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  1. I keep coming back to Fiendbloods going up.......... that's all the proof you need that when it comes to HoS they have no clue as to what this faction needs.
  2. At least we got a little space in our list now we're no longer taking Seeker Cavalcadde right? Right? Guys........
  3. Can't even mentioned how disappointing this is, I mean, of all things, Fiendbloods now cost MORE!!!! I was getting hyped that Slaanesh may be in a better place with 3.0 if the points didn't change, but now..... OOF. And apparently it's Destruction that GW don't like......
  4. Wondering if they want to (at least in matched play) keep armies to one battletome to make the game easier to balance. Outside of allies if you have to consider how each book interacts with units that it can take in the main part of the army that must make planning for balance a pain and you have way more stuff to test (and we're already not sure just how good their playtesting is, especially in what makes it into final production). While it may be less fluffy in terms of who would fight together I can certainly understand their reasons for wanting to keep stuff separate.
  5. Also, Seeker Cavalcade is officially dead in Matched Play from today's article, no warscroll battalions in the Core Book or GHB 2021 battlepacks.
  6. Considering all the other spellcasters HoS has access too it'd be cool if they decided to rework the Shardspeaker into a Priest! At least in my head, although that may be more down to the fact that the Mortal spells are not all that great.
  7. Latest article on WarCom that lists the factions getting their AOS3.0 article lists Warclans and not Kruleboyz so it seems a definite now that the swampy boyz will NOT have their own book.
  8. You take a Morale test (D6 + numbers of model destroyed this turn vs Leadership), if you fail it 1 model from the units flees, then you roll a dice for all other models in the unit, extra -1 if the unit is below half strength, for every 1 you roll, another model flees.
  9. I wonder if it will be a copy of the 40k rules for Combat Attrition?
  10. Interesting article, but I wonder if anyone approves it before publishing, Chromatic and Chronomantic Cogs together and Kieran the playtester becomes Chuck very quickly.....
  11. Very hyped for this release when I was really just expecting for the rules to be the thing I picked up. Have a friend that wants to share so he can start SCE so this is looking like a really great time for our little corner of AoS.
  12. One of the things I really like about AoS is a setting is that this isn't the Old World, where things like Kragnos can be added into the game without the pre-amble because the realms are so massive, have existed for a huge amount of time already and a lot of the Age of Myth disappeared into the Age of Chaos yet now we're in the Age of Sigmar these ancient godbeasts, demi-gods and other critters that were sealed away during the Age of Myth can make a comeback because they've been forgotten. It's taken GW a long time to really get a handle on the lore for AoS compared to the decades of stuff the
  13. Would be annoying if we didn't get Battalions in matched play as that's where my focus is, I'm not ever going to take anything to a tournament so I'm not focussed there which may be what they're thinking about by potentially removing them from that version of the game.
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