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  1. Evening All, All five battle reports from the Sheffield Slaughter are now uploaded to my channel. Trying to get more content on their again now the little 'un is older and I have more time for not only gaming but actually talking about the games after! Please like, comment and subscribe. Appreciate all feedback Game 1: Stormcast v New Skaven Game 2: Stormcast v Daughters of Khaine Game 3: Stormcast v Stormcast Game 4: Stormcast v Maggotkin of Nurgle Game 5: Stormcast v New Flesh Eater Courts
  2. Don't have a summoning "mechanic" per se. Allariele has a once per game non-dispellable summon: she can just bring a unit on. the choices are elsewhere in this thread but Kurnoth Hunters and a TL are the most popular. Branchwych can summon a unit of 10 Dryads with restriction as a spell.
  3. i really like longstrikes particularly over their hurricane counterparts which i think are beyond sub-par! They work best in an aetherstrike force (i have a unit of 12!). Jury is currently out on what if any price decrease they may have. I'm hoping for a small decrease as its currently looking like 3 of the ballista and an ordinator with a hurricanum as allies will serve a more complete purpose without needing to build around an aetherstrike force.
  4. interesting thread. Had a channel for years but also had a kid 2.5 years ago and channel has now been left to rot i'm afraid. Have recently bought a new webcam and tripod setup to try and reboot the channel with video's of AoS/40k instead of me talking over still pictures. Generally though its nigh impossible to film games at a tournament unless you're on a specifically set up table so still pictures are all you get for competetive. I do play competeively in both scenes so hoping that will suffice. Also ventured in painting vids over the last year. Only doing "how to paint something quick that looks good" cause i know i'm not golden daemon and i'll leave that for the airbrush brigade. My lava base video was somewhat popular (by my channels standard)
  5. aside from Nagash, hero getting shot to death early on! This is coming from a heavily biased experience of playing an Aetherstrike stormcast force
  6. yeah i don't agree 'im afraid. Death should be powerful in the magic phase as we're nothing in the shooting phase and varying in the combat phase. Death heroes are also very easy to take down.
  7. I expect a new edition shortly to be honest. Having said that i think it's very clear they're are moving (have moved) away from hard edition resets and the GHB allows them to update rules but i would like them to build on the GHB. For instance, the GHB should be seen as the new edition each year. I would like to see a fluff section similar to what you got in the big hardback rulebooks of old in the GHB along with merged 4pg rules with the necessary FAQ's. I love playing AoS but my biggest gripe is still the fluff and lack of access to it and this appears to be a shared experience/complaint of many. If anything, AoS needs a new starter box with a fluff booklet to get you into it. You could buy Fantasy 8th ed and read the hardback book and feel fully immersed in the world and all it's races. Right now AoS is a blur and whilst it feels that GW have really put some effort into a focus for the direction of the fluff recently i'd just like to see it consolidated in a book - not have to show my mates 20 different links on the community site, 7 different black library books and 5 very expensive tomes So to sum up (as i'm really suffering from lack of sleep and rambling) is: I expect a new starter set with hopefully a fluff book. Such a big push for death and aelves to me means that there's probably those coming up in it too! Imagine a new (merged) High Aelves faction vs Death... yeah i'd buy that...i'd buy that several times over!
  8. great topic! At the Sheffield Slaughter last weekend i took an Aetherstrike force. First 4 games i kept my Knight Azyros in reserve to drop her where i needed her buff the most - she refused to come down in 18 out of 20 possible turns. My elation at deciding to just start her on the board in Game 5 against Karadron Overlords (whom i'd never played before) was short lived as the clown car proceeded to kill her T1... ...ah well!
  9. i'll add another comment that no one has mentioned which i believe comes under sportsman ship but builds on the theme of communication: Dice. Symbols: I always discuss my dice with my opponent at the start of the game. i show them my symbols (i use only one colour) and explain that all the symbols are on the "6". I consider it bad sports in a competitive game if someone uses some dice with symbols on the "1" (ala GW dice) and some with symbols on the "6". Consistency is important. Rolling: I've had some opponents explain at the start of the game that for consistencies sake, they consider all dice not rolled on the flat surface of the tbale to be "cocked" and they would be rerolling and have since adopted this myself. We have al likely played "that person" that seeming manages to find the "1's" that were cocked but never the "6's". Consistency is key Dice cups: i may be out on a limb on my own here but i don't like them. I find they not only slow the game down but id' rather see the dice rolled not shaken and sometimes stacked at which point my opponent knocks them down. Dice trays i'm totally cool with! I've never won best sports but always seem to get a few votes (got 4 at a Throne of Skulls one year only for someone to get 5 lol) so i must be doing something right anyway.
  10. good topic and i agree with all what you've said. I would add that; in a tournament where wins are counted and you know you're getting the major win; let your opponent have their moments. For instance I've played someone in the past who was thrashing me, but i know they engineered it so that (my) Skarbrand could charge their big Stardrake and take it off. It didn't change the outcome of the game but instead of leaving me feeling crappy about the game, i got to have a "moment" of cool to look back on.
  11. Huge thanks to Ady and Pete for running this - i had such a good time! Pro's: Loved it being back in just one room. Atmosphere felt better all weekend and there was never a queue for food. Wasn't hard trying to get to your next table etc. Food was way better than last year - maybe linked with previous point and logistics of trying to feed 100 hungry wargamers a hot meal in 45mins Sportsmanship - despite losing three of my games i had SUCH a good experience! they were all exactly what i wanted form a tournament - competitive but friendly. No one tried any ****** moves or silly measuring and there was nothing silly like what Twitter was eagerly reporting happens in tournaments in Las Vegas... I didn't have to take home the rubber ******! Cons: i didn't get to take home the rubber ****** ;-)
  12. Thanks for the Nurgle write up - gotta say i'm concerned with Nurgle as they seem to have strengthened their strengths (durability) which i'm cool with but also given them easy access to removing perceived weaknesses (movement). Having said that, their innate 5++ does seem like it will force the meta to react and it will be interesting to see how this changes the Mortal Wounds spam that some can rely on. I fully expect to get battered by Nurgle at the Slaughter! but i'll enjoy learning anyway!
  13. Steve qualified in like 12th or 16th or something! go with Nurgle steve! you should make a theme of it - finish a tournament representing every chaos god!
  14. less than a week to go and i managed to get my army painted! Scenery may be an issue though!! Seriously not looked forward to a tournament like this in so long!
  15. yeah i'm rocking Aetherstrije at the slaughter so will let everyone know how it goes. Only played 2 practice games with it as i'm painting it like mad...but won both games. one againstan Oder/Free Peoples Gunline, one against Steve Wren's Tzeentch Monster Mash
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