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  1. Roger that. My understanding is that Chaos Warriors, regardless of mark, come from StD, and are battleline StD. Having the Tzeentch keyword just keeps them in line with getting Destiny Dice. I could be wrong though, and defer to someone who has better understanding of this. Also, if someone could cite the page or faq that clarifies this I would appreciate it. Edit: I know this is very rules lawyer, but here is my logic. Page 311 of the core rulebook states "Allied units are not included when working out the number of Battleline units in the army." On page 66 of the GHB, Chaos Warri
  2. It might just be me, but I find the "free summoning" for Tzeentch to be lackluster. I'm not trying to start a debate, I am just trying to enrich my playstyle and tactics. I'm also hoping someone can point out to me the playstyle that summoning works with. It might be my playstyle, but I don't find myself building lists that focus around the summoning. Having to have 10 fate points to bring in a unit of blue horrors isn't too bad, but they have a zone restriction when you summon them, so positioning for me isn't that exciting. I can use them for a bit of a screen, but that is by turn 2 at
  3. @Cambot1231 I didn't think you could ally in battleline units. Also, I think shield of fate is awesome, but just remember it degrades as you go through your destiny dice.
  4. I'm a Tzeentch player, and totally agree with you on this. For me, the best/most fun thing to try and do is unbind buff spells, and toss them on my units if I can. I also have to say I find the Tzeentch summoning to be relatively lackluster.
  5. @AaronWIlson My army is a pretty good size. I think in total I have 2700 points of Tzeentch, and can proxy up to 3,580 points. I also have 400 points of Slaves to Darkness. Right now I am trying to figure out what I like for AOS 2.0, and tweak my playstyle. (Edit: no idea what is going on with the font size.) I played a game in the realm of life, with the focus of my list being spell casting with a LOC as my general, and plenty of other wizards to do damage and work on racking up fate points. I had some bad luck with the Duardin innate magic resistance, and some clutch saves. But I learne
  6. Hello all! I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a list. Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Glimpse the future Curseling - Arcane Suggestion Curseling - Shield of Fate Herald of Tzeentch - Unchecked Mutation Herald on Disc - Bolt of Tzeentch Kairic Acolytes x 10 - Blades and Shields Kairic Acolytes x 10 - Blades and Shields Tzaangors x 20 - Mutant, Savage Greatblade, Paired Savage Blades (8), Savage Blades and Shields (10) Flamers x 3 Flamer x 3 Chaos Chariot Chaos Knights (10) - Ensorcelled Weapons That is 2K on the nose. T
  7. I absolutely love these things. Thank you so much!
  8. Hello all! I am a WH 40K player who jumped into AOS with the General's Handbook 2017. I started with the Start Collecting Tzeentch boxed set, and have slowly built up a decent sized force. I went with demons because it gave me a second army I can use in 40K, and chose Tzeentch because I wanted the destiny dice. I am enjoying AOS second edition so far, and am trying to figure out what sort of list I want to go with now that the points and summoning have all changed.
  9. Jersey's is a cards, comics, and gaming store. They do a whole bunch of regular events throughout the week. Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar are played in leagues that run for several weeks. The leagues change each time in terms of points, and other special conditions. On top of league games there are always people looking to get in random games.
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