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  1. Slaanesh, Idoneth, Seraphon, Lumineth, Cities and Bonereapers don’t currently have any representation so would be good to see warbands for. For the remaining two I’d love to see Spiderfang Grots and Clan Moulder get some representation. Four order factions might also be too many, so maybe swap Cities out for Bonesplitterz.
  2. Fixed that for you. But seriously, I’d be all-in on a faction of nomadic raider grots riding wolves and other such beasts with their artillery in tow.
  3. Presenting: the Wall-Thumper and the Pelt-Taker
  4. It’s not a predatory endless spell so your opponent should never get to control it.
  5. The ghouls and horrors tend to have the pointy bones. The Abhorrants, not so much. It also looks like this has the vestigial wing that the Archregent has, and the sword’s crossguard has a very similar design to the sword on that model. If this is FEC it shares the most characteristics with their most high-ranking model, the Archregent. But it wouldn’t make much sense to release another Archregent sculpt. My personal hope is that it’s Ushoran.
  6. The Abhorrant Archregent also has a broken sword strapped to its belt
  7. Stormfiends have the Moulder keyword but not Pack or Fighting Beast, which are the ones the Master Moulders/Packmasters interact with
  8. Blood for the blood god. Wools for the wool throne.
  9. It looks like one of them even has a troggoth skull hanging from their belt!
  10. This may be something to do with King Brodd, isn't his backstory about wanting to kill the beastmen that defiled his father's temple...?
  11. I cannot wait for a Sons of Behemat Underworlds warband.
  12. The gargant was moved into Gloomspite Gitz
  13. These covers don’t always show all the fighters in a warband (see Zarbag’s Gitz), so I’m hoping there’s a few more than three. It looks like there’s another three ghouls shown at the bottom so maybe six/seven fighters to put them closer to the other Death warbands.
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