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  1. Hey guys! A new painty men is out! Enjoy as John and I talk Stormcast Ballista arms races and my new Slaanesh army! Also, ordering endless spells off ebay while stoned. Whoops. http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/b/c/9/bc98bb39a2550228/Legends_Of_The_Painty_Men_Episode_13.mp3?c_id=34433159&cs_id=34433159&expiration=1550343151&hwt=b399b636e450535ba84fafb65142f042
  2. John swore I've told that bear website story. It's going on the next cast. Old music is coming back, tried something else cause the old music is also on someone's murder podcast and I was like Uh oh. But now think who cares.
  3. Yeah I agree. Was trying out the music I've used on another podcast to see if I liked it but I don't, also some true crime murder podcast uses our same old music so I wanted to see if I could do something else but I hate it. I'll switch it back.
  4. I feel like you're going to win 10 bucks...
  5. I couldn't even get close ahahahab
  6. They're pretty close to 30mm heroic scale. Maybe a bit bigger.
  7. Part of being a tactical genius of this measure (who cant count to 8)is list building. Also I think Stormcasts are narcs. I'm putting together a slaanesh army for John to face with some "extra" surprises.
  8. Hey gang! John was on tour and I was staffed as one of the lead illustrators on a game show coming out in the spring so it got crazy! We're back at it! Our latest episode we talked Troggoth ... magic sacks? Hehehe direct download at legendsofthepaintymen.libsyn.com!
  9. This is confusing in part because "excess" in combat could also look like those turds in pvp Dark Souls who wear that stone armour and use 2 shields instead of weapons in lieu of BDSM straps and flesh daggers or a guy kitted out in 40k like mobile suit gundam with 8 trillion missle launcher pods all over him as opposed to a guy licking a chainsword with a boob on his power armour. I think you're exactly right. They haven't really nailed it. I think 40k is closer but overall I think they're own interpretation isn't quite right. Plus S/He's known as both the Prince of Pleasure and the Lord of Excess. I just kind of consider excess decadence and decadence a kind of corruption of normal pleasure. Also, I consider everything on 1d4 chan to be canon.
  10. The thing I like most about this is I think it really happened. hahaahhahahaah
  11. This game was really fun and Patrick is great at writing battle reports!
  12. Hey homies, Andrew here. I just got back from a film festival and we recorded an episode but the card got full right when we were doing our faction focus on slaanesh hehehehe. So, I'll drop this episode hopefully tonight AND you'll get another next week and I think we'll get in one more in October for 3, baby! Also, we answer the spelling of z elf! Total excitement! Oh btw, I made a skirmish warband and love it. Here's my leader the dark oath war queen.
  13. *In the voice of Vince when he's being supes srs* "I will say this...thanks, Tom!"
  14. HEHEHEHEHEH. I'm glad you guys like it! We're definitely idiots. Someone mentioned adding our podcast to the podcast forum, how would we do that? Do we need to contact admins? Anyway, thanks for enjoying the show and I'd like to do some new art for the podcast so let me know what would look cool.
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