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    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I feel like a lot of people cast GW as a malign and plotting overlord destabilising their own games on purpose for in tireless pursuit of profit like Gary Oldman in the Fifth Element. In my opinion in most cases it comes down to simple human error, incompetence, naivety and deadlines. I imagine that the reason that the unit sizes in Soul Wars are odd is because there was a deadline for getting in into production which was before they finished playtesting the new Battletome and they originally intended for Castigators to be in units of 5 and Evocators in units of 3. There are cases of the old GW doing some really ****** things like the Eldar Codex for 7th edition 40k but a lot was just for stupid reasons like the accidental squatting of the Tomb Kings.
  2. Defonotaspambot

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    Great. Thanks.
  3. Defonotaspambot

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    I am a bit new to AoS and sorry to stray off topic a bit but what makes Seraphon morally questionable?