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  1. There was a ruomor from earlier this year about a clockwork army. I always assumed it was the clockwork constructs that mine sigmarite as the rumor was it was an order army but it could be Aelves.
  2. I painted up this ogor on maw-krusha as a gordrakk stand in as ogors are the true masters of destruction, then they changed his warscroll and we can not ally him in Now he nevers sees the board anymore unless I go full fat destruction and lose those MW on charge 😭
  3. A 3+ means nothing in a MW spam meta (warp cannon does MW for instance), the 5++ is nice but against a lot of attacks your struggle, Also I wouldn't relie on the slaughtermaster healing/buffing because of 'wholly within' and our large base sizes, you will have to make an objective choice and split up your army.
  4. I toke a similar list to this, I ended up giving up turn 3 against a skaven tide list which destroyed me with two warp cannons and magic. He got a double turn and that was it. I would drop the frost Lord or gluttons and take 10 leadbelchers. The leadbelchers help force your opponent to not sit back and nuke from afar.
  5. This is my slaughtermistress, it is a model from the boardgames Hatred.
  6. Quick question, does the battalion 'Butchers band' allow me to use a slaughtermaster as the butcher as he has the butcher keyword? Arguing with a friend about it, AOS uses keywords for things like this so I think it is fine.
  7. Mournfang are units of 4 now. I know the changes do not look that great but i am holding out on our points dropping a lot. I have a large collection and it sucks having to leave so much on the shelf.
  8. I don't really trust GW and removing models. Until I saw a rule referencing yetis or a warscroll I was not going to believe they were still in.
  9. Call of the blizzard answers if we still have yetis.
  10. So those traits are if that model is the general? They seem kinda rubbish, I hope they each have a few to choose from.
  11. Warscroll for ironguts says 1 in 4 for the banner so they have increased the unit size for them, I assume the same will be true for leadbelchers.
  12. I don't need anymore bull ogres, if we only get 2 leadbelchers anyone know if we would have enough cannons to convert some of the bulls into leadbelchers?
  13. That's what I thought but the person I played brought them back with 2 activations, as if they had not made any activations at all.
  14. Does anyone know if the summon undead triple ability brings the model back with 2 activations or do they come back with the amount they had left when they died?
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