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  1. I can't help but feel the grinning heads are Nagash poking fun at the sullen Stormcast masks which makes me like them a bit more.
  2. I love the Araloth/Nomad Prince model. If/when they get around to properly bringing Wanderers into AoS I really hope they base the rest of the army on him. That and he is also a bit of beast on the table too!
  3. Great! Thank you both for the information. I think I'll look into seeing if there's any videos or articles on magnetising before I build the shrine, even just for transportation purposes. Probably a good skill to pick up early on anyway.
  4. That's a lot of great information, thank you! I was leaning towards the bloodwrack purely for the tougher wizard and to play around with temple nest. I may just leave the other unbuilt for the time being and use the extra hags and slaughter queens on foot as I haven't pinned anything or used magnets before. Another quick question but I don't see many lists running with an avatar. Is that due to it relying on the hag too much or is there another reason? Appreciate you taking the time to answer my noob questions
  5. I've just recently gotten into AoS and starting with DoK. I've picked up two blood coven boxes but I'm unsure as to which two shrines to build. I'm leaning towards one being bloodwrack but unsure which the other would be? Would appreciate any input
  6. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in. Already spoke to someone at my Local club and will be heading down there tomorrow night! That's one thing I love about this hobby, is how inviting and friendly people are to players new and old
  7. Thanks for the welcome! I have bits of armies here I've collected over the years and there but nothing substantial. I wanted one of the newer armies to start out with so settled on Daughters of Khaine. I love the models and lore behind them (long term fan of morathi too). I have just picked up 2 Blood Coven boxes, so getting started on those this weekend, which I'm excited about.
  8. Hi there! I've been following Warhammer for over 15 years, dabbling here and there but never fully getting on board. Recently returned to the UK from living overseas for a few years so trying to get settled back in and meet up with my local club. I love the lore and stories behind Warhammer and the models are superb. I'm a big Aelf fan but I'm easily distracted by other factions (excited for Darkoath!). Looking forward to getting stuck in to the second edition of Age of Sigmar!
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