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  1. How about 2 bowhunters with rerolling 1s to hit with AR then teleport/fly to assist 6 schytes with command ability and rerolling 1s? Or is it still underwhelming?
  2. Seems like I’m going for 3D print
  3. Howdy. Just starting Sylvaneth as my second army, looking for some tips. I’m going with Winterleaf and a winter/ice themed army with Alarielle og 6 schyte hunters. Not decided on the rest but a free folk? battallion (dryads+branchwraith) seems interesting. Would like an arch-revenant but as long its only on eBay, overpriced, I guess I’ll have to wait for that one. I play in a semi-competative area so I dont need "the" meta list, I Would prefer an all-comers type list with an army that is fun to play and play against. so if anyone have some tips and comments, it Would be greatly appreciated 🤗
  4. Thanks for the reply! ? Only played 3 games so far ?
  5. Howdy. 2 quick questions: Do skaven wlc ranged attack ignore modufiers to hit? Eg. mirrorshield, look out sir? if the abomination dies in CC, get ressed back up, do I get to attack with the rest of the unit that havent rolled yet? Eg 2 star Soul maces kills him, he ress back, 3 more paladins havent attacked yet. Can they hit or is the combat over for my part?
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