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  1. Me too. Nothing in the current book really seems outdated to me besides the reliance on Citadel Woods. I'm excited though, I really hope we get some new terrain to replace them. I know people will complain if that happens but the current woods are kinda clunky to play with and need an update.
  2. Congrats on finishing your army! I've also been slowly chipping away on finishing painting my first ever army. Because I want to paint every detail it's taking forever lol but that's ok as long as I'm making progress I figure I'll get to the end eventually. I powered through batch painting 10 tree revenants by telling myself I can start painting my Treelord when they're done 😆
  3. I really want to see a realm of light Aelf army too! As much as I love the high elf aesthetic I hope GW get real creative with it and release something completely unique when it's time.
  4. Heading into a 1000 point tournament soon, how does this list look? Should I switch the Treelord for a TLA and a unit of dryads (giving up the battalion)? LEADERS Drycha Hamadreth (280) - Deepwood Spell : Regrowth Branchwych (80) - General - Command Trait : Warsinger - Artefact : Acorn of the Ages - Deepwood Spell : Verdant Blessing Branchwraith (80) - Artefact : Ranu's Lamentiri - Deepwood Spell : Throne of Vines UNITS 5 x Tree-Revenants (80) 5 x Tree-Revenants (80) BEHEMOTHS Treelord (240) BATTALIONS Household (100)
  5. Yeah I agree. With 10 models it's at least possible to do some damage, not so much with 5. It's all about that charge and alpha strike though because as soon as they get hit back it's all over for those poor tree spirits 😥 I'll have to give it a try but overall still seems like it's only effective in niche situations. Depending on what GW sees as their main role it would be nice if they had some sort of retreat mechanic, like a small chance to teleport away after piling in and attacking.
  6. Dude Dragonlance is the best and Elmore's art will always hold a special place in my heart for what high fantasy should look like. I saw this book cover in the library when I was like 11 years old and that was it for me 😛
  7. Right, but don't you have to pay for the Gnarlroot battalion as well? That's 230 points right there. With all the stuff OP said his opponent brought that's over 1000 points (and assuming the dryads were all summoned). Branchwraith 80Treelord Anchient 300 Drycha Hamadreth 280Branchwych 80 Tree revenants 160 (assuming 2 units for battleline)Dryads (summoned) household 100 gnarlroot 130 total: 1130
  8. As a newer player the woods were one of the biggest barriers to getting started and they are very clunky to play with. I'd love to have a terrain piece that relied on area of effect rules rather than models physically crossing and fighting on it.
  9. I'm curious how your opponent is bringing a battalion with the units you mentioned at 1000 pts. There's not a single battalion that your opponent should be able to field with that list, as just the basic household battalion (100 pts) requires a Treelord, revenants and a branchwych (not a Treelord Ancient). On another note I do think the woods are kinda clunky but restricting their placement more than it is now will severely neuter the army. Depending on how many terrain pieces are already on the board it's already hard enough to get them down in prime spots.
  10. I mean GW have pushed bigger games a bit with the whole battalion system. If you want to play with any of those rules you need to be playing higher point games to fit it all in. I'm new so I'm perfectly happy playing 1000 pt games for now, but I definitively want to be able to use the battalion rules at some point and take advantage of the extra artefact, command point, etc. You just can't do that in lower point games.
  11. The treelord ancient and Alarielle both have abilities that create wyldwoods. Anything else that makes them is allegiance specific. The treelord ancient's ability requires them to be set up 3" from any other model or terrain which can be very limiting on more crowded boards.
  12. Haha yeah it's clearly a bit of a mess... not having done any research on those factions I was unaware of how dated those boxes are now. Hopefully one day the model lines will be cleaned up and we won't see so many orphan factions because it feels like a lot of bloat right now.
  13. Yeah as a newer player getting a clear picture of all the AoS "armies" was a little confusing. The Start Collecting Boxes (and battletomes) were really the most helpful in terms of determining what is considered fully supported. But going into the webstore and seeing a bunch of other factions with a handful of models was confusing. It would be nice if GW could clean it up by dropping models or folding units into a single army. Now that they added a little lore for each faction in the core book I'm not sure what that portends. Maybe each one will get a full army someday? Maybe those units are just safe until AoS 3.0? Wanderers have new boxes with round bases so it seems like they'll get expanded eventually.
  14. Justinbot

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    Pros: Look amazing when painted, unique flavorful mechanic, synergizes with army, adds another level of strategic depth to the army/game Cons: Pain to transport, expensive, raises barrier of entry into the game, difficult to manage model movement/placement on, complicates table terrain placement. To me it seems like GW already had the Citadel Woods models when designing Sylvaneth so they went with those instead of coming up with a cleaner design. Now a few years later or whatever the woods don't quite seem to really functionally fit with the rest of the game given that so much now is focused on AoE mechanics. Yeah this is kinda what I was thinking too. Then again given the amount of $$$ most Sylvaneth players have already invested in Wyldwoods I dunno how excited people would be to have new terrain models show up ?
  15. Has anyone tried taking a Hagbane Spite in 2.0? Now that it has a 30" range I'm thinking it'd be pretty nice for finishing off low wound wizards when your opponent isn't expecting it especially since hero sniping with Kurnoth Hunter bows is harder.
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