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  1. Y'all need to stop making pointless wild guesses about the winged skull, it's been mentioned already that it's the FEC icon, it's on their boxes and the tome averages about two winged skulls per page 🙄
  2. Winged skull is FEC and flaming skull is Nighthaunt. Fact.
  3. I didn't even know I wanted an Abaddon dating game show in my life but now I do.
  4. I didn't even know I wanted an Abaddon dating game show in my life but now I do.
  5. I maintain that Underworlds must secretly be subcontracted to FFG or something since it's so far beyond anything else from GW.
  6. It's the Warcry icon, same as Kill Team has a Kill Team icon in the bottom left of literally every product.
  7. "Even a god may regret the things he has done ..." is the tagline for Munchkin AoS, right?
  8. No, people just don't understand time zones.
  9. This is so far beyond wishful thinking that it's basically a lie. "The article says that we'll be exploring the dizzying diversity of Chaos on a scale never attempted before - that's all we know right now. As soon as we have more to announce here, we'll announce it!" "We're not saying anything more than what we've already said" does not translate into "we're making your entire wishlist but it's a secret!"
  10. For many, having to buy extras of old models we already had to get the rules material was the most irritating part of Kill Team.
  11. Can anyone spot the 5th and 6th faction? I see Gladiators, Darkoath, Beastmen, Harpies. For a moment I thought there was a Skaven, but now I think that's just a Darkoath with a skull hat.
  12. Rumour has it GW is having "issues" with their card suppliers. Not that anyone really knows anything. I have resorted to cutting out warscrolls from the assembly instructions.
  13. No, it's because some people thought the previous wording meant each unit could only use Feeding Frenzy once per game. Don't ask me why.
  14. Sad about the Medal not working on Feeding Frenzy but it was expected. But what is with that random Chalice nerf tho.
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