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  1. I'm honest. I am increasingly convinced that it is better to benefit from the assault. I like the garden, but you could use it to add bonuses on the charges. for example: "if a summonable nighthaunt unit wholly within 12" of this element declares a charge gets the wave of terror bonus with an 8+ "
  2. vlozd = vampire lord on zombie dragon. sorry, it's the habit. 😁 at 1000 pts it is not easy for me to make lists. I advise you, however, to start with 40 skeleton warriors. cavalry is not our best. the blood knights cost too much, the hexwraith do little damage. Black knights, on the other hand, are cheap and can be improved by command abilities or command traits. a lot also depends on the legions you decide to play. For example, I feel very comfortable with the legion of night. I dont love named character, but in a tournament they are important for LoN
  3. I agree with you, but it is an interpretation, it is not a rule, there is no warscroll of the queen vampire, there is no way without a faq to distinguish the hero from the mount, but this is an old problem, the throne he has been carrying it for two years, and I assure you that it is not so simple, in fact it has not yet been solved. Precisely for this reason I would avoid getting lost in the matter, I am convinced that soon we will have the answers we lack. Among other things this is the topic of the Nigthaunt, we are OT. I opened a post a few weeks ago on the subject, who wants can use that to talk about it.
  4. the old Frightful Touch was editable, so they changed it by adding the word "non-editable", but have not yet updated the throne, in fact the rule speaks of 6+, if it was not editable would have written only 6, or 6 natural. The mortal wounds on the roll to wound come from the command trait Killing Blow. It's the Saccharine Globet combo plus Killing Blow that makes the model overpower. This is what the ability of the throne says. I've copied it now from the warscroll which is currently on the GW site: ABILITIES Frightful Touch: Each time you make a hit roll of 6+ for the Spectral Host's Ethereal Weapons, that attack inflicts 1 mortal wound instead of the normal damage (do not make a wound or save roll). Any abilities of any model that says 6+ can be modified by objects or command traits, which is why they now start adding the word "unmodified" or "Natural". To say the Skyfire today at 6 natural do d3 mortal wounds, but in the previous edition could make them to 5+ thanks to the Tzangor Shaman that +1 to hit. It is only in this edition that they are starting to put a stop to this type of changes, the Hexwraith and the spirit host in the old Warscroll did not have the words "Unmodified" and "Natural", with the command ability of the Knight of Shrouds make mortal wounds on every 5+ to hit, that's why they changed the description. But for all the models with previous and not updated Warscrolls there is still the possibility to modify that 6+.
  5. The throne does not have a new warscroll cards yet, so it still has the old frightfuul touch, so it's editable, that's why I say there will be new warscroll cards for LoN too. Already updating the frightful Touch you would solve the question. It's true that with a roll of 6+ to hit the attack sequence ends, but for all attacks that hit 4+ you could then make mortal wounds (in addition to normal damage) on the roll to wound. We hope the new warscroll cards will arrive soon even for Nagash, or maybe they will write it in the new FAQs that I believe will arrive in December.
  6. The Saccharine Goblet. Artefact of Soulblight alliance. The description says that at the beginning of the combat phase you can declare that the hero drinks from the Saccharine Goblet, from then on add 1 to the hit rolls and wound rolls of all the hero's melee weapons. With the throne a problem arises, in fact the whole model is a hero, so he will add 1 to hit and wound rolls of all his melee weapons, including the included spectral host, which would normally do mortal wounds with a roll to hit equal to 6+, but thanks to the artifact will be able to do them at 5+. The best combo is with the killing blow command line that gives the possibility of adding 1 mortal wound to the normal damage for each result to wound by 6+, which thanks to the artifact would drop to 5+. With this combo the throne does: Spectral Host 9 attacks to hit 4+ (Mortal Wound 5+) to wound 3 + (+ 1 mortal wound for every 5+) Rend - Damage 1 Handmaiden 8 attacks to hit 2+ to wound 2+ (+ 1mortal wound for every 5+) Rend - Damage 1 Vampire Queen (first melee weapon) 4 attacks To Hit 2+ To Wound 2+ (+1 mortal wound for every 5+) Rend -1 Damage 1 Vampire Queen (second melee weapon) 1 attack to hit 2+ to wound 3+ (+ 1mortal wound for every 5+) Rend - Damage 1 It is a combo apparently over power, but it must be taken into account that it is feasible exclusively with soulblight alliance, a faction that currently deploys a maximum of 20 models (VLOZD Coven Throne and 3x5 Blood Knight as battleline make 1460 pts and 17 models), and with a single model, I think that until now the GW has deliberately ignored the problem, since it precisely makes overpower a single model, but not the army in which it is usable, which in fact does not make great results. Both legions and Malign Sorcery have other items that allow similar things, but they do it only once per game, or they make you choose a single melee weapon. For example, the +1 to hit Shysh sword works on only one of the hero's melee weapons, while the Legion of Night's pure blood vial allows you to add 1 to hit rolls and wounds of all melee hero's weapon, but only once per game. But now things could change, in the new warscroll cards the GW is also inserting the detailed description of the model, specifying what is to be considered Hero and what equal to the mount (and therefore does not benefit from bonuses arising from Command Traits and Artifacts), as done with Olynder and his banshee maids, they will probably do the same with the throne. At least i Hope
  7. 6+ is editable if you have an object or a stretch that gives you +1. there is no "unmodified" word
  8. Spectral horde is the ghost that move the coven. The right name is spectral host. My mistake sorry.
  9. if you play LoN you have so many choices. at the moment the best lists include 2x40 skeletons and 30 grimghast reapers. for the reapers, however, I would expect the faq before buying them. for the rest you have so many choices, the pg with name are all good, arkhan is perhaps the best overall as seen magical skills. vhordrai and vlozd are among the best pg to cac according to me, the cavalries are all good as support.
  10. Yes, i sure. This is a problem by first edition of aos. In soulblight The glob add +1 to hit and wound for all attacks of Hero, and command trait Killing blow add mortal wound for each 6+ wound roll. This combo with coven throne is OP. The spectral horde make mortal wound each 5+ to hit and to wound, the vampire make mortal each 5+ to wound. In last 2 years gw ignore the problem. Sorry for bad english
  11. Saccharine Globe of Soulblight ad +1 to hit and to wound for all weapon of Hero, and many Command Traits of Legion of Blood add 1 extra attacks or other bonus for all weapon of general.
  12. I hope they tell me how the coven throne works, to know if the artifacts and the traits of influence affect all the attacks of the model or only of the vampires. I sent the email to the GW FAQ service. aosfaq@gwplc.com
  13. Maybe you're right on 3d6, I did not think that this would give us the ability to load enemies over 12 ". However, now I sent an email to the gw to ask how the coven Throne and I took advantage of suggestions.
  14. the charge with 3d6 would only make our attack OP, but we would still be weak in defense, and this can balance things. and anyway it would be only on specific units, not on the whole army. however, December is near, we hope santa claus will bring good faq
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