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  1. Honestly I may just grab this set to paint. Was big into this game for the first two seasons but already playing other games this becomes difficult to justify in the midst of other army collections when you literally have to buy everything every year to stay in it.
  2. I've been able to try really hard to ignore Warcry so far.......... this is getting really, really tough.
  3. I'd love to see a Slaanesh Vs DoK box, would make sense thematically, would allow me to expand my Slaanesh without being too upset about getting some DoK models on the side.
  4. First thought was Necromunda Spyrer but it doesn't have the high tech look I'd expect to see with them.
  5. HoS lost to them in the battle report on WHC. Some of that was down to luck, but they seem able to weather a charge.
  6. I misread the title and thought this was a thread about "How have Gw price rises affected your purchasing hobbits?" I don't play LOTR, so not really effected.
  7. Shalaxi not killing a single hero model due to dice variance, a couple of failed charges too (was 1 inch short of getting Summoned Keeper into the catapult) didn't help either. Summoned fiends killing the hero rather than Shalaxi meant that the left hand objective didn't transfer (duality of death was the battle plan) also worked against Slaanesh. I know that this is the way that games go sometimes, but it could very easily have totally swung into Slaanesh's favour. Katakros stealing a command point every turn (4+ ability) really screwed over Shalaxi and the Kippers though. Not having the ability to fight twice and constantly being at -1 to hit was rough without factoring in the constant -1 to cast from the Nexus in the middle of the field. It does seem that OBR are an army where the output seems greater than the sum of its parts as the heroes and their interactions seem to be what pushes the power level of the army up, which is kind of typical for Death armies in my experience.
  8. Gotrek is brutal, but he's one dude with a 4" move and over 500pts alone. He might be virtually unkillable but I don't see many people chucking away that many points on a single model compared to what you'd have to sacrifice to squeeze him in.
  9. Agreed on the "No More Stormcast" wagon. They have enough representation already. Looks like we're getting Cavalry type models which are pretty exciting. And IDK or DoK warband would be fantastic for me as I'd love to have those as Warbands. But then we could also get a little crazier with some Daemon warbands showing some personality of individual Daemons.
  10. Nets, trident, make yourselves some Retiarii!
  11. I already voted, I went for the Fangs but, for me, there's really nothing in it between the two.
  12. It's stupidly close between Splintered Fang and Corvus for me.
  13. Last two warbands they've shown to War Cry have definitely tickled my pickle.
  14. This is me in a nutshell as well. I've gotten a lot better over the past year, but anything which can help chug out line troops so I can spend time focussing on the character and vehicles models is something I've got interest in.
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