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  1. Hi all, quick question to you guys... Can anyone say with confidence what colour the rim of these bases is painted? Thanks
  2. Great job guys! @Duke of Gisoreux What an amazing collection of duardins! Do you have a blog or collection of better images? Love the terrain and buildings too!
  3. 95% finished on these guys, now to move onto 10 longbeards. The miner models have such great character and lots of cool bits in the kit, it's a real shame they're not on sale anymore, hopefully we'll see them or their like back again someday!
  4. I'm heading to Warhammer World at the end of the month with my girlfriend and would like to finish as many of my Duardins as possible so we can play as large a match as possible against my Ironjawz. So before Friday 1st March I intend to paint: - 6 miners to make it up to 10 - The mining cart - 16 Warriors - 10 Longbeards - 6 Quarrellers - Thane with Battle Standard Not sure how many I will be able to finish but I'll do my best!
  5. Evening ladz. It's been a bit of a slow week this week, what with the bank holiday, but I have virtually finished my Megaboss and made some good progress on the Warchanter and Weirdnob Shaman. As with all of the other new models, this guy is amazingly detailed and looks fantastic. He's also bloody massive and therefore very eye-catching. I'm really pleased with the way he turned out too. Next up on the list is to finish my warchanter/shaman, then I'll be making a display stand for my army. I've ordered some MDF cut to size. I'm not sure yet whether I'll order a gaming mat and cut it to size or try to do my own grassy/rocky/Ghur-y surface on the MDF. Whichever I choose I'll document it in this thread. Cheers
  6. Alright ladsz. Another week gone by and here I am again with another update on my Warhammer adventure. This week was spent painting and building my three Gore Gruntas, which are now 95% finished. Now I was impressed with the brute models but wow, these guys are something else. There is so much detail on them it's almost overwhelming. As I'm determined to finish a unit a week until I can start playing, I have skipped over some of the details on them for now, with the intention of returning later on to polish them off. This week I'm going to paint up all of the little accessories that come with the GGs and add them to the various armour parts. After that I'll be onto the fun stuff: my Weirdnob Shaman, Warchanter and finally my first Warboss Neg. After that I have some ideas for a little display board/shelf to show the models off and protect them. Once that's done I'll crack on with some repeat units before I can finally unleash my boyz on the gaming tables! Cheers
  7. Thanks Paul. I really like your armour scheme, it'll look great when you have a whole unit painted up. The flame effect is really well done for sure. I agree on some detail being required, thankfully this is coming soon in the form of all the bony trinkets that come with the brutes and gore gruntas. I'm painting them en masse and will be adding them soon ?
  8. Alright ladz... Another good week of painting has gone by and I have finished up my first band of brutes! They're great models and I really enjoyed painting them, especially after the Ardboyz, which look good (I think) but lack the detail of the newer stuff. I think my technique of drybrushing grey over chaos black primer for the dark armour worked better on the flat surfaces of the Ardboyz' armour. For now at least though I'm content with the results. I still have a few of the skulls/trinkets to paint and add to these guys. The current extent of my Boyz. Having run through a few potential colour schemes before settling on black, I'm still really pleased with my choice. Next up is a unit of Gore Gruntas, which I'm hoping to have finished next week. Cheers!
  9. Alright there ladz... I'm a newcomer to the wargaming hobby and having found and lurked on this forum for a while, thought it'd be a great place to log my collecting and painting efforts, and later on my exploits with my all-conquering force of destructive Waaagh!ness. I started collecting at the end of last year and have had some good painting practice and watched lots of great videos online - something that definitely would have helped the last time I dabbled with Warhammer back in 2002! I recently settled on AoS and an Ironjawz force which I'm currently in the process of building/painting. Some pics of my progress so far: The sets I've bought so far for the army... I started with the Ardboyz to gather steam for the funner models. I decided on a black armour/pale skin colour scheme and after a bit of pondering came upon a method of painting the armour I was happy with. A progress pic... I also watched some videos on basing and fancied a go at using cork to simulate rocks for the models to stand on. And the finished product - 10 Ardboyz! Really happy with the way these have turned out, it's a really proud feeling to look on them and it makes me really excited to paint the rest of the squad. And that's all so far! Next steps will be painting 5 brutes, then 3 GG's and finally my Megaboss on foot and army leader Neg. After that it'll be onto another round of Ardboyz, brutes etc and hopefully finishing off with a Maw Krusha to finish off the army. Thanks for reading so far, see you around on the forum and in the next update soon!
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