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  1. The Lores of the Dead specify Deathlords wizards, which Arkhan is, can take spells from either Deathmages or Vampires, that’s why he can choose from them without having the Deathmage or Vampire keyword.
  2. Is the Arcasanctorian Guard battalion from Carrion Empire legal in matched play? It has points (110) but doesn’t appear on Warscroll Builder.
  3. I’d love to see the Dreadblade Harrows made into the first cavalry warband - it always seemed odd you got two heroes in a box.
  4. I don’t think you can use Master Moulders to boost rat ogors’ wounds can you? The prized creation ability only affects Clan Moulder units with the fighting beast keyword, and rat ogres do not have it - they’re ‘pack’ instead.
  5. The new FAQ confirms that they can’t be pushed through blocked hexes or knocked back through them.
  6. Thanks! I agree about the bases, I’m thinking of repainting them real at some point
  7. Just got Nightvault the other weekend and painted my first ever Warband, I’m fairly happy with how they turned out
  8. Interesting that the Thorns of the Briar Queen don’t have the summonable keyword so presumably can’t be resurrected by a Guardian of Souls.
  9. Chainghasts can shoot but you have to take them as allies. As already mentioned, terrorgheists, dragons and tomb banshees also have shooting attacks.
  10. What’s generally best to take for your battleline in LoS - skeletons, zombies or chainrasps? I see skeletons are stronger, but zombies benefit from the corpse cart which can play into the faction’s magic focus. Has anyone had any particular success using zombies?
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