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  1. so going Ghur with Rageblade is actualy pretty good then? as it has the same effect (+1 attack on one melee weapon)? My question still remains if the lists I concocted are terrible, decent or even good? and which one should I aim for? I kinda like both. (Magister would get another artifact as you can only get one realm specific artifact as far as I read) I appreciate the help so far:).
  2. I'm thinking of starting my first army as Tzeentch. With a bit of reading up and a lot of thinking about it I came up with two potential lists. I'm just wondering how good/terrible these would be and which of the two would you guys advice me to aim for? Or would both suck so bad that I shouldn't aim for them? Both are based on Tzaangor Shaman + Alter-kin Coven creating more Tzaangor and using an Ogroid Thaumaturge with Infusion Arcanum, a Chaos Runeblade, and casting Arcane Transformation on him. Leaders Tzaangor Shaman (180) - General - Trait: Blessing of Tzeentch - Artef
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