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  1. Khadorlord

    Wanders help

    Hi been trying to find the best list for my league tournament its 1000 points here is what I have. The issue I'm having is I'm getting rolled every game have no real way to keep models around longer 30x glade guard (360) 30×glade guard (360) Spell weaver (100) 11 wildwood rangers
  2. Trying to find tune my wanders list for a tournament in September but debating on doing 2 or 3 units of glade guard
  3. Khadorlord

    Are glade riders still useable

    Ok so as of now they are still useable I understand they and a few other models lost the wanderers key word so if I add the said models to my list meaning the glade riders, lord on forest dragon does the whole army lose the wanders key word or do they just cant be affected by the wanderers abilities
  4. Khadorlord

    Are glade riders still useable

    Hi I'm new to the aos scene but had a few questions about the wanderers first are the units listed in the new general handbook all I have to work with or are the old wood elves models still useable? The reason I ask is in the general handbook it states "whenever we publish a new edition of the general handbook or new battletome we review, update and fine tune the pitched battle profiles for all of the models this means the the profiles printed here take precedence over any profiles with an earlier publication date, and also take precedence over profiles that have no publication date at all" so since it's not listed in the general handbook are they still useable in the war scrolls listed on games workshop page