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  1. You can find the pack here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hNFvdTa1qeM_PP9J0cVN5ttinbVQFqzPHCWr2Z3pQso/edit?usp=drivesdk. It is completely untested though.
  2. I am going to run a meeting engagement tournament and I am proposing to set a points limit for individual units to 350 or 400. I feel like running up against Gotrek or the like on a tiny board would be quite a negative play experience. Is this the right thing to do or am I overreacting? I am intending for the tournament to be encouraging for young and new players.
  3. I saw both of those things which is what prompted my ruling on reserves. Thanks anyway.
  4. I am going to be running a small meeting engagement tournament in Bristol (Ingaland) in March. I was wondering if there were any common rules queries I should cover in the tournament pack as the format is not well played? The two things that I can think of are: The bone tithe nexus will be treated like any other piece of faction terrain. If there is no space, there is no space. "Deepstriking" units are to be declared before deployment commences and deployed with the relevant contingent. Anything else I should add?
  5. I think you are just going to have to rely on magical buffing from Sorceresses, Battlemages or Luminarks etc. Tempests Eye, Hallowheart and The Living City all have spells that would benefit you.
  6. Do you need to use a Black Dragon as a cast battery? With the Hallowheart battalion and the sorceresses sacrifice you are on a +3. Do you need anymore?
  7. Looking at the battletome, no restrictions on Stormcast special characters as far as I can see. (Edited to be correct.)
  8. I imagine they will strip the Stormhost. As it stands there is nothing stopping you from taking Avensis as a part or Hallowheart, maybe even as part of a Ministry of Magic battalion but that will probably also get FAQed.
  9. This may be covered in the book or an FAQ, but how do Stormcast special characters interface with CoS? Hammerhead gains a bonus through having Aventis Firestrike but Stormcast lose the Stormhost keyword when becoming part of an CoS army. Does that mean you can take whatever Stormcast special characters you want in a CoS army? Or is Aventis the one named exception?
  10. I feel like a lot of people cast GW as a malign and plotting overlord destabilising their own games on purpose for in tireless pursuit of profit like Gary Oldman in the Fifth Element. In my opinion in most cases it comes down to simple human error, incompetence, naivety and deadlines. I imagine that the reason that the unit sizes in Soul Wars are odd is because there was a deadline for getting in into production which was before they finished playtesting the new Battletome and they originally intended for Castigators to be in units of 5 and Evocators in units of 3. There are cases of the old GW doing some really ****** things like the Eldar Codex for 7th edition 40k but a lot was just for stupid reasons like the accidental squatting of the Tomb Kings.
  11. I am a bit new to AoS and sorry to stray off topic a bit but what makes Seraphon morally questionable?
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