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  1. I don't feel this way, the change actually makes me more interested in getting them on the table. It didn't look intended, for example the reaver deepkin double, or fun to play with or against, and had me not excited to run stormcast. I was going to do stormcast last because I knew this rule would change, and now that it has, I'm going to do them next, rather than last.
  2. I feel like Onslaught was always supposed to be that way, because for example the Reaver Double in deepkin, and how insane it was with storm cast.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/ OR https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/ENG_Warcry_Errata_2019_09.pdf What are everyone's thoughts? I'm happy about cover and onslaught changes the most, some things I would have liked to have seen they didn't cover.
  4. And after wracking my brain, I got it! You're engaged, you're on a platform, you want out, you can't climb or jump as part of a disengage, so you move your 3 off the platform, and fall.
  5. EDIT: Oh I see what you mean.... I see the confusion, A jump does not end its action in mid air, a climb does not either, but a move that does would cause fall damage, I can't think of why you would want this but maybe there is a corner case I can't think of.
  6. One more thing to look at if you don't want to do count as, use the attack characteristics from sigmar, that match the model your putting in to determine its damage. Greatswords for example unbuffed do not swing harder than Namarti Thralls in sigmar, yet you have them as 2/6, where as the thralls are 2/4. Handgunners do not have a gun that is better than blood stalkers bow in Aos. They shoot 2-3-1/5 20" compared to your 2-3-3/5 8", so their hand gun should likely be something like 2-3-1/4 15".
  7. First glance, these guys are too powerful for their points cost. A lot of fluff/base abilities from AOS are doubles triples, etc, and not on available on the cards... These guys base stats to point cost are way too good, compare the Iron Gauntlet Shield guy to yours and you can see what I mean, you have 1 more attack, instead of two wound, and your 25 cheaper! Attacks are the most powerful stat. I would suggest, picking a faction that is in the game and doing a straight count as.... If your unsatisfied with that, move models from various factions to one, using the associated abilities. Wouldn't be perfect for example use the Iron golem shield guy, use the untamed beast duel wielder for great sword, use stuff from the coming allies book as well. Handgunner looks the roughest, but the allies books should have something.
  8. Nope, falling is not jumping. They both take impact if you go down vertically enough, but when you jump your opponent does not select the point. An example of falling is rolling a 1 when you get crit while close to an edge of a platform.
  9. Yes but its not listed in the allies currently, could mean nothing or it could mean they don't get them.
  10. I couldn’t figure out how they would handle DOK heroes coming in the cauldron, looks like GW didn’t figure it out either, just use stormcast I guess.
  11. What would be an example of a magic heavy list, I am looking to get into Sylvaneth as a chance to use endless spells, etc...
  12. I am a big fan of Reavers, in a 10 man unit, for shooting, speed, body count, and battle line in a tide flip list. I have more success with Reavers than I do thralls most games due to flexibility, speed. They both die pretty quick. If you try warcry you will want them as well.
  13. I've seen the argument sharks are better in a King general army for the plus 1 attack, inclusion of Ishlean to tie things up, and more likely to have access to the command point to avoid the battle shock test. This is not as an effective list as the tide flip, but again I've been looking to scale my army down to face locals who are not as competitive. The thought is they have rend outside the charge so will be better on that turn 3 for plus 1 attack command ability. Another solution is to put them in a list with Akhelian corps and I believe you get access to a battle shock reroll. Again less competitive, but playable. I am of the thought you want 1 big unit, or none.
  14. I think the general idea is that the best army core is tide flip, with tidecaster, soulscryer, and 2x9 Morrsarr + battle Line leaving you 360 points to play around. You can sub out one unit of Morrsarr for a 4 strong shark unit, its not as good but workable, and still pretty good. I bought 4 sharks just to do this to scale my competitive list.
  15. Sigh.... I had assumed onslaught was melee only but your right, Storm Fire is currently a bad ability, that begs the question if deepkin in warcry was play tested. Or hopefully onslaught was just missing the under 3 portion.
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