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  1. Fecistius

    Building a Skaven Army: Clan Pestilens

    I would love to hear more about pestilens via maggotkin build.
  2. Fecistius

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    I was thinking about running ratmaggots as well. You can probably prox 3 small units of plaguebearers as battlelines. Also i was thinking about bringing Glottkin instead of Thanquol as it Is deadly, tanky And Will give you tons of attacks for your plaguemonks. Then take corruptor with sword od judgement to kill monsters And heroes. Plus Furnace And some priests. Regarding Herald of Nurgle can he even give 5+ save to plaguemonks as they lack mortal keyword?
  3. Fecistius

    Tournament Lists for Pestilens in AoS2

    I like the list, what Are your thoughts about Thanquol instead of werminking? Is big T even viable for the cost of 400 points?
  4. Fecistius

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    I have recently came up upon the problem in the local tournament. Friend plays new stormcast eternals with anvils of sigmar (Or something like that), we were wondering what are the rules for the out of sequence attack. The problem is with the rule of Icon of pestilence of our monks, it says that when the model dies in the combat faze then we can give mortal wounds back, this means that we cannot use this banner. The same goes for the furnace prayer of striking back when models dies. It seems weird that we cannot attack back in this case. What are your opinions on that? Thx.