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  1. Ogors, your day will come! I'm so glad we're getting a free cities book, and while it makes me a little sad that it looks like there will be no dispossessed-only book/revamp, I hope there will be good rules for playing dispossessed-only armies and the like. Regarding orruks, I'm kinda sad because this looks like it would have been a great chance to roll the Greenskinz models into the book with IJ and Bonesplitterz... oh well!
  2. Is it still available, and would you consider any splits? Also, could you tell me what you used for the converted chaos lord? Thanks
  3. Could you or anyone else summarise what they spoke about? Seems I have to subscribe on Twitch to watch it again...
  4. Great post, and congrats on the best paint job I saw from the Contrast demo lol! I agree with pretty much everything you said. The guy at the stand was telling me not to use the palette and to just load up as much as I could on the brush and just slap it on. It became clear very quickly that doing so would only get the same results as it does with normal washes or paints. I also attempted to paint a large flat surface with one of the colours, namely the shield of one of the Stormcasts... suffice to say a single coat looked absolutely awful. I'm really excited for the range though, and as I heard someone at the event say... it's actually putting a lot of projects on hold for me because I don't want to paint quite a lot of things now because I want to use this stuff! Off the top of my head, things I will use it for... Squig skin (Looncurse) Grot skin (Looncurse) Sylvaneth bark Human flesh Freeguild uniforms (all those folds and things) Tzaangor flesh (I'm painting Silver Tower models) The only thing I have on at the moment that I don't really see a good use for it with is my Kharadron Overlords warband, due to the large amount of metallics on the model.
  5. I was at the fest today and used the paints quite extensively, my thoughts are as follows... In general I think it's a fantastic product. I work in a technical role for an ink manufacturer so the marketing stuff won't really wash (🙄 with me. Make no mistake, what these paints basically are are washes with more pigment, so when you put a red contrast paint over a white undercoat it won't just tint the white to a pink, it will make the whole thing red. One of the guys on the stand was trying to tell me certain things like don't use a palette, don't water it down, just throw down as much as you can in one go. If you do that you will get poor results, just like you would if you used washes like that. Interestingly, I also watched a demo with an 'Eavy Metal painter, where he demonstrated using the contrast paints over the current range as glazes and washes essentially. When it came to using the paints themselves, the range they had for use was somewhat limited and didn't necessarily fit the models provided, so I just tried to use the more interesting colours to get a feel for what they looked like. All colours are just one coat over the base primer, which is indeed one of the new contrast ones. Here are some pictures of the results I got... The flesh looks really great in my opinion. The blue is a really nice colour but looks a little sloppy in places. Probably my own fault. The black gives a pretty good grey to be honest, and I was really interested in these 3 brown colours for options of painting things like leather. I think they look good but maybe not much better than simply painting mournfang brown + agrax earthshade or similar. My favourite here was the glove colour which is called Gore Grunta Fur. This I thought was a pretty cool cloth colour. Example of a red and yellow. It's pretty obvious from the pictures above that they're not going to make your models look professional with a single coat, but I do think it'll be a fantastic tool to paint some things very quickly. Already I'm thinking about things I'd like to use them on like painting large numbers of grots, orcs, free people soldiers, sylvaneth etc. There were also some examples of finished models that had been supposedly painted exclusively with the contrast paint. All in all I think it's going to be a very useful product to add to the painters' arsenal and it'll help me paint quicker, particularly with units. I'm a little nervous on what the price is going to be but I guess time will tell...
  6. Personally, I love the Bretonnian aesthetic and do wish GW would still sell them. If I want to collect some though I know that there are lots of non-GW options I could purchase and play as Bretonnians in anything other than an official GW tourney. I do think it's a shame they are discontinued because I think they are great looking models.
  7. They look great, not my favourite colour scheme but a really nice paint job, congrats! I just bought Thundrik's profiteers today, probably the start of a new KO army.
  8. Hi all, quick question to you guys... Can anyone say with confidence what colour the rim of these bases is painted? Thanks
  9. Great job guys! @Duke of Gisoreux What an amazing collection of duardins! Do you have a blog or collection of better images? Love the terrain and buildings too!
  10. 95% finished on these guys, now to move onto 10 longbeards. The miner models have such great character and lots of cool bits in the kit, it's a real shame they're not on sale anymore, hopefully we'll see them or their like back again someday!
  11. I'm heading to Warhammer World at the end of the month with my girlfriend and would like to finish as many of my Duardins as possible so we can play as large a match as possible against my Ironjawz. So before Friday 1st March I intend to paint: - 6 miners to make it up to 10 - The mining cart - 16 Warriors - 10 Longbeards - 6 Quarrellers - Thane with Battle Standard Not sure how many I will be able to finish but I'll do my best!
  12. Evening ladz. It's been a bit of a slow week this week, what with the bank holiday, but I have virtually finished my Megaboss and made some good progress on the Warchanter and Weirdnob Shaman. As with all of the other new models, this guy is amazingly detailed and looks fantastic. He's also bloody massive and therefore very eye-catching. I'm really pleased with the way he turned out too. Next up on the list is to finish my warchanter/shaman, then I'll be making a display stand for my army. I've ordered some MDF cut to size. I'm not sure yet whether I'll order a gaming mat and cut it to size or try to do my own grassy/rocky/Ghur-y surface on the MDF. Whichever I choose I'll document it in this thread. Cheers
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