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  1. I am working on a test decklist whose aim is to focus on the durability of the warband to create constant pressure on the opponent. The ideal would be to get to the end of the game with the whole band still alive. What do you think? https://www.underworlds-deckers.com/en/deck-builder/the-wurmspat/?ObjectiveCard=2302,2357,2368,2373,5137,5138,5140,5295,5307,5308,6001,6007,&GambitCard=2427,5145,5148,5150,5324,5328,5341,5359,5363,5366,6014,&UpgradeCard=2486,2527,2543,3050,5153,5158,5159,5160,5396,5398,5431,&DeckTitle=nurgle test
  2. WathLab I would like to thank you for these articles, thanks to your advices this Thursday evening I finished second with the Chosen Axes in a tournament of 25 players losing only in the final against grymwatch but beating, skaven, grymwatch, mollog and snarlfangs!
  3. Can I remove the horn counter of karthaen when I want or I must have to do it for the first attack action after I put the counter on it?
  4. I tried to build a solid decklist to play in this metagame, but I haven't found a build at the moment. I await the generic cards from the next warband expansion 😁
  5. https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N64,243,257,N340,N80,N70,331,N389,N347,N476,N467,374,N492,336,272,N503,N305,348,N501,N557,N371,N302,N451,N485,334,N299,N543,384,362,N309,N454,N357 strategy of the is to transform the blue horror into a mobile attack turret whose purpose is to shoot at anything that moves and, together with vortemis, to close the opposing models between two fires with k'charik guarding vortemis and with the possibility of using it to deliver the coup de grace to resistant enemy models. opinions? the deck is thought to be something totally opposed to the obj control strategy.
  6. this weekend I will do my last tournament with the band I've been testing for quite a while (S. Guard). after this tournament I'm going to dedicate myself totally to this warband that, IMO, hides a huge potential 😙
  7. Sunday tournament battle report. 14 players: 2 cursebreakers 3 steelheart 2 gitz (one was me) 2 thorns 3 magore 1 tzeentch 1 skaven first round vs Thorns (hold objectives build) I lead throughout the game always maintaining a good lead, except for his final comeback with 3 keys and supremacy for a glory swing of 9 points that cost me the victory. it is my fault that I did not expect such a large comeback second round vs stormsire relic very interesting build, unfortunately for him the deck did not work properly and was an easy victory for me. third round vs skaven very difficult game that was experienced as an eternal climb to an uncertain victory until the last, especially when, with Confusion, he denied me Supremacy to do it himself. with great effort I can reassemble and tear a victory with only one point of advantage. (after this game I started to feel the fatigue of the tournament) fourth round vs magore IMO the worst enemy of gitz .. and luck! I can easily win because my opponent was unlucky all the time at the dice. he looked like he was cursed hahaha fifth and last round vs cursebreakers you play for third and fourth place. I did not understand his strategy very much. it seemed an aggro but did not advance, perhaps he expected me to go to him? it's what's happened, because his remaining in his half board I interpreted it as a hold objective playstyle, lol without really understanding what was the goal of his decklist, I managed to win and win the third place. the top 5 was: 1- magore 2- gitz hold obj 3- gitz flex (me) 4- cursebreakers 5- steelheart this is my decklist, I hope it can help : https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N92,N94,243,257,N374,N303,N317,N319,N340,N347,L29,N102,N116,N99,318,320,331,348,N389,N400,N426,L38,391,427,N499,N503,N511,N527,N543,N546,N385,383
  8. the tome of offerings to me seems broken. at the moment here in the north of Italy the aggro playstyle is still widespread. orruks, magore and aggro cursebreakers are still the top tiers. after the BAR list and the new expansions that introduced new cards for control playstyle like Extreme flank and Keep them guessing the situation was quite balanced. I finished second in last month's tournament with the Sepulchral Guard, and the first one played the Thorns, a situation that pre-BAR would never have happened. In my view of things, a card like tome of offerings will move the balance needle back onto the aggro playstyle as it rewards too easily those who only aim to smash skulls. one kill, immediately 2 glory points, the same ones I would do at the end of the turn with extreme flank, or Keep them Guessing, or march of the dead, or mad scurry, all cards that require certain choices throughout the entire turn and that will reward me only at the end phase. in case you can also achieve an "immediately" objective, it rewards you as much as Supremacy. A card so generic will be used by everyone, but only some warbands will be able to exploit it at best .. the same warbands that have been considerably weakened by the BAR list for a reason..
  9. Yes, tome of offerings in broken, really
  10. Frozen in Time on Mollog can crush this warband for an entire phase.
  11. this warband seems very weak. even the dog, a model that I expected to have at least different stats than the other members, is nothing to write home about. however, I believe that their strength is that they can "double" certain upgrades. Grundann + great strenght = 4dmg attacks Jagathra + great speed = 6 hexes of movement I believe that based on what they earn when they get inspired, everyone will have upgrades that capitalize on these stats increases
  12. of course, you can not do another charge action, but an attack after charging in the next activation yes. make a charge and then bring close enemy models sure that mollog can no longer attack is an excellent bait
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