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  1. Stulle

    The Crossbows

    Oh man this was alotta work. Painting 30 crossbowmen was a mentally demanding task. But I needed them for my first tournament. So there was the motivation you propably know. In the end I had enough time to play around with the standardbearer and could push myself alot further with painting freehands. I`m very proud of the standardbearer. I think this freehand turned out really well The painting is a copy of the Vasa. A swedish warships witch sank on it`s first journey Here`s the reference https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-swedish-warship-vasa-ralph-bruce.html I really like those guys and play them every game. Buffed with Hold the Line! they perform exceptionally well and kill nearly everything.
  2. Stulle

    The Crossbows

    I indeed used the GW paint range for those models. For the skin it`s "Ratskin Flesh" as base color, layered with "Flayed One Flesh" and then a wash with "Reikland Fleshshade" on top. Pretty easy to pull of and nothing too complicated
  3. Stulle

    Army on parade!

    So this is my free people army for now. Recently I made some pictures of the whole army. I`m really curious about what will happen the year of 2019.
  4. Stulle

    Army on parade!

    I made them simply from Styrofoam. Just cut them with a cutter and paint them afterwards. It`s really easy. I got the idea from these videos. There are in german but it should be clear how to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgDsTZOrYBY
  5. Stulle

    Army on parade!

    In fact I`m currently working on the Demigryph Knights and there are near completion. But I kinda lost my motivation for some time now. Hope they are finished soon.
  6. Stulle

    Army on parade!

    Thanks guys. I`m happy that you like my free peoples. At the moment I just plant to extend the Free People. There is still a lot to paint which i already have here. A Steam Tank for example, or some Demigryph knights. Proxies for teh general on horse and a lot of normal infantry.
  7. Stulle

    The Crossbows

    Thanks alot guys. Kind words are always welcome
  8. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Good to see another free people army going But I have to admit, that I`m more of a colorful guy. So the Wissenlands colors are not mine. But I`m sure it will become an awsome army!
  9. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with this miniature. Both, from a painting and a gaming perspective. It took me ages to paint this one fully and I have to admit that I wanted to quit several times during the process. There is just sooo much detail in this miniature that it would be crazy to paint everything to full extend. So I made mine to good tabletop standard, I guess. The best moment was when I finished it and was able to move to something else. At the end I`m happy with the finished model, dispite the fact that especially the blue highlights could be much better and that I just don`t painted a lot of details. But i couldn`t resist and magnetized the top construction. So i can even play it as a Hurrikanum. So I gladly don`t have to paint another one of these From a gaming perspective this model is really an up and down. It has one shot with the top laser. 3/3/-2/6 with 30" range. This is just brutal, but you cannot imagine how often it`s just missing. On the other hand I won games just because of this 6 damage shot . In the end I guess that I`ll always take him. He just makes the opponent consider this threat and creates a real large bubble of potential devastation
  10. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Hello guys. It`s now nearly a year since i started warhammering. Since then a lot of free guild models got painted and many battles were fought. I opend a blog to documentate the development of my free peoples. Maybe you want to have a look? You find the link in the signature. Have Fun!
  11. Stulle

    Crossbowmen Standardbearer

    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1790-the-crossbows/
  12. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1790-the-crossbows/
  13. Stulle

    Crossbow Standardbearer

    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1791-more-crossbows/
  14. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1791-more-crossbows/
  15. Stulle


    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1789-the-second-griffon/
  16. Stulle


  17. Stulle

    Celestial Hurrikanum

    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1787-the-luminark-of-hysh/
  18. Stulle

    Luminark of Hysh

    See the blogpost for a more detailed description and more pics. https://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/1787-the-luminark-of-hysh/
  19. Stulle

    More Crossbows!

    Because a unit of 30 crossbowmen just isn`t enough I painted another 30 directly after the first ones. Seems I got some resilience for repetitive work This standardbearer isn`t as fancy as the other one. Time was running short before my first tournament. But I managed to photgraph some steps of the painting process and build a little gif from it. I hope you folks like it. I just like painting those guys. The blue/yellow colors make me happy Here is the gif:
  20. I have to say that I really enjoyed painting this one. The fear and uncertainty of painting such a big miniature was gone because I already painted on of these. So I tried some new technics and painted my first real free hand on this one. I also finally desided to give Nordheim a strong relationship to the sea and naval stuff. So ships were suitable. Especially a whole fleet I think this is still a fantastic kit. In the end this is grim looking Karl Franz with Garl Maraz in his hand!
  21. This one is kinda a cool story. I always wanted to have one, because of the warscroll. He has the ability to heal an unit with keyword Order and he has his little Gryphound fellow. Unfotunatly you cannot buy this one from the GW webside. He`s a special model in some boxed set. I don`t know why, but I was able to buy this in the GW store in the next major city. I think this was really lucky and I`m happy to have him. I don`t spend much time on painting him because I wanted him to be finished for a game. So everything went in a hurry. In the end there are a lot of little flaws. But no one will notice it on the table I really like the free Gryphound which comes with this priest. You have a lot of possibilities with this one in a game.
  22. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    This actually aounds like a really nice idea. Never saw this before. But I think it can look really nice. Just give it a go and post some pictures here I think Greatswords can go really well with the swordmasters of the aelves. Archers can mix very well too. I just looked around the GW store and being somehow hyped about this idea. Maybe I`ll try something in the next weeks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  23. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    The warscroll states: Each time you roll a wound roll of 6 or more for a Crossbow, that attack is resolved with a Rend of -1 instead of '-'. " So each bonus to wound rolls also improves this effect. I read this from "6 or more" and not "unmodified 6" like on other warscrolls. For the Ironyaws game. Is it possible that you focusfired the mawcrusha before killing the brutes? Formerly I did this myself, but I learned that it`s often better to kill the "battleline" units, which will in the end often deal more damage, than a big monster. I hope you had the Great Companies like @Adenmentioned?
  24. Stulle

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    I like the "Writ of Dominion", once a game you get +1 wound to all units wholly within 12". This can be really useful on Xbows. With hold the Line you get them down to 3+ to hit, 2+ to wound and rending on each 4+ ! Another good one can be the "Broken Shackles", but these are mostly for the griffon. Someone mentioned this in this thread. With this artefact you can retreat over a line of chaff to charge into the juicy stuff behind in the same turn. This sounds promising. Personally i run the "Sword of Judgement" on the Griffon. I think this is nearly mandatory because it gives you the mortal wound output you just need for some encounters. Killed a Treelord in one turn with this. He was on 2+ safe with rerolling ones. Unkillable with XBows but the sword can hit pretty hard. Give the Griffon the Runesword as melee weapon so he has 5 attacks. With his own command ability on himself, each 5+ on a hit gives D6 mortal wounds. This can be insanely good. If you`re already in combat you can even give him "Hold the line" to trigger the sword on 4+ 🤪 The "Armor of Meteoric iron" is also good. But I never use it because my General always has "Indomitable" as command trait giving everyone wholly within 12" +1 to safe.
  25. Stulle

    The Greatswords

    The week after the outriders of the former blog entry I painted this unit of 10 men with their mighty zweihanders. I`m really happy with them and it was a pleasure to paint. I really like the armor which is kinda bigger than the one of the normal guards. But there is still enough cloth to give them the blue/yellow look and fit them into the whole Nordheim army. The different heads with more beards look pretty well too. It`s the first time I`m happy with the eyes I painted. As you see the greatswords went with orange cloth stripes. There is one special guy in this unit. I called him Iron Joe. If he`s not too busy defending the growing empire against all sorts of monstrous filth he likes swimming, cycling and running At the moment these Greatswords aren`t used in battle and stay on the shelf. But im planning to build a more melee focuses force. And these guys will have an essential role in it.