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  1. Looks great, what are you running him as? I have one on the way as well!
  2. It doesn’t really tease a race at all. The Silent People are mentioned in three paragraphs in the rulebook for Beastgrave. They’re described as having lived in the Beastgrave many, many years ago, and as “somehow insectile in nature”, but not as bug-people. If the art on the rulebook is anything to go by, they look 99% human except with yellow eyes. there is a suggestion that something still lives there, there’s a few sentences about how people still feel they’re being watched or hearing clicking sounds in the Beastgrave, but the Silent People are exclusively described here as people in the past tense. I suppose you could also interpret the Ur-Grub cards as a hint, but there’s no lore or anything to do with it They’re basically in the same position as the Katrophanes are in the Shadespire and Nightvault rulebooks - a long-gone people that inhabited one specific city/mountain, used to fill in the lore of that season of Underworld’s setting. Seeing as the Katrophanes were never released as models, there’s no reason to suspect we’ll get the Silent People either. EDIT: It’s possible we could see something for them in the next season of Underworlds which looks like it’s going deeper into the Beastgrave setting, but I still believe a full faction release, at least any time in the near future, is extremely unlikely
  3. Destruction can probably take all 3 of the named gargants that have already been revealed, seeing as GW confirmed that they can take Bundo Whalebiter as well as Order armies.
  4. Also the Blood Bowl treeman will be coming at some point soon presumably
  5. So I’ve had some inspiration for my army: Two mercenary mega-gargants, dressed in suits, shades and trilbies, given a quest by their king to raise money to help rebuild the Temple of Behemat. Along the way they reform their adventuring band of gargants and proceed to wreak havoc across the mortal realms.
  6. Slaanesh, Idoneth, Seraphon, Lumineth, Cities and Bonereapers don’t currently have any representation so would be good to see warbands for. For the remaining two I’d love to see Spiderfang Grots and Clan Moulder get some representation. Four order factions might also be too many, so maybe swap Cities out for Bonesplitterz.
  7. Fixed that for you. But seriously, I’d be all-in on a faction of nomadic raider grots riding wolves and other such beasts with their artillery in tow.
  8. Presenting: the Wall-Thumper and the Pelt-Taker
  9. It’s not a predatory endless spell so your opponent should never get to control it.
  10. The ghouls and horrors tend to have the pointy bones. The Abhorrants, not so much. It also looks like this has the vestigial wing that the Archregent has, and the sword’s crossguard has a very similar design to the sword on that model. If this is FEC it shares the most characteristics with their most high-ranking model, the Archregent. But it wouldn’t make much sense to release another Archregent sculpt. My personal hope is that it’s Ushoran.
  11. The Abhorrant Archregent also has a broken sword strapped to its belt
  12. Stormfiends have the Moulder keyword but not Pack or Fighting Beast, which are the ones the Master Moulders/Packmasters interact with
  13. Blood for the blood god. Wools for the wool throne.
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