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  1. Looks like Slaangor there which is good from a Beasts perspective as would expect those to fit here too. It's the other picture linked in the background that shows something bulkier that could be some kind of Slaanbull perhaps but really hard to tell
  2. The shoulder pad looks Drukhari but the owner of the shoulder pad looks quite chunky for an Eldar but could just be the angle etc
  3. Daemonettes are the same beyond the points change. No change with the Hellflayer
  4. In your example you'd receive 2 Depravity points. It takes 2 wounds that don't kill it generating 2 Depravity points. Because the 3rd wound kills the model it doesn't generate a depravity point. If you had caused 3 separate wounds with a 1 Damage weapon you'd generate the same 2 depravity points from this model for the same reasoning as above. It's about how many non-fatal wounds a model takes and doesn't matter how many attacks it takes to dish them out as long as they're coming from a Hero or inflicted on one of our Heroes.
  5. Knowing what we do about the Newborn and that the Hedonites have flocked to it I wonder if we'll get an update to Allegiance abilities in the Slaanesh Broken Realms book. If they're flocking there they're not Godseeking or Pretending anymore (or perhaps they are but with renewed vigour because the Newborn threatens their hold on their power) so at least it means a new Host but if they're all together it would be a great opportunity to address how depravity works. I would imagine in the presence of something like the Newborn it could easily be the case that even the rank and file become conduits for Depravity...
  6. Daemonettes got their 300pt horde cost back apparently though so at least a slight step in the right direction
  7. Hellstriders no longer Battleline according to the matched play profiles in the box I'm seeing on Facebook.
  8. Lol, was being positive, new editions are times of excitement to me and I enjoy all of the big fluff build-up, sorry if that was misrepresented!
  9. Ah so is Broken Realms our countdown to a new edition ala End Times, Malign Portents and Psychic Awakening etc?
  10. For one, the outfit that everyone was wearing in autumn/winter 2019, the Thermal Rider Cloak
  11. I played a Better Part of Valour game against a Khorne army yesterday. I won the game comfortably by playing the mission better. Through Depravity Points I summoned two Keepers over the course of the game. Interestingly my opponent found that quite hard to stomach. However, when he called it he had enough Blood Tithe to summon his second Bloodthirster. He played MSU around a big block of Skullcrushers (who completely nullify our edge if allowed to charge) and dropped one Keeper in a single round of magic (not magic though). I think the next game will be much tougher against this opponent as he knows the tricks now and won't be as passive engaging with the scenario. But clearly, if built to maximise to both sets of summoning are very productive. It will be interesting to see in a few weeks id sentiment is the same or it is just the newness and the way that building to our strengths also builds nicely to our theme
  12. Knights are the same base size as Fiends. I liked them as an anvil when Hellstriders could babysit them and make them harder to hit. They're still tough but they definitely don't pull their weight on the dealing damage front. They have a place where their durability and base size is a strength. E.g just owning an objective in No Man's Land but they may need help capturing it first if you want it done quickly etc Bestigor will grab you an objective from the enemy but they won't hold it under any real pressure. I'm really enjoying my Beasts in HoS. Not managing to really use my Fiends at all though at the moment
  13. On Azyr it has dropped down to 360 same as the regular Keeper
  14. Enoby, what were your thoughts on the Soulfeaster? I've never been massively keen on my FW Keeper so in my head it's on its way to ebay as I much prefer the new Keeper but does it have a role?
  15. Has anybody managed to get a shot of the FW Keeper next to the new one yet? Curious how they compare in size and aesthetic when seen properly together
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