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  1. So reading through this, I see a lot of “they should update stormcast”, why do people think they will do it soon? There have been no rumor images, no rumblings that make that seem that it is soon. There was an accepted expectation that stormcast would see a new chamber every 12 months, but it didn’t happen. Not saying stormcast won’t see changes soon, just don’t see any evidence. As a new stormcast player all I read is shelve it until the new book, If a new book is soon I should stop building. .
  2. In my experience it is a trade off, however the Morrsarr leader, is slightly better in most cases.
  3. I have started working on them, the first problem I see is finding the surge cards these guys can score, I’m about 10 games in.. They hit so hard they usually kill what the swing at so the knock back surges end up hanging around in my hand round after round. Not enough speed or models to go for objective surges, calculated risk isn’t that great on three speed guys with range 1, as it means often not reaching where you need to be or risking getting knocked into the lethal setting it up or after you get it.
  4. The Namarti one is the only one worth it. If you do a tide flip(tide caster general) it covers your troops in one drop, and they do speed bump for the eels.
  5. My biggest frustration with deepkin is that I am having trouble adjusting the power level. Without some eels the list doesn’t function, half points on eels is still extremely good. I have not found a good way to make a mid tier list, it’s been amazing or garbage. My local inexperienced meta slaughters namarti, and dies to eels,
  6. I think you put the boat on your side, to try a ritual, or have an extra save, or to hinder models coming in from the back, or a save for yourself. I agree with not putting them to block opponents, but I disagree with your solution. The rest was an interesting read, thanks.
  7. No, it does not advance, the rules say as much. They get the extra roll instead of advancing.
  8. As someone who bought it all, Don’t do what I did. Buy a 1k in something that can ally with deepkin, or just something that does spells or ranged. Cities as a ranged or spell cast looks like a good idea, or stormcast which is what I’m leaning to. Daughters looks to be in a similar boat as deepkin; Sylvaneth to do wood and sea is tempting, but looks like an ineffective list as wood and sea. I’d do something that has an underworlds warband, that game is fun.
  9. THAT bad, is subjective. For me it’s my only faction, got them when they came out, bought endless spells, looked forward to the point update, sill keep coming back to my 3rd list, game one I did 1000 with eels, shark, turtle, king... game 2 dropped shark, game 3 moved to 2k dropped turtle and king for a namarti corp and two units of 9 eels for tide Flip. A list with different artifacts won an event I hear not so long ago, the point is every list since my third game has been, yeah ok that isn’t different, or doesn’t work. Tried spells, reaver spam, no eels, etc... they don’t function really, it’s not just that they are inefficient, it’s flawed mechanics. My friends are bored of fighting eels, I’m bored of playing it, and I regret buying it. Now had I bought just eels, and used the money spent on Namarti, Eidolons, Turtles, Sharks, endless spell box, Lotan, etc... to buy a different faction, it really wouldn’t be an issue. So it’s my fault, I listened to rule of cool people when I got into this game, what I have learned is buy a specific good list, paint it, when you get bored, buy a different faction with a different play style.
  10. I own one faction, deepkin, and I have lost interest in actually playing due to this, I either need to force myself to play this as is, or invest into a new army, stormcast is what I’ll do, to limit me being stuck with one flawed faction in the future for too long, also tons of used models with stormcast , bought deepkin new. I bought everything, 100 namarti, 2 edilons, 30 eels, 4 sharks, etc.. every test game showed, the only thing that works is Morrsarr. We need a new book, my favorite list was unchanged by the GHB2019, moved like 20 points, to 1950. Reduced points on sharks, lets me use them, but it’s not a new play style, change nine eels, to 4 sharks, not really variety. Yeah I won a small tournament, I did great in pugs, but as they are the only army I own, it has been very disappointing, intro into Sigmar. Thank warcry for keeping me in the hobby, and underworlds is just an amazing game. I like the game just regret deepkin as my first choice.
  11. Are you wanting do tournaments? No too many points, not enough damage or survivability. Is he good as in playable in local pick up games with people of varied skills? Yes, enough damage and survivability to play games with.
  12. What kind of content would another Stormcast box have? What wasn't explored in a previous one?
  13. I don't feel this way, the change actually makes me more interested in getting them on the table. It didn't look intended, for example the reaver deepkin double, or fun to play with or against, and had me not excited to run stormcast. I was going to do stormcast last because I knew this rule would change, and now that it has, I'm going to do them next, rather than last.
  14. I feel like Onslaught was always supposed to be that way, because for example the Reaver Double in deepkin, and how insane it was with storm cast.
  15. https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/ OR https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/ENG_Warcry_Errata_2019_09.pdf What are everyone's thoughts? I'm happy about cover and onslaught changes the most, some things I would have liked to have seen they didn't cover.
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