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  1. Just my two cents, I would start with (1) expanding the ungors, and while allegiance abilities do make things more complicated, (2) start looking through those and make sure you get a herdstone. For point 1, those things will get smacked off the board lickety split, expecially if your enemy has range, and spears work best with double ranked choices. and their cheap point wise so even if you go for a full unit of 40 you will still have 200 points left over to spend. For point 2, while they make things a lot more confusing to keep track of, allegiance abilities can make your army have a lot more character and can enhance how you want to play your army a lot. So i would look through those and see if there is anything that pops out to you. And for the herdstone, that thing helps a dang ton with keeping ungors from running in battleshock and weakening the foes armor. It's just a dang big help, but maybe leave it out for the first couple games till you get the swing of things.
  2. After seeing the changes I'm somewhat happy with the Runemaster, granted the terrain is about the same but there's more possibility to use that given more useful terrain in various armies, but the holy seeker rule seems a decent bit better to me. It may give less of a benefit than it did before, but the enemy picked gets no benefit and you can effect more that one unit and the master doesn't have to be as close. And the extra weapon is a nice, if most likely not going to be used thing. He seems, if not the most useful thing, at least something that if you take it, you won't be looked at as crazy.
  3. I would pretty much guarantee that this isn't everything, the last huge release we had for aos (the gloomspite) had about a dozen new kits and they missed several of them in the first vid they showed of them, and I don't really see why they wouldn't give mortals to these guys when the other gods have them and there is already one unit of mortal followers, it be rather dumb.
  4. Hey one thing I'd like to ask is do people build armies around the Skinks and their Battalions and if so, what do they arm them with? The clubs seems rather dumb, if you want em in melee warriors seem like a better pick, but do people prefer the spears or blowpipes? And if people do, is their a minimum count their ran as, or do people sometimes run them in groups of 10. Mostly wondering cause I'm thinking of starting a lizard army and i'd like to see what people think of the little lizards.
  5. There is a bug with your list, with the vampire lord in your army you can't have nighthaunt allegiance and your wizards can't have the spells from its lore and no relics either. If he's allies it would be fine, but he couldn't take the relic or spell. I would swap him with a spirit torment so you can have the allegiance without complications and he's a nice sync up with the rest of what you have.
  6. I've seen pretty decent amount of great lists, with one that i would only need 20 more chains and the mortarch to have, but one thing that's common for nighthaunt lists is their based around units of reapers or spirit hosts. Their great units that i'll probably get at one point or another but since i pretty much have none of em right now and if I were to try making those lists what i have now wouldn't be used. I would like to use what I have now and build on it. And never hurts to ask about something and hear what people have to say.
  7. Hey I just finished building and painting all of the nighthaunt I got out of the soul wars box, and I was wondering whats the best units to get to build up a nice 1500 point game. I'll probably get 20 chainrasps to get a decent amount of ghosts, but I'm clueless what to get after and I don't really know the local play styles to really judge what's best. Anyone got any ideas or good plans?
  8. Well I'm now wondering if Bullgors are gonna end up being Slaaneshable, I mean their bloodgorging is quite indulgent and him/her/it and Khorn fighting over the bulls is rather entertaining to think about.
  9. Hey I was looking at the 10 page rules, and just noticed that the part that talks about command abilities says one can be used multiple times in a turn but can you use multiple command abilities in a turn if you have the points? Like if i wanted could my ghoul king use the summon men at arms ability then use the forward to victory on a unit of horrors?
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