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  1. Yes varnishes do protect your models, the formula contains acrylic polymer suspended in water which evaporates when you brush/spray onto your model, leaving a continuous film of clear acrylic which is somewhat resistant to oil/grease, water, scuffing, marring, scratches etc. Almost all acrylic emulsions are glossy by nature, and so glossy varnishes can usually contain a higher % of acrylic but I don't think this is the most important factor. Not all acrylic emulsions are created equal, and there are a vast range available from many big and small chemical companies which will offer different properties of interest to us hobbyists. The Vallejo matte varnish at least claims to be 100% acrylic resin, and I think this may indeed be possible as there are a few acrylic emulsion products out there that are innately matte in finish due to the controlled polymer particle size. Most matte varnishes and paints contain a matting agent such as fumed silica which controls the level of gloss, but in my experience it has no effect on the durability of the final film. It is also not only the acrylic resin which provides protection on your models. Every decent paint and varnish will contain a small amount of silicone additive which gives "slip," this is what makes it harder to scratch the paint or varnish off.
  2. That's a neat idea, although I'm sure there are those who would balk at the very blasphemy of replacing the original models! 1 Dwarf - Warden King? You could use a kharadron overlord or Fyreslayer hero too 1 Elf - The Nomad Prince? 1 Wizard - One of the battle wizards 6 Orc warriors - I would get some second hand orc boys from Warhammer Fantasy 6 Orc archers - Same as above 6 Goblin spearmen (solved: grot stabbas) 6 Goblin archers (solved: grot shootas) 12 Skaven (solved: clanrats) 3 Minotaurs (solved: bullgors) 12 Giant spiders - The grot spider riders? These were in the Skull Pass set also 12 Giant bats - Fell bats or the chaotic beasts from Warcry 12 Giant rats (solved) 12 Snotlings (There is a new snotling team coming for Bloodbowl! Those are my ideas, hopefully you find something useful there. It sounds a great idea, expensive though!
  3. Is it still available? Link to the ebay listing? Thanks
  4. To chip in with my own experience... I bought one of the Amazon bundles for Christmas. Not sure if I'm allowed to post links) but it was like this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airbrush-Fengda-FD-186K-compressor-accessories/dp/B01984G4SU/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=airbrush+dual+action+compressor+kit&qid=1587666532&sr=8-13 Generic dual action gravity airbrush and generic compressor with moisture trap and tank. 5 months may not be much in the long run but I am very pleased with the results I've got with them both. The compressor is quiet and unobtrusive and while I have no experience with expensive airbrushes, the airbrush itself does what I want it to. I have primed lots of minis - big and small - usually with 2-3 colour zenethal highlighting. I also use it to lay down base colours and glow effects etc. I've even committed the cardinal sin of airbrushing: I dropped it while the needle cap was off and completely bent the end of the needle. I thought it was time to buy a new one but the thing still works exactly the same as it did before. I have no doubt that expensive airbrushes are way better in every regard and I plan on getting one sooner or later to see how it can improve my painting and, well, because I really enjoy airbrushing. Just thought I'd offer my tuppence worth that I think the cheap ones are perfectly adequate as a toe dipping exercise.
  5. The giants look absolutely fantastic
  6. Out of interest, the events of that excerpt are the subject of the novella "City of Secrets" which is a couple of years old.
  7. Well done, this looks absolutely excellent! Quite inspiring too I must say.
  8. Pagan

    15 New Warbands

    Unfortunately that is the symbol of the stormcast warrior chamber as shown in the new tome
  9. I like to use a D3 or D4 wood glue rather than regular white PVA glue. Wood glues usually contain a cross-linker which gives a more water-resistant bond when dry. I find that the sand is much more rigid after drying than when I used to use standard craft PVA glue, which is usually at least somewhat washable. If you find the viscosity of the wood glue too high, it can be thinned out with a little water.
  10. As someone who just spent around £200 on a Devoted of Sigmar army before the cull, I hope you're right! 😂 Seriously though, I knew they were not a competitive army and were liable to become unsupported and am happy with my purchases. If they were released as a new army that would be awesome! Seeing as the EW isn't in the cities of Sigmar book I think you may be onto something. They are also not one of the factions in the book that has a page on their lore.
  11. I would love to see a gloomspite gitz battle box. What time are they normally released?
  12. Thanks for the words Boss. In most cases I went over the contrast basecoats with a second layer of contrast to give the colours more opacity. I think it's worked out well as the first layer was a mix of two colours (mostly Wyldwood mixed with red or green or blue) and then a straight wash or contrast over the top. It means that most of them have a unique colour to their robes which I think is a good thing, they're wearing rags in various states of filth after all! Nice idea for the list, thanks! I did purposely build in all of the units in the warscroll battalion so that I could take it in a 2k point list, and also it just made for a sensible range of models to purchase/build/paint. I have a ton of unpainted Stormcasts in various starter boxes I have so I will take up your suggestion for an alternative list. I also am pretty excited for the Cities of Sigmar book coming soon, hopefully I can expand the army to 2k points with some more Stormcast/Freeguild and maybe even others. You're right, I will be playing matched play almost exclusively but I am not concerned at all about the most competetive list, otherwise I wouldn't be building Devoted at all!
  13. Further 10 flagellants and a warrior priest done. Halfway through the flagellants now, will be finishing the Lord celestant this weekend. I've become pretty efficient at finishing the flagellants so will do the last batches 10 at a time. The end is in sight!
  14. Quick update: I have finally managed to finish my first 10 flagellants! I have started putting the finishing touches to them 3-5 at a time so as to preserve my sanity. Painting everything 40x was just too much. Anyway I'm pleased with the result and looking forward to seeing all 40 finished. More soon!
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