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  1. I already voted, I went for the Fangs but, for me, there's really nothing in it between the two.
  2. It's stupidly close between Splintered Fang and Corvus for me.
  3. Last two warbands they've shown to War Cry have definitely tickled my pickle.
  4. This is me in a nutshell as well. I've gotten a lot better over the past year, but anything which can help chug out line troops so I can spend time focussing on the character and vehicles models is something I've got interest in.
  5. When the season 2 warbands were revealed I was super-excited about the Sylvaneth one, but, honestly they just don't do it for me models wise like I thought they would. HOWEVER! I never expected to be excited about the Dwarves and I am! They look great and seem like they'll have an interesting playstyle.
  6. I really dig the carnival aspect of a lot of these. I'll admit that the Masque doesn't do a lot for me, but, IMO that character has always had a bad model, the others though tickle my pickle for sure.
  7. I played mono-Slaanesh way, way back in 7th and 8th. Not played any AoS but have the 2.0 book and have been looking at stuff literally since it dropped. I just got the new Khorne battletome last weekend with an idea to start that army, then they drop all this Slaanesh goodness. Looks like I'm grabbing W&R and a Start Collecting set.........
  8. I've done exactly that, I had Oath of Conquest, Conquest and Oath of Denial in hand IIRC, I declared the both Denial and Conquest, hoping that this would force his hand and allow me to score both of the Conquests, or at worst, the Denial. I got lucky and got both Conquests.
  9. Personally, I blame everyone and everything, I mean, clearly, it can't be me! I never make mistakes ever and therefore the dice punish me!
  10. Following on from feedback, made some tweaks, what do folks make of this revision? Seems a little light on bodies IMO. +++ New Roster (Age of Sigmar) [1940pts] +++ ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Chaos - Khorne) [1940pts] ++ + Leader + Bloodsecrator : The Brazen Rune Bloodstoker Mighty Lord of Khorne : Mark of the Destroyer, General Slaughterpriest : Killing Frenzy, Hackblade & Wrath-hammer Slaughterpriest : Killing Frenzy, Bloodbathed Axe Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster + Battleline + Blood Warriors : 10 Blood Warriors, 1 Goreglaives, Icon Bearer, Paired Goreaxes Bloodreavers : 20 Bloodreavers, Hornblowers, Icon Bearers, Meatripper Axes Flesh Hounds : 5 Flesh Hounds, Gore Hound + Other + Khorgoraths : Khorgorath Khorgoraths : Khorgorath Khorgoraths : Khorgorath Skullreapers : 5 Skullreapers, Daemonblades + Battalion + Battalion: Gore Pilgrims : Gore Pilgrims
  11. Thank you for the feedback gents. I'm not a tourney gamer so not looking for anything super-tournament-optimised, but also don't want to get walked all over either.
  12. Interested in some feedback on this army please, is it viable? Think I've covered the bases, also, ideas on artifacts to give would be helpful as I've no idea where to start; +++ New Roster (Age of Sigmar) [2000pts] +++ ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Chaos - Khorne) [2000pts] ++ + Leader + Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Mighty Lord of Khorne ]: General Slaughterpriest : 5. Killing Frenzy, Hackblade & Wrath-hammer Slaughterpriest: 1. Bronzed Flesh, Bloodbathed Axe + Battleline + Blood Warriors : 2x 5 Blood Warriors, Goreaxe and Gorefist Blood Warriors : 2x 5 Blood Warriors, Goreaxe and Gorefist Bloodletters : 2x 10 Bloodletters, Hornblower, Icon Bearer Bloodreavers : 2x 10 Bloodreavers, Hornblowers, Icon Bearers, Meatripper Axes Flesh Hounds : 2x 5 Flesh Hounds, Gore Hounds + Other + Mighty Skullcrushers : 2x 3 Mighty Skullcrushers, Ensorcelled Axe, Hornblowers, Standard Bearers Battalion: Gore Pilgrims : Gore Pilgrims Allegiance: Khorne
  13. Darksphere don't carry stock, they also don't order anything from Germany until they have sufficient orders themselves. I know this because a friend of mine ordered through them and didn't receive anything for a month. I did a direct from Germany order and got it inside a week. The only problem going direct is the postage is pricey, but, if you can get an order together with friends, it makes it more palatable. So, depending on how urgently you want stuff, that extra tenner postage might be worth it.
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