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  1. No sign of the vulture Kruleboy that we saw either - I wonder if this means it is just an alternate build for one of the Gitrippaz
  2. It’ll most likely be similar in size to the existing Necromantic werewolves which are roughly human-sized:
  3. The warband leaders aren’t always a named version of an existing hero though (Thorns of the Briar Queen, Ylthari’s Guardians, Skaeth’s Wild Hunt, Rippa’s Snarlfangs, the Dread Pageant, Kainan’s Reapers). Given the design of this grot with chains as snares, we could be getting a Snatchaboss on foot, which is something we haven’t already seen.
  4. “Yeah, there's no rumors about mini "normal gnashtoof", but if we wanna reflect on that: out of Gargants, there is an army without cavalry?“ A few: Fyreslayers, Kharadron, Sylvaneth, Skaven, and Flesh-Eater Courts
  5. Man, I hope the troll is easy to build, it’s the model that convinced me to get the Kruleboyz and if it’s easy to build it’ll be a good lot cheaper than it would otherwise.
  6. Torgillius can’t show up until you hit a certain level, and Radukar has the same restriction under normal circumstances but I believe can spawn early due to end-of-game ‘extraction’ events. I’m not sure about the Vargskyr, but the rest of the villains can definitely appear at level 0.
  7. Legions of Nagash never had a keyword on the war scrolls though: you added ‘Legion of Blood’ etc to the models you chose to use, but otherwise the units only had their own keywords without a faction one.
  8. How does Belladamma’s spell that adds exploding 6s interact with zombies? Would they deal 2 mortal wounds on a 6, or one and an extra hit that must roll to wound?
  9. Varghulf was never an option for Legions of Nagash, which this tome is essentially updating; it’s been a FEC unit since AOS launched.
  10. Damn I really want to convert up some Thunderwolf-mounted Vyrkos Blood Knights after seeing that
  11. Which bug pics? The ones hatching from the egg? Those were shown as part of the new Sylvaneth model that’s coming out with Kragnos
  12. Which bug pics? The ones hatching from the egg? Those were shown as part of the new Sylvaneth model that’s coming out with Kragnos
  13. If you open the unread tab then click on the gold circle/star to the left of the thread title it should bring you to your first unread post
  14. From the videos released it does seem that this game is really quite easy, players seem to be cutting through monsters with little chance for them to fight back. I’m curious about how much of a difference it would make if you did each mission with two characters instead of four - almost halting the number of activations you get would presumably up the difficulty quite a lot. You could maybe increase your heroes’ item carry capacity to compensate for the smaller party size.
  15. ‘Kragnos’ doesn’t follow any of the Kurnothi naming conventions we’ve seen so far, which are all very Celtic/Gaellic sounding such as ‘Althaen’, ‘Sheoch’ and ‘Lighaen’. Plus Kurnoth isn’t exactly buried under a mountain, and it would be a weird move to tie the Kurnothi to a different god. The centaur in the video probably isn’t even this Kragnos character - we don’t often see the faction leaders in these videos (eg Katakros not appearing himself in the OBR one). It seems more likely Kragnos is either something completely new, or is somehow linked to something like Beasts of Chaos.
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