the same attention as others. The absolute soonest I could imagine them getting an update would be when this years generals handbook comes out, but I wouldn't count on it.
  12. That's a great idea, I was thinking of replacing the demons with fireborn or similar fire elementals
  13. Anyone have any cool conversion/alternative model ideas for a chaos dwarvish contorted epitome?
  14. Had an interesting match today while testing a list for a local tournament; a 12 strong K'daai unit took out an abhorrent archregent, a vargulf courtier, 2 crypt haunter courtiers, 9 crypt horrors and 10 crypt ghouls. Really lucky they did too, as he rolled hot on his heaving masses rolls and kept bringing back swarm after swarm of large crypt ghoul squads and my infantry really struggled to hold back the tide and keep my objectives safe. Didn't help that I never rolled higher than a 2 on my magma cannons though, getting rid of the crypt ghast courtiers much earlier would have helped a lot. Anyone else had interesting matches lately?
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