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  1. I think any one of the new Chaos war bands are good replacements for the older Chaos Marauder models of which i am not much of a fan. On a related note I've been using the floor tiles from both ST and SOH for some of my Warcry games to represent battles underground.
  2. Bit of a lore question. Potentially putting together a themed army based around the free city of Hallowheart. I your opinion would the Fyreslayers in the army come from a particular lodge based in the city or come from lodges from the surrounding area to bolster the cities defences? If from outside the city which lodge would be the most appropriate or if they are citizens of Hallowheart is there any info out there which suggests which lodge resides in the city? Thanks for any help.
  3. I'd love to see an example of one of the scrolls you have converted into WQ. Trying to do the same for some destruction units but have defaulted to just using the grot scuttlings stats for moonclan but really want to run troggoths too.
  4. I think adding home-brew rules to any Warhammer Quest games is the best part! Bosses could add elements where the players would need to really adapt play style of the fly. The adversary cards do include several 'mini bosses' with the Mighty Adversary units. That being said and if you haven't already, I would defiantly play through the original campaign first before adding any of your own flavour just to get a better idea of where the bosses could fit and to keep the first play through simple for you and your group. Adding this stuff ensures more re-play-ability as well.
  5. Quick question: I only own the Nightvault starter set and will eventually dive into some other warbands. I have noticed that the warband boxes include a card with a short blurb about the lore of each leader and their crew. I just want to know if the information on the card is the same on the warband page on the underwords website or do they have more info on the card? Bit of a lore nerd so want as much info as possible about each warband. If the cards do hold more info, is there a collection of the cards online somewhere? Thanks for any help.
  6. Good point about common naming especially as Hammerhal would be so famous throughout the realms and races. I'll post more about the campaign when I have it developed more, very early days with the concept for now. Just wanted to have a bit of fun with the characters names. I was thinking the players could discover a Clan Moulder Flesh Factory in the catacombs of Hammerhal and have to thwart the attempt of the Master Moulder to reanimate a Hell-Pit Abomination. Playing around with the Master Moulder's title something like, Rattus the first Scabsmith of the Hammerhal Flesh-Furnace.
  7. Bit of a weird question but what do you think other races might call the city of Hammerhal? Especially the evil ones. Was planning a quest with a Skaven infestation under the city with a boss character in an established area hidden under Hammerhal. Hoping for some ideas of how the Skaven would refer to the name of the city. Also other races terms for the place would be appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Hanging out with an old mate of mine over Xmas got me addicted to Shadespire. Got a few groups playing in my local area but would like to still play my friend who lives in another state. Thought I would attempt some games over webcam or something. I was hoping for a bit of advice about how I could set this up. We have matching Nightvault boxes and could use proxies of each others models if we invest in new teams. I was also going to set up a simple rig to film from above. Any other ideas or potential pit falls that might occur would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  9. Picked up my copy yesterday but haven't had a chance to open it up and get a game going. Just about to start the book to really jump into the setting. Initially i was a bit sad to see the focus of Warhammer Quest move to 40k but i think it is such a different aesthetic. 40k's Grim-Dark demeanour compared to the AOS's heroic and dynamic look seems like the games can co-exist for people who really enjoy the Warhammer Quest mechanics and give them more variety in their games. I'm really not a fan of the actual Warhammer games, love the worlds and the models but find the regular battles of AOS and 40k quite dull and competitive. I enjoy the narrative and cooperative game mechanics of Warhammer Quest and welcome any other re-imaginings of this game.
  10. I don't have too much experience either but on the marketing side the Kill Team format is great. Selling Smaller unified skirmish war-bands and a piece of appropriate terrain to open up the world from Warhammer Quest to Skirmish would be ideal. The internal rules like Kill team uses, rather than the formula Skirmish uses to convert existing AOS profiles would solve a lot of the wonky stats that hinder some skirmish play.
  11. I think introducing a Kill Team style format would be great with it's own balanced internal system using WHQ as a foundation for the unit profiles.
  12. Totally agree, but I'd really like to run an opposite campaign with a chaos war-band invading an order stronghold with maybe Fire slayer adversaries? Has anyone else attempted that?
  13. Hey! Home - brew rules folks, Is there some sort of formula you are using when converting new adversaries or heroes into your games of Warhammer Quest? I know there is something for converting units into single units for Skirmish is there some thing similar out there for Quest? Thanks for any help.
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