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  1. If they don't release the fyreslayer cards for warcry normally I am going to go nuts after buying all the other cards because I wanted the complete set. Hopefully they do the normal pack with a wave 3 set of cards.
  2. I've not noticed any change in the adverts but I mainly veiw the site on a tablet. The new advert is for a local taekwondo dojo I used to go to so that was a nice surprise 😊
  3. I like that idea, I hate that the edrinriggers and skywardens are so alike. I converted the skywardens so the special weapons are held one handed to make them more different.
  4. What would you run them as? I don't know anything about cities of sigmar troops.
  5. Sons of behemat mentioned in the Blackstone fortress trailer. Light elf Calvary army here I come.
  6. A lot of people take him because his a cool model and want to use him. But I agree with you, It's best just to call the model an endrinmaster with dirigible suit and use him as the one you use as the general (if taking two)
  7. Yes it does. Newer battletomes allow this when making behemoths battleline, FEC and BCR would be pretty screwed otherwise 😅.
  8. Wait, how can you deepstrike the fyreslayers?
  9. These were done with gunmetal army painter primer spray, armour panels just base colour and all metal then given a wash of nuln oil gloss. For those asking about basing in metal. (Still working on the endrinmater)
  10. Someone needs to do a ' 100 questions you have about the new Kharadron Overlords but were to afraid to ask' article. The FAQ is going to be bigger than the battletome at this rate.
  11. No one pays full price for the kharadron overlords skywardens and gunhaulers, you get a start collecting. This box set is 2 start collecting boxes worth of content and I'm fine with it, I brought the new battlebox but it's not 190 quids worth of stuff.
  12. Anyone know of any shields that would suit arkanauts?
  13. No one has mentioned the Stormcast endless spell Everblaze Comet. 36" range can cause up to 3 MW to units within 10" first turn then up to D3 MW each battleround after it is cast, plus subtract 1 from cast rolls for wizards within 5". can not be moved so its not coming back to hurt you.. plant it on an objective in the back field and let the enemy deal with it.
  14. I'm all for waiting for the rules but after 3 years it would have been nice for something new to paint outside of a hero and the underworld warband. That's what I'm 'salty' about. I play once, maybe twice a month but I paint everyday. I was looking forward to new models. I will buy the battle box, get the battletome and enjoy the games I play but I won't need to buy anymore KO, I don't need to chase whatever the meta will be. I have enough.
  15. Was hoping for kharadron overlord style endless spells ,thinking drones etc but apparently I have more imagination then games workshop.
  16. I can see thunderers having there unique weapons turned into 'are equipped with an assortment of weapons' and now having just the one gun profile. Same damage,less jump through hoops to get to it. They did this with brutes and the thunderers profile is way worse.
  17. The new white dwarf? It is out now. My local asda had it , which was odd because they normally do not stock it.
  18. Would be a shame if the ships were regulated to display pieces again because they were just 'ok' on the tabletop. I have a beastclaw raider army and since the new book I've not ran thundertusks at all, it's stonehorn all the way if I'm running BCR or mixed ogors. I will say the new white dwarf and battle box are all about air battles, so I'm interested to see if that affects how the battletomes are written.
  19. Not sure KO can be done in either style because the large ships are troop carriers as well. The ships ,outside the gunhauler, are costed as troop carriers and their warscrolls are built around moving troops about. It is why they have always been lacking in armour and damage output. They would not work like other behemoth armies. Actually thinking about it, you could have two warscrolls for each ship, including the gunhauler. One that allows troops to be carried , let's say 3 ballon boys for a gunhauler, 10 foot troops for the frigate and 15 for the ironclads plus the rule for more troops equals movement loss. Then the other warscrolls could be straight up battle ships with higher armour and better weapons but they lose the troop carrying ability. For the non troop version you could have make different KO heros into the captain of each ship and have them unlock different abilities. An admiral as captain of a ship could unlock the abilitie to make ships battleline. Khemist could unlock double shoots on a ship etc. Would require a complete rework but that's what new battletomes are for.
  20. So 6 ballon boys, 1 gunhauler and the new hero. Would have preferred the thunderers from the start collecting but I guess the box will be about air battles so they need flying units.
  21. If that's true then what am I ment to do for the rest of the day? Talk to people?
  22. Looks like I've found my fire belly model.
  23. I've done it with leadbelchers and it looks like they are bracing to shoot, ironguts would just look odd. You could try putting a gnobler in front of the model to block the view of the legs
  24. There was a ruomor from earlier this year about a clockwork army. I always assumed it was the clockwork constructs that mine sigmarite as the rumor was it was an order army but it could be Aelves.
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