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    Starting Free Guild Army - 1000 pts List?

    Thanks for your reply! I tweaked the list a bit. - are Greatswords a viable option? - what is the best option from the Ironweld Arsenal? Of course I could ditch the griffon. It is also a matter of buying the models and the order I am going to paint them. I just ordered 20 Guard, 10 Handgunners and 1 General on Griffon. But I am thankful for all hints! By the way: I am going for an Asian themed army using these lovely models with round bases 😍 http://titan-forge.com/92-dragon-empire?page=1 Thanks! Stephan
  2. Schwachmat

    Starting Free Guild Army - 1000 pts List?

    Thanks for your detailed answer! This does help indeed I totally understand your argument. If you would aim for a less competitive list (so not only guard and crossbowmen)... What would you ally in from Collegiate Arcane and/or Ironwel Arsenal? Considering small point games in the beginning. Thanks, Stephan
  3. Hi All, I want to get started with AoS 2.0 using more or less the old "Empire", so a mixture of Free People, Ironweld Arsenal, Collegiate Arcane and Devoted to Sigmar. I already read through a couple of posts and list suggestions. Before I order the first miniatures and start painting I wanted to check if this list does make sense The idea is to have a core I can build upon. I am especially uncertain with warmachines and wizards. Maybe a different warmachine and instead of the wizard the hurricanum? Happy for every comment and suggestion! Thanks, Stephan