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  1. Ah ok, yes, one model lee unit is 2dmg, got ya . You can D6” drummer mover + 2D6” charge!? That’s awesome! Thank you. another question for you fine folk, on the hobby aspect now. has anyone had any luck magnatizing crossbowman and handgunners ? As well as luminark of Hysh and Celeatial Hurricanum? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! How do you get handgunners to do 2dmg each?! I like handgunners as they look cooler imo. But I feel X-bows are better suited for a mobile playstyle. Then again, I was thinking with 20+ and a Griffon +1 to hit they’d still be hitting and wounding on 3s at a -1rend and can still be mobile. I think I’ll get the grratswords as well, they just look too cool. Start with 10, like you said. Im still learning AoS rules, but what you’re saying is stay 3” away from my unit and counter charge in wth a company rules or drummer charge? They’ll still be susceptible to being hit first when my opponent activates though, no? Unless they charge in after my opponent attacked first. Can you please clarify ?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Two more questions. 1. I’m building my army up for an escalation league and was seriously debating crossbowman vs rifles. Supposedly crossbowman are without a doubt better this edition. Now, is it only the case because they get two attacks at over 20 models? What if you only have a unit of 20, would it be better to run rifles? 2. Greatswords are a fantastic model. Does anyone use them? Are they any good? Or has their role been replaced by guard with halberds? Thanks again guys. My list will eventually look like this at 1500. Collegiate Arcana: x1 Luminark of Hysh Free People: x1 General x1 General On Griffon x20 Crossbows x20 Crosbows x40 Guard x3 Demis im debating making a group of 30 crossbows and a group of 10 rifles. The 40 Guard could very well be militia, 40 extra shots, likely hitting on 2s ain’t half bad. With the luminark nearby they should be relatively sturdy. Do you think this list could work? Might not be the best but I got into AoS for the models/centrepieces. So I could probably make it more competitive b dropping the Demi’s and luminark, they’re staying for the rule of cool
  4. Can a mage on the luminark be an amber battlemage as well? Or is he reatricted to the spells given to him? Im confused as to how magic works. Any caster can choose a specialization? Ie Amber and get that one spell, in addition to all the spells of the given realm being played on? Selectimg your realm or origin only impacts what artifacts you can choose from? What do people think of greatswords? I love the model and they seem to be decent on paper. I guess massed halberds is essentially the same, if not better when in ranks, as well as cheaper
  5. I dig the second list! I might try something similar but why the second general? Im new to AoS so forgive the noob questions. Why pick the Ghyran realm? Isn’t the point of realms to choose artifacts? I didn’t notice any in yor list. Thanks for the insight! Excited to build my army. Think I might build up to your second list eventually with some modifications perhaps to fit in a second general on Griffon!
  6. Do you think this will still be viable with the increase in points to the Batallion + having 0 magic defends when AoS 2 seems to support a lot of magic? I’d be eager to try the list out but am wondering if you can still fit everything you said you did previously
  7. Your supporting units need to be within 6” of the unit they are supporting. Even if they somehow manage to land within 3” of your ranged units if they have pipers they can shoot. I may be misunderstanding the question but it’s a tough charge to make, even with fly, if you have your CC units between you and the enemy - 3” away from CC units + 6” (distance from both units).
  8. For the Batallion, when it states 3xGuard, does that mean 1x10 1x10 1x10? or can it be 3x10 in one unit? There’s very little wiggle room for playstyle if it’s the former.
  9. I’m painting up my Altdorf regiment gents! Can’t wait to get this army going. starting and escalation league at my LGS. beginning at 500 pts with a 1/4 point sideboard. 250 pt increments. thought I’d start the army with: x20 Guard with swords and shields x10 handgunners x10 crossbowman x1 General Might not be the most competitive but I’m grabbing that General On Griffon at 750 pts! Will be an awesome centrepiece.
  10. Also, is it possible to make a relatively mobile and competitive list? Or am i looking at the wrong army. mobility is my favourite aspect of warhammer, and the Griffons look awesome as centre pieces. cheers
  11. Would you mind sharing your list? 2 Griffons seems fine to me
  12. Hey guys, I’m interested in starting a Free People army as I think the General On Griffon looks incredibly boss and is a nice centrepiece. That said, I was curious as to how viable they are. I was considering running 2, even 3 generals on Griffons. Woukd this be somewhat competitive? Or just get trashed. How should I build my army around this? x40 Guard with sword and shield + ??? Lacking ranged i’d Imagine. Feedback would be appreciated. tldr: can I run 2-3 generals on Griffon and still have a decent chance to win.
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