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  1. After having a discussion at my local gaming store, we approached the idea of LoA balance from a different perspective. Instead of point drops that would require the purchasing of new models and more models on the table, what do you think would need to change on some units for you to use them at their current point cost? Our main discussion was on Drazhoath, which we thought: Remove the +1 for casting in aqshy; it is too situational and does probably add to his unit cost sadly. Double the brazier and horns attacks; 2 brazier and 4 horns and teeth. Hellshard should 5+ reflect both ranged and melee damage, just not mortal wounds Drop spell cast by 1, to 7+; D6 mortals is not as rare as it used to be Lord of the black fortress wholly within 18", not 24"; he is mobile enough that proper placement can minimise this nerf, and the other buffs balance him out. Castellan: just make his command ability happen at the start of the combat phase, not hero phase. Dreadquake: wound on 2+, if unit suffers wounds it halves movement/run in its next movement phase. Didn't discuss others as they weren't played in any matches today
  2. Sadly, I wouldn't expect it too see an update anytime soon. Forgeworld is no longer in charge of updating the rules for their models, all the AoS updates are done directly by the GW AoS team and they do not seem to give forgeworld models and units the same attention as others. The absolute soonest I could imagine them getting an update would be when this years generals handbook comes out, but I wouldn't count on it.
  3. That's a great idea, I was thinking of replacing the demons with fireborn or similar fire elementals
  4. Anyone have any cool conversion/alternative model ideas for a chaos dwarvish contorted epitome?
  5. Had an interesting match today while testing a list for a local tournament; a 12 strong K'daai unit took out an abhorrent archregent, a vargulf courtier, 2 crypt haunter courtiers, 9 crypt horrors and 10 crypt ghouls. Really lucky they did too, as he rolled hot on his heaving masses rolls and kept bringing back swarm after swarm of large crypt ghoul squads and my infantry really struggled to hold back the tide and keep my objectives safe. Didn't help that I never rolled higher than a 2 on my magma cannons though, getting rid of the crypt ghast courtiers much earlier would have helped a lot. Anyone else had interesting matches lately?
  6. Has anyone sent forgeworld an email enquiring about the deathshrieker being no longer available? Maybe asking for a confirmation that this means it is gone forever
  7. I have been hammering GW with emails about keeping LoA current and treating it with the same attention as the other battletome armies. I have messaged forgeworld a bunch too, hoping that, although they have no control over the generals handbook and balance in general, they might put some pressure on the GW AoS team to update us, including allies lists; still seems silly that we can't take a hellcannon even as an ally. Hopefully if enough of us ask them to update LoA in some way, they will give us a decent overall lookover, points, allies and possibly rules as well. Btw, I did eventually receive confirmation from forgeworld that the dreadquake is intended to be used with a 170mmx105mm base, not a round 170mm base.
  8. Pretty much had the same thoughts about the bull centaurs, but rarely use them so I didn't look into the taur'ruk proxy battlescrolls in depth. The only unit on the same base as the K'daai are the gyrocopter/bombers, which... aren't melee but could maybe work?
  9. The LoA range fits decently into a cities of sigmar army, I can make an alright list using ironsworn as ironbreakers, fireglaives as irondrakes, etc., but what unit would fit for using the K'daai models? They are pretty much the only models I can't find a decent profile for.
  10. From the replies to our emails so far, it seems that we will be sticking around. There are also various reports of updates coming in from people that have spoken to GW reps, but we had similar reports last year and nothing eventuated from them. I was looking into playing StD with my LoA models as proxys, but I couldn't find anything that sat right with me as fireglaive or K'daai substitutes
  11. I would love a Fyreslayer equivalent of gore-gruntas; make them an elite option, slightly more speed than the foot version but less than the magmadroths. That way we can spread the power of the units out a little, instead of relying entirely on one unit to carry the army, and they would absolutely suit the theme and style of the fyreslayers
  12. So what are peoples MVP units in recent games? In my last game I has was against DoK and my 30 man ironsworn unit took out the monster version of morathi by themselves, either by reflecting back 3 mortals each turn or through normal combat. In the end there were about... 4 or 5 left alive, but trading 80% of a 240 point unit to down a 480 point monster was amazing. To be fair, my dice were super hot that game and my opponents were not, but it was awesome to see.
  13. Just about to post the email reply I got, it is word for word the same as yours. Good news to me, hopefully we will see some attention in the future.
  14. Pretty much my feelings. It would greatly soften the blow if they at least updated us on our way out. Especially drazhoath and the dreadquake, they are both so iconic to the chaos dwarfs and they deserve better than their current rules/points.
  15. I have a large LoA army, so I will be kinda peeved if they do suddenly make it a legends army. If they do, I hope they at least give the entire army a once-over update and fix some of our underperforming units, instead of ****** us over
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