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  1. I remembered why I didn't want to go with summons, the Dryads you summon, do not benefit from the tides, unless you take the enclave that lets allies get it, even then I'm not sure. You can not use the tide with Fuethan as your enclave with summoned models for sure though, as they are not part of the battalion .
  2. I think you want the soul Scyrer, consider the benefit of taking away cover or flight with a ritual with all that extra terrain. You can try without him of course but he is a priest for the extra plus 1. The extra summon is interesting though.
  3. Yes, and Alliance of Wood and sea has two issues, and a question. First, Your Sylvaneth are not the best near the boats, and your deepkin are not the best near the woods. The second issue is that new battle tomes seem to be doing away with these mixed faction battalions, so the entire thing is likely to be gone as soon as deepkin sees an update, though that could be a ways away, or could be soon. The question is I'm unclear if the sylvaneth gain the Enclave ability? For example a unit of Dryaids and the Treelord ancient having a weak flight ability or certain rerolls could be good, but I am unsure how it works, so I have not looked too deeply into it till I am sure of the answer. With that said I believe the way to make this good is to make it into a single drop battalion with tide flip losing your artifact bonus I believe, or possible a 2-3 drop battalion to add a soul scryer and get something out of the extra artifact. The battalion could be for lack of a better term, mid-tier competitive, likely good enough for small stuff, and fun, but not top tier competition. The idea would be a tide flip , go second, run charge turn one, Go first in combat turn 2, and maybe score a double turn. You have a good amount of bodies to tie up things, while the eels fly around and take things out. The tree lords stomp ability could be great to get more out of the thralls for example, but again it would be hard to work with the issues of your placed boat and woods. Ultimately this kind of list would be better set up up with just deepkin, but its workable if your wanting the variety. I for one do, and am working on building it up, but I want to do sylvaneth too. You end up with 1 unit of nine Morrsarr, the soulscryer and the full battalion with the other eel unit as Ishlean, lot of units, lot of bodies, and turn two first in combat phase, the big eel unit picking its fights or flanking with soul scryer.
  4. The only thing I can think of is that GW over values the soul renders ability to return models, probably in part because the ranged mechanic limits armies ability to shot him out. However regardless of the soul renders survivablity, it just doesn't work in practice due to the wholly within requirement, and the poor Bravery. If the soul render got a rework, so that the unit would still be around to get those returned models or it worked in a more reliable way, the points would make sense. I do really want to run a thrall army, I just can't see a path to it, save playing against some friends whose armies and tactical choices are super casual. As a side note, I only have 2 reavers units, and recently purchased 2 more to start experimenting with more, butI wonder if someone has tried just Reaver spam?
  5. Yep, 2-3.... For some reason I thought it was 2-4, I did short myself at least once then, I know I did.... Oh well.... most of my frustrations with Namarti are base size to attacks, which is still the core issue. I do however play the Namariti core in almost every single game, (save the 1k ones) I do like them for the single drop. Most of the time my thralls get ganked, but hey something has to screen. I consistently get more out of reavers.
  6. I don't think they are, I went looking around for this a few weeks back, thinking with lower Namarti points it would opened something up. 10 points less for each unit, adds up to one extra 10 man block in a namarti list, at a max, which isn't enough to make up for how bad they are. I keep hearing how great these guys would be in another faction, but we don't use them because we got eels. My experience is, that its not the existence of eels, but the lack of tools to make them work that is the core problem. The kings buff doesn't work on them, the other ones are often 9" or 12" wholly within, which just doesn't work, and they really don't put out enough attacks, have bravery and save issues. Units with this base size and damage output have other tools at their disposal, or people just don't use them. The only suggestion I was given when I asked around was to stack Lotann and an aspect of the seas buffs to get a thrall unit to some reasonable damage output, But that suggestion was bad, really bad, terrible in fact. The thralls only can get a small number of their models in combat at a time, because of scenery, speed etc, other factions have better tools to ramp up, or units that perform better with a smaller foot print, and your spending around 500 points to get what works out to be a few wounds at best, not to mention your 500 points is stuck sitting behind this thrall unit. They thralls are especially bad on 2-4 wound enemies. There just isn't away around the flawed warscroll of the soul render, lotann, and the high points cost of the Edilon. You can however run a mixed army well, using a small number of thralls 40 or so, with a single soul render in the battalion, on a tide flip army works very will WITH the eels. I have been running that, and it does work, but only really as a reduction of my units for determining who is first, the thralls and reavers mostly die, and inflict little or no damage, but they work as speed bumps, for the eels to do their thing. If you want the Thralls to do anything they have to go first, which means you can't have a lot of units. The poor bravery and save means you have to be in small units, or they can't fit inside any of the buffs we have, and the low bravery and save means larger units vanish too quickly for the cost when the fight starts. The best list I tested was to use the Enclave that allows the namarti limited flight, which let me abuse cover, and get more models in by "flying" over obstacles. I used the ritual to remove their cover save or flight, and tried to steer combat on scenery itself, limiting their move and maximizing my damage. It was better, I wouldn't say good.
  7. I looked at this, and then I determined I would only likely run small min units of Ishlean at the same time as Morrsarr, and decided wasn't worth the effort, Also thinking to use two different eel schemes. With that said I've heard of people doing it. and it takes really small magnets.
  8. Fun and Effective? I would say maybe. My local group is not that great competition wise. They play bad factions and poor lists. When I take an eel list I crush them. When I take a mix army with unit variety including reavers, I still win but it’s not by much. if my opponents were running optimized lists and top factions it would not be a real option.
  9. If they did nerf it, when would you expect to see the nerf?
  10. They don’t you can still have additional allies. I was thinking could make an interesting ionarch list. Also the battalion gets enclave bonus as well.
  11. Not sure I'll go to one, but I made some bits for my base with a 3d printer. All the actual models themselves are legit, but I got to wondering if I'll have to remove that if I decide to go to an official event. I also bought some fish from mordland studios for my deepkin, and using some plants from Joann fabrics. As well as cork board. Wondering if I'll have to re base them if I go to one of these, sounds like a maybe....
  12. Was reading today and it seems like some events require 100% gw model.... Does this include the base? Cork board is not a gw product, maybe some 3rd party base decorations? Some base sold by a 3rd party. Stuff like that, or does doing that on my models prevent me from attending one of those events?
  13. Just wondering did you paint the riders separatethen glue them on?
  14. Why larger Ishalean units? 3 man units are rather effective.
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